Duncans in Lauderdale Co. AL


Duncan research files of
Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson
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Last revised August 9, 2003

Formed 1818 from Cherokee & Chickasaw Cession 1816


1830 Lauderdale Co. AL Census
Pg.205  Jane Shawl, S. Word, W.L. Trimble,
        William Stephens, John Asher,
        Mary Duncan          001          - 0001,001
          (MAD: to ? Calhoun Co. FL; or ? Alachua or
            Hernando Co. FL)
        James Bucham, Ford? Gowen, N.H. Marks,
        Jacob Miller,
   206  Thomas Bowden, William Billingsley,
        Joshua Hancock, James Mand?,
        James Duncan         0001,1       - 0000,2
        Richd Cotler, Thomas Childress
   210  Whitwell Jones       0020,1000,1  - 0001,0001
          (MAD: no Whitmore Jones indexed 1820-1840 SC
            or AL census; he d. 1848 AL, wife Elizabeth
            Duncan, dau. of James Duncan of Duncan Creek,
            Newberry Co. SC)
   235  Moses Duncan         1000,1       - 1000,1
        Jonathan Duncan      0000,1000,1  - 0001,0001
          (MAD: son George Duncan age 20-30; wife Jane;
            Jonathan Duncan in 1810 Laurens Co. SC census)

1840 Lauderdale Co. AL Census
Pg. 95  J. Duncan            0100,0000,01 - 0000,1000,01
          (MAD: John Duncan)
    97  M. Duncan            1110,01      - 2100,01
          (MAD: Moses Duncan)
        Geo. Duncan          0101,01      - 1000,1
        Jas. Duncan          0011,001     - 0001,01

1850 Lauderdale Co. AL Census
Pg.241, #158, A.A. WESMORLAND (m) 40 TN merchant $1500
                  Mary 37 TN
                  Josaphene 12, Thomas 8 AL
                  William DUNCAN 13 TN
Cypress Factory
Pg.271, #561, Jas. DUNCAN 56 SC watchman $0
                  Eliza 27 TN
                  Nancy 1 AL
                  (MAD: ? brother of Moses and George Duncan)
Pg.272, #582, George DUNCAN 40 SC farmer $800
                  Jane 37 TN
                  John 16 TN
                  Nancy 12, William 8 AL
                  Leander Z. 5, Ebeneser 5 (twins) AL
                  Annie 38 SC, Lusinda 13 AL
                  (MAD: George Duncan's wife Jane Young)
Pg.272, #583, Moses DUNCAN 43 SC farmer $1300
                  Sarah 44 SC
                  George 22 AL
                  Martha 18 AL (m/in/yr)
                  Robert 16, Mary 15 AL
                  Elmira 12, Thomas 11 AL
                  James 8, Sarah 5 AL
                  Jesse WHITE 21 AL farmer (m/in/yr)
                  (MAD: Moses Duncan's wife Sarah or Sally Clark)
Pg.282, #732, Jeferson DUNCAN 26 TN shoemaker
                  Mary 20 TN
                  Caroline 1 AL
Division East of Military Road
Pg.359, #807, Archibald McDONALD 49 NC gunsmith $0
                  Ferryby (f) 52 NC
                  Henry 24 NC laborer
                  James 17 AL laborer
                  Willis 12, Mary 9 AL
                  (MAD: looking for Archibald MacDonald b.1801 NC d.1875 Killen AL, and wife Margaret Duncan b.1789 or 1803 NC and d.1855 Killen AL, to Lauderdale Co. AL ca 1833, parents of Susan (1820), Thomas (1824), John (1825), Henry (1826), Amos (1829), William (1832), James (1833), Willis (1838), Mary Ann (1841); per James W. Polk inquiry 9/1987)

1860 Lauderdale Co. AL Census (and from Evelyn Sigler 2/1983)
Pg.51, #335, James DUNCAN 65 SC Watch? Gae? $0-$150 hard of hearing
                  Elizabeth 37 TN
                  Nancy J. 11, Sarah A. 9 AL
                  James 6, Elmira E. 3 AL
                  John ?? (not Duncan) 54 England bookkeeper
                  & 2 machinests
                  (MAD: Elizabeth Dunkon and children in 1870 Lawrence Co. TN census)
District 2
Pg.73, #494, Moses DUNCAN 53 SC farmer $3500-$4422
                  Sallie 53 TN
                  Robert 24 AL farmer $1200-$0
                  Thomas J. 20, James 18, Sarah 14 AL
Pg.75, #511, George W. DUNCAN 31 AL farmer $1050-$3705
                  Sallie 22 AL
                  Robert A. 2/12 AL
                  (MAD: 1870 Colbert Co. AL census)
Pg.78, #528, Jane DUNCAN (f) 47 TN farmer $500-$1275
                  W.E.G. (m) 16, E.G. (m) 14 AL
Western Div.
Pg.106, #6, John DUNCAN 25 AL farmer $0-$350
                  Mary 23 AL
                  Martha 1 AL
Pg.226, #375-375, B.E. BOURLAND (m) 65 KY Co. superintendant $4300-11805
                  Sarah H. 56 NC
                  Melvina A. COOPER 18 AL
                  Sarah HILL 15 AL
                  R.E. WESSON (f) 15 AL
                  Mary WESSON 13 AL
                  Matilda "SCOT" 17 AL BLACK domestic
                  Frank SCOTT 14, Edmond C. 10, No name (m) 1/12 AL BLACK
                  (MAD: looking for Mary, wife of Frederick Wesson)

1870 Lauderdale Co. AL Census (#1198 also from Bill Allen 1/1987; #1223 from Karen Sedlecky 9/2001)
Florence PO, 8/16/1870, T2 R12W
Pg.535, #1198-1141, DUNCAN, Sarah 64 TN housekeeping
                  Thomas 30, James 28 AL, farmers
                  (MAD: widow of Moses; son James A. Duncan mar. 1st Mrs. Annie Flynt Thompson 12/25/1871)
Pg.535, #1200-1143, DUNCAN, Richmond 31 AL BLACK farm hand
                  Melinda 27 AL BLACK keeping house
                  Lewis (m) 11 AL farm hand
                  Bob (m) 9, Barnett (m) 5 AL BLACKS
                  Willie (m) 2 AL BLACK
                  WEEMS, Laura 14 AL BLACK
Pg.536B, #1223-1162, WHITTEN, Jessie 42 AL (M W) Farmer
                  Martha 38 AL (F W) Kp. hou.
                  John 18 AL (M W) farms
                  Fannie 16 AL (F W)
                  Henry 14 AL (M W) farms
                  Wiley 12 AL (M W) farms
                  Robert 12 AL (M W) farms
                  Elmira 8 AL (F W)
                  James 6 AL (M W)
                  Mattie 3 AL (F W)
                  Joel 1 AL (M W)

1900 Lauderdale Co. AL Census (from Karen Duncan Sedlecky 7/1999)
Pg.326A, Florence, Cedar Street, 14 Jun 1900
#339-390, DUNCAN, George W. head (w m) Jan 1829 71 w AL SC TN farmer
            Robt. A. son (w m) Apr 1860 40 m 19 AL AL AL fmr & merchant
            Johnnie Farrie d-i-l (w f) Nov 1862 37 m 19 4/4 AL AL AL
            Robt. O. son (w m) Mar 1882 18 s AL AL AL at school
            Geo M. son (w m) Jul 1884 15 s AL AL AL at school
            Owen son (w m) Mar 1887 13 s AL AL AL at school
            Wilmer J. son (w m) Jul 1890 9 s AL AL AL at school


Lauderdale Co. AL Marriage Records, general index 1820-1897 (FHL film 1,025,715)
      Only a few early marriages; did not look at actual marriage record books
      Duncan, "Maps" [Moses?] to Sally Clark, 3/21/1829, Book 1, Sec.2 pg.113
      Duncan, George to Jane Young, 12/4/1833, Book 1, Sec.3 pg.60
      Duncan, John J. to Mary B. Fowler, 8/31/1858, Book 3, pg.13
      Duncan, Greenberry to Mary Hayse, 1/10/1872, A-113
      Duncan, James A. to Annie E. Thompson, 12/25/1871, A-105 (MAD: she d.1875, the dau. of Stanton Flynt; he b.1842 the son of Moses & Sarah)
      Duncan, Jonathan to Mary R. Benton, 8/23/1872, A-146
      Duncan, Thomas J. to Rosa Brown, 2/4/1873, A-207
      Duncan, William to Eliza Hawkins, 7/19/1871, A-66
      Duncan, James A. to Maggie Compton, 11/3/1881, 5-510
      Next Duncan groom was 1896, quit
      Thompson, T.F. to S.A.E. Flynt, 1/13/1870, 3rd Vol.7, pg.221
      Duncan, Elizabeth to John C. Maclay, 8/26/1830, Book 1, Sec.2 pg.148 (MAD: John C. Macloy to Elizabeth J. Duncan, per Pauline Gandrud)
      Duncan, Mary Ann to William W. Daniel, 12/27/1849, Book 2, Vol.5 pg.412 (MAD: ?? he in 1850 Dallas Co. AL census; see also 1850 Morgan Co. AL census. Mary Ann said to be daughter of Joshua or Joseph or Jonathan Duncan in "Joshua Duncan" page from notebooks of Kay D. Hampton: Mary Ann Duncan, b. Aug. 27, 1829 TN, d. April 10, 1910, Lauderdale Co. AL; mar. Dec. 27, 1849 William W. Daniel at Oakland, Lauderdale Co. AL; she raised by Robert Williams and his wife who apparently had no children. Some older members of Mr. Earl Daniel's family say that Moses and George Duncan were uncles of Mary Ann.)
      Jesse P. Whitten to Martha Ann Duncan, June 14, 1850, Book 2 Vol.5 pg.421 (license June 13, 1850)
      Duncan, Mary E. to Elias A. Brown, 12/23/1853, Book 2, Vol.6 pg.42 (MAD: or Elvis A. Brown 12/27/1853 per others)
      Duncan, Elmira G. to William G. Carothers, 4/9/1857, Book 2, Vol.6 pg.170
      Duncan, Nancy to N. Byars, 4/21/1859, 3-66
      Duncan, Sarah F. to John C. Johnson, 12/10/1867, Book 3, Vol.8 pg.37
      Duncan, Edna to Berry Fuqua, 8/14/1873, A-251
      Duncan, Callie to Gabriel Hill, 12/4/1871, A-93
      Next Duncan bride was 1884, quit


Lauderdale Co. AL Probate Packets (FHL film 1,024,647)
      Packets in alphabetic order; no Duncan?

Lauderdale Co. AL Probate Minute Books
      Book A, 1852-1853 for Mary Duckett (not found on film)
      Book C, pg.535-550, ca 1860, probate packet 659, for John J. Duncan estate (not found on film)
      Will Book A, B (not found on film)

Lauderdale Co. AL Probate Packets (FHL film 1,024,106)
      "D" names are packets 615-646, 647-668
      Mary Duckett, packet 656, only a few papers; no Duncan or settlement of estate
      Jno. J. Duncan, packet 659; orig. will not in packet; Recorded Min. Book C, pg.535-550; Estate adm. by E.G. Young 8 June 1870; paid heirs their special legacies: Ebin J. Duncan $100; Jane Duncan $100; N.A. (her) Byers $100, 17 Feb. 1862. Bills paid 16 Dec. 1860; settlement July 9, 1870, by Z?.L. Chisholm, guardian of minor heirs (unnamed); Mrs. Jane Duncan.

Lauderdale Co. AL Wills (FHL film 1,022,605; also from Bill Allen 1/1987)
      A-288-9: (indexed John Duncan) Will of George Duncan of Lauderdale Co. AL, 17 March 1857, in a bad state of health; wife Jane Duncan pay debts; residue to wife Jane. Appoint wife Jane exec. Wit. C. Sullivan, Ebenezer G. Young, M.K. Whitten. Petition by Jane Duncan, widow; George d. April 1857; left children: John J. Duncan of full age, Nancy A. Duncan aged (blank), William Duncan (blank), and Ebenezer Duncan (blank years), all of whom reside in this county. Court 8 June 1857.
      B-10-11: Will of Annie Duncan, 13 Feb. 1875, of Lauderdale Co. AL; to husband James Duncan all my real estate in Lauderdale Co. AL, part of SE 1/4 Sec. 2 Twp 3, Range 12W, 43-1/2a, that portion of the land which was assigned to me in partition of lands of my father Stanton Flynt (decd.), and fraction adj. above land supposed to be about 4 acres. Wit. J.C. Johnson, Elias A. Brown. Proved 8 May 1876 on petition of James Duncan, oaths of Elias Brown and John Johnson wit., Annie Duncan was over 21 when she made her will.
      B-146-7: Will of John J. Duncan of Lauderdale Co. AL, 25 Aug. 1860; wife Jane Duncan $100, the property she had when I married her, property that her parents gave her; to my mother Jane Duncan $100; to my sister Nancy A. Byars? -- hundred dollars, to my brother William G.E. Duncan -- hundred dollars; to my brother Ebenezer J. Duncan -- hundred dollars; residue to my child Martha F. ---. If Martha F. should die before mature age, her share devided between -- Duncan, my mother sister & brothers. Appoint my uncle Ebenezer -- executor. Wit. Wm. B. Young, W.H. Byars, John H. Faire. Proved 1 Nov. 1860?. (MAD: outside edge of book pages missing, extract from Bill Allen did not include amounts)
      MAD: James Duncan was appointed administrator of the estate of Jesse Wesson 9/1/1839 at request of Elizabeth H. Wesson, the widow; from "Lauderdale Co. AL Records" by Pauline Gandrud, and another reference to his Inventory and Sale 11/21/1839 in Inv. Record Book A3 pg.275.
      MAD: Moses Duncan and George Duncan were named execs. of the will of Whitmore Jones dated April, 1848, naming his son David Jones and friend John Duckett, wit. E.G. Young and T.D. Robertson, no probate date, recorded in Will Record Vol.1835-1858 pg.174; from pg.47, Vol.104, "AL Records" by Pauline Gandrud.
      MAD: John B. Duncan was named exec. of the will of John Seoff (Seafoss?) dated 15 July 1826, proved 18 July 1826, naming "all my brothers that is living, provided father and mother are both dead ... if living to go to them and at their death to be equally divided between my brothers and sisters" and brother "Fredrica" Seafoss of Lamon Co. PA. Recorded in Wills & Estates Book 1823-1832 pg.271; from pg.39-40, Vol.199, "AL Records" by Pauline Gandrud.
      MAD: George Duncan was guardian of John W. Smith, and filed an account Feb. 1851 and final settlement Oct. 29, 1853; recorded Inv. Record Book A, pg.102, and Probate Minute Book A, 1852-1853 pg.429; from pg.86, Vol.221, and pg.46, Vol.227, of "AL Records" by Pauline Gandrud.

Lauderdale Co. AL Will Record Vol.A, 1835-1858 (FHL film 1,022,605)
      Pg.213-215: Petition of Johnathan Rhodes, next friend of his wife Mary O. Rhodes and his children Isabella Rhodes and Adaline Rhodes; that Mary Duckett late of Lauderdale Co. AL died 31 July 1852, and that during her last sickness at her habitation and when she was in extremis but in her right mind and of disposing memory, she made her nuncupative last will in the presence of James D. Cathcott (Callicott?) and Deborah Duberry witnesses of lawful age, by which she declared and appointed the said Mary O. Rhodes, Isabella Rhodes and Adaline Rhodes to be the legatees of her the said Mary Duckett, and devised to them all of her estate, and the petitioner states that said decd. left no children nor decendents of children surviving her, that she has, as petitioner believes, one brother of the whole blood, John Odell who resides in SC, and the children of Rignal Odell decd who was her brother; petitioner does not know the names of the children, all of whom reside out of the state, and petitioner does not know or believe that the decd. has any kin residing in AL who stand in a nearer relation than said Mary O. Rhodes or any other kin who would be entitled to take of said estate as heirs at law in the event said nuncupative will be not established and admitted to probate; petitioner prays that citation issue to said James D. Calicott and Deborah Duberry to appear, /s/ Johnathan Rhodes in behalf and as next friend of Mary O. Rhodes, Isabella Rhodes, Adaline Rhodes.
            Mary Duckett's will. The testimony of James D. Callicott and Deborah Duberry taken before me, Wiley T. Hawkins, Judge of the Probate Court of Lauderdale Co. AL, on 13 Aug. 1852, in the matter of the nuncupative will of Mary Duckett late of said county decd. That James D. Calicott on 30 July 1852 was called as a physician to see Mrs. Mary Duckett in her last sickness at her habitation in Lauderdale Co. AL, and shortly after my having been called to attend her, she seemed very much concerned as to the danger of her attack, and she stated that she believed that she could not recover from it, and began a conversation with me about her worldly affairs, commencing by telling me that she had just gotten a man to take her unsettled business in SC against her brother and wind it up and that she did not ever want him her brother to have any of her property for he had never done her justice, but that she wanted her friends who had attended to her to have it, that Mrs. Duberry had been a good friend of hers and that she wanted Mary Rhodes and her two daughters who had waited on her to have her property or the benefit of what she had and I heard her then having a conversation with Mrs. Duberry in an undertone which I could not fully understand but it was in relation to her worldly affairs, this is nearly in the words of Mrs. Duckett and mainly in her words as she spoke them, I believe it her will and desire, all of which was spoken by said Mary Duckett on Friday 30 July 1852 and she died on the next day, Saturday 31 July 1852, and at the time she spoke as said she was of sound mind and disposing memory. /s/ J.D. Callicott. And at the time of Mrs. Duckett so speaking, there were no other persons present but myself and Mrs. Deborah Duberry, /s/ J.D. Callicott.
            Deborah Duberry, was present at the home of Mrs. Mary Duckett in Lauderdale Co. AL during her last sickness on Friday 30 July 1852, I was sitting on the side of the bed by Mrs. Duckett when she threw her arms around my neck and said "my dear child stick to me as you have always done. If it had not been for you and Polly Rhodes (meaning Mary Rhodes) and their two children what would have become of me I want them who have rendered me a service to reap the benefit of my labours and my little negroes I never want my brother John Odell to enjoy one cent of my property for he has treated me so ill, repeating the last expression as many as three times. (MAD: no closing quote marks) And at the time of so speaking, Mary Duckett was of sound mind and disposing memory; this was spoken to me immediately after her conversation with Dr. J. D. Callicott as deposed by him above and spoken to me alone. Dr. Callicott was however present sitting four or five feet from Mrs. Duckett and myself at the time. I was present when Mrs. Duckett was talking or expressing her desires to Dr. Callicott and heard all she said to him which was as disposed by Dr. Callicott in his foregoing testimony. Mrs. Duckett was taken about 10 o'clock on Friday 30 July 1852 and died the next day Saturday 31 July 1852 about 12 Oct. Noon, /s/ Deborah (X) Duberry. Recorded 24 Jan. 1854.

Lauderdale Co. AL Probate Minute Book A (FHL film 1,022,607)
      MAD: pages 263, 275, 357, 388, 404, 460, 472, 542, 587, were indexed as Mary Duckett, all were looked at but no others were copied.
      Pg.460-1: Dec. 1853 term; Mary Duckett Estate. Jonathan Rhodes, admin. of estate of Mary Duckett decd. with the will of said Mary annexed, since the last term after said court, viz, 22 Nov. 1853, filed a petition that Mary died seized & possessed of the SE 1/4 SE 1/4 Sec.12 Twp 1 Range 12W containing 39-78/100 acres which cannot be equally and beneficially divided among her heirs; the following are heirs to the estate: Jerusha Williams who resides in SC, Mary Rhodes the "petition", James Williams who lives in SC, Levi Williams who resides in SC, Mary Wesson wife of Frederick Wesson, Barrock Duncan, Elizabeth Duncan, John Duncan all of whom reside in SC, James Duncan who lives in Greene Co. AL, all of whom are of full age, James Duckett who resides in SC and is full age, John Odell, Mary Smart both of whom live in SC and are of full age, and Thomas Smart of full age and living in TN, Nancy Meek and her husband William Meek who reside in MS and Francis Odell who resides in TN, Margaret Scribner wife of Edmond Scribner, Mary Scribner, Samuel Odell, Elizabeth Odell wife of James Odell, Rachel Odell wife of John Odell, all of whom reside in SC, and Levi Odell resides in MS, all of full age. Order issued by court for notice to be made of a hearing at the Jan. term of the court. (MAD: James Duckett, John Odell and Mary Smart who named between James Duncan and Thomas Smart were not in Gandrud's extract. No Frederick or Mary Wesson indexed in 1850 AL census; no Wesson in 1850 Lauderdale Co. AL)

Lauderdale Co. AL Inventory Records
      Vol.A-1, 1818-1822 - no index (FHL film 1,022,617)
      Vol.2, 1905-1958 - not looked at
      Vol.A-2, 1833-1838 - no Duncan (FHL film 1,022,618)
      Vol.A-3, 1838-1840 - no index
      Vol.A-4, 1840-1844 - no Duncan
      Vol.A-5, 1844-1847 - Index pages D to V missing (FHL film 1,022,619)
      Vol.A, 1847-1853 (FHL film 1,022,620)
            A-370: George Duncan, guardian of John M. Smith, filed return dated 15 Nov. 1847, on 1 Jan. 1851.
      Vol.B, 1853-1857 - no Duncan
      Vol.C, 1857-1859 - no Duncan (FHL film 1,022,621)


Lauderdale Co. AL Old Deeds packets, D-F (FHL film 1,022,587; looked at item by item)
      Loose original documents in order only by first letter of surname of grantee; includes original deeds, deeds of trust, bills of sale, a few inventories, etc. - no Duncan in documents in "D" packets.

Lauderdale Co. AL Deeds (Indexes, Grantees and Grantors, Vol.1, 1822-1882, on FHL film 1,022,566)
      5-532/332: 27 Feb. 1832, Jonathan (X) Duncan and wife Jane (X) to Caleb Hawkins, both Lauderdale Co. AL, $300, W 1/2 NW 1/4 Sec. 18, Twp 2, R11W, 79.82 acres. No wit. (FHL film 1,022,571)
      6-153: 8 Nov. 1833; whereas on 14 Oct. 1831, George Duncan entered at the Huntsville AL land office in his own name the E 1/2 of SE 1/4 of Sec. 26, Twp 2, R12, and for the entrance of which my father Johnathan (sic) Dunkin furnished the money; now this indenture for the monies aforesaid, convey to my father the said Johnathan Duncan and to my mother Jane Dunken their life estate in said lands for their support and maintainance, rendering the title to myself at their death; I Johnathan Dunkin release all claim to the land except the life estate for myself and my wife Jane. /s/ George Dunkin, Johnathan (+) Dunkin. Wit. M.M. Sanard, clerk. (FHL film 1,022,572)
      6-174: US to Johnathin Dunkin #2153?; Johnathin Dunkin of Lauderdale Co. AL deposited in General Land Office a certificate of the register of land at Huntsville AL, that payment has been made according to Act of Congress 21 April 1820; W 1/2 NW 1/4 Sec. 18, Twp. 2, Range 11W, 79 acres and 82/100 according to survey; grant to said Johnathin Dunkin above land. 2 Oct. 1826. (FHL film 1,022,572)
      9-377: 24 Feb. 1840, Cypress Land Co. to Mary Duncan of Lauderdale Co. AL, $500, lot #346 in town of Florence. (FHL film 1,022,573)
      11-60: 20 Oct. 1843, Mary Duncan of St. Joseph [Alachua or Benton Co.], FL, to Hugh Thompson, $1000, 10 acres, part of lot #346 in town of Florence, by her attorney W.F. Duncan who appeared in Lauderdale Co. AL. (FHL film 1,022,574)
      11-61: 20 Oct. 1843, Hugh Thomson (sic) of Lauderdale Co. AL to Mary Duncan of St. Joseph, FL, promissory notes for $1000; mortgage of above land; paid. (FHL film 1,022,574)
      11-298: 10 June 1841; Circuit court; Henry C. Moses owed James M. Duncan and James M. Logwood, merchants; sheriff's deed to James M. Duncan of E 1/2 SW 1/4 Sec. 16, Twp.2, Range 11W, 79 acres 11 poles; and W 1/2 SW 1/4 Sec. 16, Twp.2, R.11W, 79 acres 82 poles; S 1/2 W 1/2 SE 1/4 Sec. 16, Twp.2, R.11W, 40 acres, at 50 cents per acre, for $100. (FHL film 1,022,574)
      13-17: 24 Dec. 1849, James Duncan and wife Elizabeth (X) to Thomas B. Skipworth, both Lauderdale Co. AL, $249, W 1/2 SW 1/4 Sec. 25, Twp.2, R.12W, 80 acres, the S 1/2 or 40 acres hereby conveyed; N end of W 1/2 SW 1/4 Sec. 25, Twp.2, R.12W, 25 acres; N end of E 1/2 of SE 1/4 Sec. 26, Twp.2, R.12W, 25 acres. (FHL film 1,022,575)
      13-18: 24 Dec. 1849, James Duncan and wife Elizabeth (X) to Jessee Cook, $101, N 40 acres of W 1/2 of SW 1/4 Sec. 25, Twp.2, R.12W. (FHL film 1,022,575)
      13-167: 15 March 1850, George Duncan and wife Jane of Lauderdale Co. AL to Moses Duncan of same, $300, (1) part of 80 acres conveyed by State of AL by patent to George Duncan 14 April 1841, W 1/2 of SW 1/4 of Sec. 25, Twp.2, Range 12W; only 55 acres of 80 acres sold since 25 acres was sold to Thomas Skipworth from N end of tract, matching dividing line of Moses Duncan and Skipworth; (2) US Grant by Pres. Polk, cert. #13072 dated 10 May 1848 for NW 1/4 of NW 1/4 of Sec. 36, Twp.2, Range 12W, 39.54 acres; no wit. Recorded 16 April 1850. (FHL film 1,022,575; also from Bill Allen 1/1987)
      14-607: (blank day) Nov. 1853, Thomas Henry Kiddy (X) and wife Laura (X) of Lauderdale Co. AL to George Dunkin (also called George Duncan) of same, $412.50, SE 1/4 NW 1/4 of Sec.26 Twp.7 R.12W, 9.89 acres; no wit. Recorded 31 Dec. 1853. (FHL film 1,022,576)
      15-573: (blank day) June 1856, James M. Duncan and wife Susan A. Duncan of State of MS to Benjamin F. Foster and George W. Foster of town of Florence, AL, $400, E 1/2 SW 1/4 and W 1/2 SW 1/4 and S 1/2 W 1/2 SE 1/4, Sec.16 Twp.2 R.11W, 200 acres; ack. in Tallahatcha Co. MS; no wit. Rec. 12 Sept. 1858. (FHL film 1,022,577)
      16-341: 13 Sept. 1858, Jane Duncan (X) exec. of will of George Duncan decd, to James C. Lipscomb, $1000, W 1/2 NW 1/4, Sec.26 Twp.2 R.12W, and N 1/2 E 1/2 afsd 1/4, and also SW 1/4 afsd 1/4 known as Kiddy tract, containing 39.54 acres, embracing in all 160 acres; wit. James Walston, Samuel W. Lipscomb. Rec. 23 Oct. 1858. (FHL film 1,022,577)
      No other deeds to 1882, end of indexes


"AL State Militia 1820-1865" alphabetical card file in AL State Archives, Clyde - D (FHL film 1,462,799)
      Duncan, Geo. W., 1st Lieutenant, 11th Regt. Lauderdale; Com. June 20, 1850. Authority: Military Register, State Militia, 1844-61.
      Duncan, Thos. J., AL State Militia 1861-65, 3rd Lieutenant, 11th Regt., Lauderdale Co.; elected Aug. 24, 1861, Oakland Beat; Commissioned Oct. 14, 1861. Certificate by Lt. Col. Jas. Hancock, Oct. 10, 1861, Oakland, AL.

AL Confederate Service Records, 1861-1865, cards in AL State Archives; Driver to Elich (FHL film 1,462,918)
      MAD: most items were small typed cards, 3x5; some items were very blurred in the filming and were double images and hard to read. Cards had name and rank in upper left corner, service unit usually in upper right corner, notation if Home Guard, details from source were given in center of card, and the "Authority" as the last line on the card. The service record from the Historical Record Roll frequently listed several engagements he served in, dates wounded, absent, present, etc., and I usually did not copy all the details.
      Duncan, George Washington, Private, Co.F, 4th AL Cav. Born Jan. 20, 1829, at Florence in Lauderdale Co. AL, enlisted summer 1862 at Florence, AL, and continued until Spring 1865, surrendered at East Port, AL, served as quarter master from first of 1863 till close of war. Address: Florence, AL. Authority: Census Tax Assessor, Lauderdale Co. 1907.
      Duncan, James A., Private, Co.D, 9th AL Inf. Regt. 27 May 1861 at Oakland, born in AL, farmer, res. Oakland, Lauderdale Co. AL, age 19, single. Absent without leave since July 1864. Present ... 1861-1863, wounded at Wilderness May 6, 1864, absent on furlough 1862, absent wounded 5/12/1864 to 6/22/1864 (details not copied). Authority: Historical record roll dated near Petersburg, VA, Jan. 1, 1865.
      Duncan, James A., Private, Co.D, 9th AL, enlisted at Oakland near Florence, Jan. 1861 and served until discharged on account of wound. Born May 20, 1842. Address 1921: Florence, AL, Rt.4. Authority: 1921 Census of Confederate Soldiers.
      Duncan, J.A., Pension 14613, Lauderdale Co., Private, Co.D, 9th Regt. AL, enlisted June 3, 1861 at Florence, AL, discharged May 3, 1864, wounded at Wilderness, VA, wit. E.R. Till, A.C. Chisholm.
      Duncan, James Andrew, Private, Co.D, 9th AL. Born May 21, 1842 at Florence in Lauderdale Co. AL. Enlisted June 3, 1861, at Florence, AL, and continued until May 1864 wounded at Wilderness VA discharged no more able for service. Address: Florance, AL. Authority: Census Tax Assessor, Lauderdale Co. 1907.
      Duncan, Robt., Private, Co.D, 9th AL Inf. Regt. 27 May 1861 at Oakland, born AL, farmer, res. Oakland [Lauderdale Co.], AL, age 25, single. Present at battles ... 1861-1863, wounded ... 1862, (MAD: details not copied) mortally wounded at Gettysburg, July 3, 1863, died on battle field at Gettysburg July 3, 1863. Authority: Historical record roll dated near Petersburg, VA, Jan. 1, 1865.
      Duncan, Robert, Private, Co.D, 9th AL Reg. Born in Lauderdale Co. AL. Enlisted by Capt. Houston at Oakland, AL, on 27 May 1861 to serve 3 years or the war. Killed at Gettysburg, PA, 3 July '63. Last paid by Maj. J.G. Pierce Q.M. to include 30 April '63 and is entitled to pay therefrom to 3 July 1863 at which time he was killed. (more not copied) Authority: Final Statement by W.J. Cannons, Capt. Co.D, Petersburg, VA, Oct. 23, '64. Approved by J.K. Elliott, Ast. Agt. for AL.
      Duncan, Thomas J., Private, Co.F, 4th AL Cav. Enlisted at Florence, AL, 1862, and served until he was paroled at the close of the war at East Port, TN. Born July 14, 1840, Florence, Lauderdale Co. AL. Address 1921: Florence, RFD 4, AL. Authority: 1921 Census of Confederate Soldiers.
      Duncan, Thomas J., General Roddy's Command. Card with reference to enclosed letter filed in name of Elias Alexander Brown, Thomas Ingram, Thomas Rhodes, Lee Short.
            Letter from Thomas J. Duncan, a Confederate Veteran age 91 years, that Elias Alexander Brown married my sister (unnamed) and he fought ... Confederacy, Gen. Roddy's Command, Capt. Joseph H. Sloss. ... we were in same company at beginning ... (bottom half of letter mostly faded, including any date written) ... Lauderdale Co. AL.
      Duncan, Thomas Jefferson, Private, Co.F, 4th AL "Cavary." Born July 14, 1840, at Florence, in Lauderdale Co. AL. Enlisted spring 1862 at Florence, AL, and continued until the spring of 1865, paroled at East Port, AL. Address: Oakland, AL. Authority: Census Tax Assessor, Lauderdale Co. 1907.
      Duncan, William, Private, Co.D, 9th VA Inf. Enlisted Sept. 1862 at Mobile, AL, continued until close of war. Was paroled in May or June 1865. Authority: Personal statement Census Tax Assessor, Walker Co. 1907.
      Duncan, William, Private, Co.D, 9th AL Inf. Regt. 27 May 1861 at Oakland [Lauderdale Co.]. Born in AL, farmer, res. Oakland, AL, age 17, single. Captured 27 Oct. 1864. (MAD: battles etc. not copied). Authority: Historical Record Roll dated near Petersburg, VA, Jan. 1, 1865.

AL Confederate Pension Applications, in AL State Archives, Duke - Dunn (FHL film 1,502,781)
      MAD: Did not extract all pension applications for the same person if they gave no other genealogy information. Documents were extracted in order on film. Did not usually copy reason for pension request, which was frequently old age or rheumatism or feebleness; did not always copy witnesses names, which sometimes only said they knew the applicant was of good character and in need of the pension. "Cavalry" was frequently abbreviated "Calv" and spelled "Calvary." Did not usually copy the schedule of property unless it listed land. The complete pension papers should be rechecked individually, following is very brief extract of contents.
      DUNCAN, G.W., Lauderdale Co. AL, Forage Master, 4th AL Cav. Report 12 July 1914, name of G.W. Duncan not found on rolls of any 4th AL organization C.S.A. Affidavit 25 July 1914 by D.W. Howell, age 84, of Lauderdale Co. AL, Lieut. in Co.H, 4th AL Calv. C.S.A., knew G.W. Duncan, he a private in Co.F, 4th AL, in Quarter Master's Dept. Affidavit 25 July 1914 of M. Malone, age 72, knew G.W. Duncan in the war, G.W. Duncan now age 87, feeble. Application 1 July 1907, by G.W. Duncan, Lauderdale Co. AL, served 1862, enlisted Florence, AL, now disabled by old age, age 79.
      DUNCAN, James Andrew. Application 4 June 1912, James Andrew Duncan, Lauderdale Co. AL, over age 70, born Lauderdale Co. AL, pensioner, depends on pension; witness J.S. Brewer knew him 50 years.
      DUNCAN, James A., widow Mrs. Maggie Duncan, Lauderdale Co. AL, Private in Co.D, 9th Regt. Application 24 Sept. 1935, Lauderdale Co. AL, Mrs. Maggie E. Duncan of Florence, AL, living with "self", born Cloverdale, Lauderdale Co. AL, March 16, 1854, her father Miles White died Oakland about 40 years ago, her husband James A. Duncan, married about 1880 in Oakland, he died about 1925 in Oakland; she also married W.A. Compton, Oakland, about 1873; her husband (Duncan) was a private in Inf., paroled from service in VA at cease of war, had pension from Lauderdale Co. AL. Appl. 5 Jan. 1929, Lauderdale Co. AL, Mrs. Maggie E. Duncan of Florence, now living with family, born near Florence, Lauderdale Co. AL, March 16, 1854, her father Miles White died about 25 years ago near Florence, her husband J.A. Duncan, mar. about 45 years ago near Florence, he died 1926 near Florence, she also mar. Wm. Compton about 55 years ago near Florence. Appl. 19 Jan. 1927, her husband James A. Duncan died Oct. 29, 1926, at Florence, AL, he was on the pension roll of Lauderdale Co. #5972, mar. Nov. 10, 1881, at Florence, Lauderdale Co. AL, she born Florence, Lauderdale Co. AL, "Feb. 16, 1859", age 67 years 10 months 3 days, now living with daughter Bessie Duncan; children: Mrs. Lilian Reed of Florence AL RFD#4 housekeeper, Mrs. Evelyn Beaumont of Florence AL housekeeping, Mrs. Kate Smith of Florence AL, and Miss Bessie Duncan of Florence AL housekeeper. Appl. 5 Jan. 1928, born March 16, 1854, married 3 Nov. 1881, her husband died Oct. 29, 1926, had also mar. William Compton near Florence AL about 1877, Duncan a private in 9th AL Co.D. Appl. 1 April 1929. Appl. 5 June 1899, Lauderdale Co. AL, by James A. Duncan, Private in Co.D, 9th Reg., enlisted 3 June 1861 at Florence, discharged 6 May 1864, wounded in Battle of Wilderness VA, now disabled in left hand, age 57, P.O. Oakland, owns 60 acres in Lauderdale Co.; witness A.C. Chisholm, 1st Lt. Co. 3 AL Regt., and E.R. Gill; medical examiner states James A. Duncan, age 57, Co.D, etc.
      DUNCAN, T.J., Lauderdale Co. AL, Private, Co.F 4th AL Cav. Notice June 12, 1914, name T.J. Duncan not found on any 4th AL organization. Affidavit 15 July 1914 of Thomas J. Duncan, Lauderdale Co. AL, enlisted Co.F, 4th AL Cav., at Florence, AL, July 1862 as Private; wounded winter 1864; Witnesses: A.D. Lewis, M. Malone served with him. Schedule of property, Jan. 11, 1912, Lauderdale Co. AL, incl. 84 acres, part in cultivation. Appl. 11 Jan. 1912, T.J. Duncan, Private Co.F, 4th AL Cav., enlisted 15 Oct. 1862 at Florence, discharged 20 April 1865; P.O. Florence; Witnesses J.C. Conner and M. Malone. Report June 29, 1914, T.J. Duncan not found on any 4th AL organization, but one T.A. Duncan, private, Co.H which became Co.L, 4th (Roddey's) AL Cav., enlisted Dec. 21, 1861 at Cherokee [Colbert Co.], AL, present on roll Feb. 21 to April 30, 1862, no later record.

TN Confederate Pension Application (FHL film 969,686)
      #12174, Joseph Duncan, Co.9, TN Cav., filed Oct. 3, 1910, accepted, died Jan. 1929, Wid. #9292 (MAD: widow Ann Eliza Duncan, Hardin Co. TN, widow of Joseph Kelly Duncan); applicant Joseph Duncan, native of AL, res. Savannah, Hardin Co. TN; Co.F and later G, 9th TN Cav.; born Lauderdale Co. AL in 1844; enlisted 1862, 9th TN Cav., Co.F afterwards consolidated with Co.G, Capt. John W. Johnston; wounded not seriously; paroled at Gainesville, AL, May 11, 1865; family consists of myself and wife, wife age 68, no children with us; children are male, they both have families, one in State of Washington, one a tinner in Savannah, TN; applicant an undertaker, have a home moderately furnished; res. of TN over 50 perhaps 60 years; /s/ 20 Aug. 1910; wit. J.W. Irwin, H.E. Williams.
      MAD: Widow's Pension Appl. #9292, indexed as Anna Eliza Duncan (maiden name Brown), res. Hardin Co. TN, born 1851 Wayne Co. TN, widow of Jos. Kelly Duncan, b. 1843 Florence [Lauderdale Co.] AL, married 1869 Wayne Co. TN, he died 1929 Hardin Co. TN. (from "TN's Confederate Widows and Their Families; Abstracts of 11,190 Confederate Widows Pension Applications" by Edna Wiefering, 1992; FHL book 976.8 M28w; and SUTRO book F435 W43 1992, CA State Library, Sutro Branch)


Mecklenburg Co. VA Deed (FHL film 32,544)
      27-61: 18 Oct. 1836, Jane (x) Duncan of County of Lauderdale, Alabama, appoint Silas Shelbourn of Lunenburg Co., VA, attorney to ask for ... my part of the estate of my brother William Beaber of Mecklenburg Co., VA. Rec. Lauderdale Co., AL. (MAD: widow of Field Allen Duncan) (MAD: ?? Jane Scruggs, b. 1771, d. 1851 Austin Co. TX; m. bef. 1797 Field Allen Duncan; in Williamson Co. TN 1814; from "Shelburne, the Book of Samuel" by Richard W. Buck, 1986; FHL book 929.273 Sh43br)

Wayne Co. TN Deeds (FHL film 583,160)
      B-418 (old C-518): 21 Jan. 1836, Thompson Crenshaw of Wayne Co. TN to William Duncan of Lauderdale Co. AL, $500, 50 acres on Big Cypress Creek in Range 9, Sec. 1, being Grant #19593 to said William Duncan, beg. at NW corner of entry in name of Randolph Crenshaw for 60 acres.
      B-421 (old C-522): 21 Jan. 1836, Thompson Crenshaw of Wayne Co. TN to William Duncan of Lauderdale Co. AL, $300, two tracts or grants #25213 and #25313 bounded as follows, viz, lying on Big Cypress Creek in Range 9, Sec. 1, 50 acres beginning in S. boundary line of Entry #575 for 51 acres in name of A. & J. McDonnel, then ... to SE corner of said entry, then south, then corner to stake in the East boundary line of said Entry #575, then south with the line, to SE corner, ... containing 50 acres by survey; the second tract lying in the same range and section adj. SE corner of Entry #576 for 50 acres in the name of McDonald, ... south boundary line of said Entry #576, containing by survey 10 acres.
      B-424 (old C-525): 21 Jan. 1836, Thompson Crenshaw of Wayne Co. TN to William Duncan of Lauderdale Co. AL, $800, land on Cypress Creek in Range 9, Sec. 1, containing 51 acres "by the State of TN #19592, being 51 acres [granted] to the said William Duncan," bounded ... E of the 2 Mile Fork & N of the SW corner of said Range & Section; wit. Willis Hays, Jonathan Synyard.


Franklin Co. AL information from Karen Duncan Sedlecky 6/1999 with permission to share:
      I have personally seen the gravesites of George Duncan II & Mary Lillie
Winchester Duncan. They are buried in Franklin Co., AL (Pleasant Site
Cemetery) which is where most of the Winchesters are buried.
      Their dates on the headstones are as follows as well as some other dates for your records:
      George Washington Duncan Jr., October 10, 1867, August 9, 1905
            (married November 24, 1887)
      Mary Lillie Winchester Duncan, November 12, 1868, December 29, 1935

Cemetery information from Karen Sedlecky 11/1999 with permission to share:
Smith Cemetery, Cherokee, Colbert Co. AL
      Duncan, George W., Pvt. Co. F 4th Alabama CAV, C.S.A. Army, 1-20-1829 - 6-13-1917
      Duncan, Sallie M. (wife of George W. Duncan), 2-11-1838 - 3-14-1871 (KS: Sarah Mariah Smith; they are buried in Smith Cemetery.)
      Additional information:
      Elizabeth "Lizzie" Duncan (daughter of George & Sallie M. Smith Duncan), 11-25-1867 - 10-17-1952; Burial: Florence City Cemetery, Florence, AL; married: John William Peerson on 11/4/1885 Colbert County, AL, 11-5-1865 - 4-9-1895, Burial: Peerson Cemetery.
      Robert A. Duncan (son of George & Sallie M. Smith Duncan), 4-13-1860 - 11-10-1936, Burial: Westly Chapel Cemetery, Lauderdale Co., AL


"Lauderdale Co. AL Annotated Index to Chancery Court Records; Equity Record Book C, 1827-1830" by Teresa Brewer Campbell & others (FHL book 976.199 P2c)
      This book indexes Equity Records Book C which appears to be the oldest extant book; cases were completed between 1827 and 1830, a few were started as early as 1818 and 1821. The index includes references in 1825 to 1829 to David Duncan, and in 1808 to a deed and an affidavit for a Martin Duncan.


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