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Formed 1867 from Marion, Fayette, Pickens; abolished 1867
Recreated 1868 from abolished Jones Co.
Name changed 1877 from SANFORD to LAMAR


1870 Sanford Co. AL Census (later Lamar Co.)
Precinct 10
Pg.292, #30-30, DUNCAN, Rufus 18 AL farmer $200-$400 (alone)
Precinct 12
Pg.318, #109-109, DUNCAN, John C. 42 SC farmer $500-$300
                  Chilba D.C. (f) 40 NC keeps house
                  Tanda K. (m) 14, Wm. 11 AL
                  Frances (f) 9, Marcus L. (m) 2 AL
                  (MAD: 1860 Fayette Co. AL census)
Twp.12 Range 15
Pg.342, #50-50, DUNCAN, Cyntha 44 AL keeps house $100-$300
                  Julia A. 24, Muhulda 22, Talitha A. 19 AL
                  Charlie (m) 15, Mary (Marg?) 14 AL
                  Anjaline 12, Eveline 11, Sarah F. 8 AL
                  Virgin (f) 6, Benjamin 4 AL
                  (MAD: 1860 Marion Co. AL census, wife of Edwin)
Precinct 12
Pg.345, #40-40, DUNCAN, Geo. A. 33 MS farmer $300-$500
                  Mary A. 29 AL
                  Tanda P. (m) 9, George W. 6 AL
                  Lindsay F. (m) 4, Alfred B. 1 AL
                  DUNCAN, Milton (m) 20 MS BLACK farm laborer
                  (MAD: 1850 Pickens Co. AL census, buried Lowndes Co. MS)
Precinct 14
Pg.347, #59-59, HOULL?, Eliza 56 TN keeps house $200-$325
                  DUNCAN, Eliza J. 13 AL at home
                  JACOB, Breeton ?. (m) 50 SC MULATTO farm laborer
Twp.15 Range 15
Pg.381, #10-10, DUNCAN, Elizabeth 64 VA (white) keeping house & farming $200-$100
                  GILLMORE, Hulda J. (f) 17 AL
                  Isaac W. 1 AL
                  (MAD: ? 1860 Fayette Co. AL census, age 52 b. TN)


Lamar Co. AL Deed records (Jones & Sanford Cos.) (FHL film 1,711,255)
      Vol.A, 1867-1868 - no Duncan (Jones & Sanford Cos.)
      Vol.B, 1868-1870 - no Duncan spotted in sketchy index (Sanford Co)
      Vol.1, 1870-1873 - no Duncan grantor, no Duncan grantee spotted
      Vol.2, 1873-1876 - no Duncan grantor, did not go through index for Duncan grantees


Lamar Co. AL General index to estates (FHL film 1,711,242 item 6)
      No Duncan

Lamar Co. AL Probate Order Book (Vol.1 missing) Vol.2 1873-1880, Sanford & Lamar Cos. (FHL film 1,711,244 item 1)
      No Duncan

Lamar Co. AL Wills Vol.1-2, 1878-1961, book labeled 1844 but actually starts in 1877 (FHL film 1,711,242 item 4-5)
      Vol.1, 1877-1910 - no Duncan


AL Confederate Service Records, 1861-1865, cards in AL State Archives; Driver to Elich (FHL film 1,462,918)
      MAD: most items were small typed cards, 3x5; some items were very blurred in the filming and were double images and hard to read. Cards had name and rank in upper left corner, service unit usually in upper right corner, notation if Home Guard, details from source were given in center of card, and the "Authority" as the last line on the card. The service record from the Historical Record Roll frequently listed several engagements he served in, dates wounded, absent, present, etc., and I usually did not copy all the details.
      Duncan, B.F., Private, Co.D, 16th Confed. Cav. Authority: Compiled roll, transmitted Oct. 10, 1910.
      Duncan, Benjamin Franklin, Private, Co.D, 16th Con. Cav.; enlisted May 1864 at Selma [MAD: Dallas Co.], AL; born May 18, 1846 at Houston, Chickasaw Co. MS; address: Millport, AL, 1907-08; Continued until May 1865; paroled at Gainsville, AL. Authority: Census, tax collector, Lamar Co. AL, 1907-08.
      Duncan, Benjamin Franklin, Private, Co.D, 16 Confed. Cav. Regt; enlisted at Selma, AL, about April 1, 1863, and served until he was paroled at the close of the War, April, 1865, Gainesville, AL; born May 18, 1846, Houston, Chickasaw Co. MS; address 1921: Millport, AL. Authority: 1921 Census of Confederate Soldiers.
      Duncan, Benjamin Franklin, Private, Co.D, 16th Con. Cav.; enlisted May 1864 at Selma, AL; born May 18, 1846 at Houston, Chickasaw Co. MS; paroled at Gainsville, AL, May 1865; address: 1907 & 1908: Millport, AL. Authority: Census tax assess, Lamar Co. AL, 1907 & 1908.
      (MAD: The Duncan Family Files at the AL State Archives, Montgomery, AL, contain newspaper clippings dated 5/21/1932 and 7/16/1933 about B.F. Duncan, known as "Uncle Ben", born 5/18/1846 Houston [Chickasaw Co.], MS, to Pickens Co. AL when a lad, in Co.D 18th AL Confederate Regiment, with Forrest's Cavalry, res. Millport, Lamar Co. AL, for 42 years. The 1880 census on pg.545B, Reform, Pickens Co. AL, shows B.F. Duncan 34 MS, parents b.SC, wife M.F. Duncan 28 AL, father b.SC, mother b.AL, and dau. A.F. Duncan 2 AL.)

AL Confederate Pension Applications, in AL State Archives, Duke - Dunn (FHL film 1,502,781)
      MAD: Did not extract all pension applications for the same person if they gave no other genealogy information. Documents were extracted in order on film. Did not usually copy reason for pension request, which was frequently old age or rheumatism or feebleness; did not always copy witnesses names, which sometimes only said they knew the applicant was of good character and in need of the pension. "Cavalry" was frequently abbreviated "Calv" and spelled "Calvary." Did not usually copy the schedule of property unless it listed land. The complete pension papers should be rechecked individually, following is very brief extract of contents.
      DUNCAN, Benj. F., Lamar Co. AL, Private, Co.D, 16th Confed. Cav. Application 10 Feb. 1916 by Benj. F. Duncan, Lamar Co., of Millport, AL, age 69 years 8 months 23 days, lived AL all my life, enlisted early spring of 1864 as Private in Co.D, Armistead's C.S.A. (16th Cav.), served about 12 months, paroled May 14, 1865 at close of war; wife is dead, married Nov. 1874; living children: Annie Anderson age 35 housekeeping, O.J. Duncan age 33 railroading, Ollie Duncan, age 28, housekeeping, J.P. Duncan age 26 farming; now living with my two youngest children. Witnesses: W.A. Howard (another Confederate Pensioner), J.B. Hoda and H.H. Strickland (neighbors).
      DUNCAN, Edwin, widow Mrs. Cintha Duncan, Lamar Co., Private, Co.E, 8th AL. Appl. 7 May 1887 by Cintha (X) Duncan, widow of Edwin Duncan, Private, Co.E, 8th Regt. AL Vols., died during war or within 5 years of end of war. Appl. 4 May 1889, 7 May 1892, 19 May 1893, 30 May 1891, 30 May 1894, 20 May 1896, 17 May 1897.
      (DUNCAN, Thomas Jefferson) (MAD: these documents in file of Thomas J. (G.) Duncan, widow Mrs. Alice C. Duncan, Pickens Co. AL, Pvt. Co.J, 40th AL) Application 22 Feb. 1928 of Mrs. Ann Eliza Duncan, widow of T.J. Duncan, who died Dec. 3, 1927 at Reform, Pickens Co. AL, on pension roll of Pickens Co. #6366, married at Millport, Lamar Co. AL, on Dec. 18, 1873, she born Millport, Lamar Co. AL, Feb. 22, 1858, now age 70 years no months no days, now living with her dau. Miss Ola Duncan, P.O. Reform, Pickens Co. AL; my children: Mrs. Corrie Lyles, Carrollton, AL, housekeeper for her husband; Miss Ola Duncan, Reform, AL, no special occupation now. Transmittal letter from Pickens Co. AL, Feb. 22, 1928, application of Mrs. Ann Eliza Duncan, widow of T.J. Duncan, to be placed on pension roll in his place. (MAD: see following file)
      DUNCAN, Thomas Jefferson, Pickens Co. AL, Co.K, 7th AL Cav. Request from AL Pension Commission to Adjutant General, War Dept., Washington, DC, Dec. 11, 1923, to search for name of Thomas Jefferson Duncan on roll of paroled prisoners of war at Gainesville, AL, April or May 1865; he was member of Capt. Deupree's Co. in 16th Regt. Conf. Cav., formerly 12th Regt. MS Cav., Spence Lt. Col., J.C. Bell was captain after Dupree, his witness B.M. Long says he was afterward in 7th Cav., Col. Rucker; that Thomas Jefferson Duncan is definite on his release date and place. Request for service record Nov. 3, 1923, for Thomas Jefferson Duncan, enlisted Jan. 1864 at Pickensville, AL as Private in Co.I, 16th Conf. Cav., Capt. W.D. Dupree and afterwards J.C. Bell, Col. Spence; Witness B.M. Long who served in Co.D, 16th Confed. Cav. Appl. 25 Oct. 1923, Pickens Co. AL, by Thomas Jefferson Duncan (/s/ T.J. Duncan), P.O. Reform, AL, age 79 years 9 months 23 days, lived AL during my entire life, enlisted Jan. 1864 at Pickensville, AL, in Cav., Private, Co.I, Capt. W.D. Dupree and afterwards J.C. Bell, 16th Confed. Cav., Col. Acel Spence, served until close of war, one year, paroled at Gainesville, AL, at close of war; married March 1877, wife now age 65; living children: Mrs. Carlie Lyles, age 45, housekeeper; Miss Ola Duncan, (blank) with me at home; in Camp Pickens #323, Carrollton, AL; living at present with wife and daughter. Witness to service: B.M. Long; neighbors W.C. Carpenter and A.D. Clements, knew him 20 years and 10 years. (MAD: and see documents in Thomas George Duncan file)

HISTORIES before 1923

"Memorial record of Alabama : a concise account of the state's political, military, professional and industrial progress, together with the personal memoirs of many of its people." by Hannis Taylor; pub. Madison, Wis.: Brant & Fuller, 1893, 2216 pgs. (LH10905, HeritageQuest images 4/2007; FHL book 976.1 H2m & v.2 and film 934,817 items 1-2)
      Vol.II, pg.352, Lamar County. WILLIAM H. KENNEDY, M.D., of Kennedy, Lamar Co. Ala. .. born in Tuscaloosa Co. Ala, January 2, 1829, and is the youngest of the three children born to Reuben B. and Mary (Davis) Kennedy, natives of South Carolina. ... The marriage of the doctor took place, in 1855, to Miss Eliza C., daughter of Martin Cooper, of Mississippi. The seven children born to this union were named as follows: Fannie, wife of W.T. Walker; John O., a rising young physician; James T., a farmer; Mollie, wife of Dr. John H. Duncan; Joseph L., Eddie and Elijah, deceased. The adult portion of the family are members of the Methodist Episcopal church, south, ...


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