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Formed 1812 from Washington


1830 Clarke Co. AL Census
Pg.232  Benjamin Duncan    1000,01      - 2000,1
          (MAD: one Benjamin Duncan was on
            Washington Co. AL 1811 tax list)
   237  Alexander Duncan   0010,0001    - 0133,01

1840 Clarke Co. AL Census
Pg.235  Benjn. Dunkin      1110,0001    - 1010,01

1850 Clarke Co. AL Census
Pg.225, #309, Joshua DUNCAN 24 SC farmer
                  Mary 28 AL
                  Elizabeth 3 AL
                  (MAD: definitely Joshua, not Jeremiah H. son of Benjamin)
Pg.239, A. DAFFIN 30 AL, Betsy 22 AL, children 4 to 3/12
Pg.255, James DAFFIN 76 NC alone
Pg.255, Oran DAFFIN 31 AL, Julia 30 & ch.
Pg.261, Rebecca DAFFIN (faint), not found
Pg.261, #835, Benj. DUNCAN 62 VA farmer $2000
                  Mary 43 SC
                  Benjamin 16, Willis 14 AL
                  Mary 13, George 9, Sarah 8 AL
                  (MAD: Mary J. Duncan mar. E.P. Smith 8/8/1853 with consent of Benjamin Duncan; one Elizabeth Duncan mar. C.B. Walker 2/4/1864 but Benjamin named his dau. Mary J. wife of William W. Walker in will)
Pg.261, #836, Geo. DAFFIN 28 AL farmer (no wife)
                  John (Julia?) 24 AL (m? or f? - faint)
                  Edna 3 AL
                  (MAD: Frances A. Duncan mar. George Daffin 5/26/1845; no later marriage for George Daffin listed)

1860 Clarke Co. AL Census
Grove Hill
Pg.618, #565-664, Benjamin DUNCAN Sr. 70 VA farmer $6500-$25,500
                  Mary 48 SC
                  George 19 Clarke Co. (AL) student
                  Sarah 16 Clarke Co. (AL) teacher C.S.
Pg.739, #1604-1821, Benjamin A. DUNCAN 25 Clarke Co. (AL) farmer $800-$300
                  Missouri (f) 24 Monroe Co. AL (Mipouri?)
                  Martha E. 6, Mary V. 5 TX
                  Leonard S. 3 Clarke Co. AL
                  Delphina F. (f) 8/12 Clarke Co. AL

1870 Clarke Co. AL Census (pg.156 also from Kathy Cawley 2/2002)
Gainestown Beat (pgs.57, 59 faint)
Pg.50, #12-12, DUNCAN, Allen 46 AL BLACK farmer $0-$0
                  Delphi (f) 38 AL BLACK keeping house
                  Maria 13, Allen 9 AL BLACKS
                  Judy 3, Jane 1 AL BLACKS
Pg.57, #123-125, DUNCAN, B.A. (m) 36 AL (white) farmer $0-$300
                  Missourie (f) 40 AL keeping house
                  Mary N?. (f) 14 AL
                  MATHISON?, Aleck (m) 19 AL MULATTO laborer
                  MATHISON, Lucy (f) 13 AL MULATTO domestic svt.
Pg.59, #146-148, NACY?, Milly 50 SC BLACK keeping house $0-$0
                  RIVER?, Bob? (m) 44? (14?) AL BLACK
                  DUNCAN, Allen 5 AL BLACK
                  HARALL, Mary J. 4 AL MULATTO
Pg.70, #334-337, DUNCAN, Eliza 35 AL BLACK keeping house $0-$0
                  Eliza 17 AL MULATTO
                  Clara 15 AL MULATTO
                  Alfred (m) 10, Bill 6 AL BLACKS
                  Jerry (m) 2 AL BLACK
Grove Hill Beat, P.O. Grove Hill
Pg.110, #482-482, DUNCAN, Tobias 44 SC BLACK blacksmith $0-$0
                  Lucinda? 25 AL BLACK keeping house
                  Emily 7, Penelope (f) 5 AL BLACKS
                  Gabriel (m) 4, Bowldin? (m) 1 AL BLACKS
Jackson Beat, P.O. Jackson
Pg.130, #629-643, DUNCAN, Mary 63 SC keeping house $1000-$500
                  George 42 AL works on farm
                  Martha B. 12 AL
Mitchams Twp., P.O. Coffeeville
Pg.156, #49-49, DUNCAN, John 21 AL farmer $0-$220
                  Mary F. 20 AL keeping house
                  X (f) 9/12 AL b.Nov.
                  (MAD: name for child originally blank, large "X" written by someone else in heavier pen)


Clarke Co. AL Marriages (FHL film 1,290,227; only copied one)
      B-335: C.B. Walker m. Elizabeth Duncan, 2/4/1864 (MAD: not 1854)


Clarke Co. AL Will Book Vol.N, 1866-1870 (copy of pages from Marion H. Duncan 3/1983 with permission to share)
      N-258: Will of Benjamin Duncan, Dated 8 March 1856, ... have given to my son Jeremiah H. Duncan one negro boy named Bob aged 20 years old; ... have given my son Benjamin A. Duncan ...; I give and bequeath to my daughter Francis Ann Daffin (first letter unclear) ...; I give and bequeath to my son Willis W. Duncan one negro boy ...; I give and bequeath to my daughter Mary J. Smith ...; I give and bequeath to my son George Duncan ...; I give and bequeath to my daughter Sarah E. Duncan ...; I give and bequeath to my wife Mary Duncan (all were given Negroes); also wife was left perishable property on his plantation; at her decease it be divided among children; if she remarries it was to be divided equally between her and her children; other provisions for land at death of wife names son George and daughter Sarah E. Exec. my friend (bottom line of page missing) Wit. T.J. Lee, Peter Grin?, Jas. M. Noble. The widow asked the probate judge to handle the business of the estate, relinquishing her right of administration, dated Jany. 27, 1869. May 20, 1869, letters of administration granted to D.D. Damson?, sheriff.

Clarke Co. AL Probate Records, Vol.N, 1867-1870 (FHL film 1,290,247)
      Pg.255-6: BENJAMIN DUNCAN, decd, estate of. Petition 22 Oct. 1867 by Mary Duncan (/s/ Mary Duncan by Willis Duncan), that Benjamin Duncan died about 22 Sept. 1867 in Clarke Co. leaving a will, witnessed by Peter Grin? who lives in the county, T.J. Lee who since moved to LA and reported now dead, and James W. Noble who has since died, in which petitioner is named executrix and Thomas J. Nichols executor, request for probate; petitioner is widow of decd and lives in the county, and the next of kin are his children Benjamin A. Duncan, Willis F. Duncan, Mary J. Walker wife of William W. Walker, George W. Duncan, all over 21 and live in this county, Sarah E. Johnson who mar. Alfred Johnson who is now dead who resides in Mobile and is over 21, Jeremiah H. Duncan who lived in CA and is supposed to be dead, the children of Frances M. Daffin decd. who was a dau. of the testator, namely Edmond J. Daffin over 21 living in Pickens Co. AL, Benjamin Daffin, Caladonia Daffin and Jackson Daffin, minors over age 14 who live in this county, Tinfeatrick? (Patrick?) Daffin a minor under age 14 who resides with Jackson Daffin in this county, and Jefferson Daffin under age 14 who resides with petitioner, all of sound mind except said George W. Duncan; request for probate.
            Pg.256-7: 29 June 1868, Benjamin A. Duncan, son of the decd, for himself and other persons interested as decendants by blood of the decd. Benjamin Duncan Sr. and would have been distributees of his estate if he had died intestate, protest the will on the following grounds: That Benjamin Duncan Sr. was influenced improperly in making his will, that the paper purporting to be his will was not truly the last will because he expressed himself dissatisfied with the will after it was made and before his death, because he said in his lifetime that he wanted to equally distribute his property among his children and his surviving companion long after he made the will and before his death, and because after the date of the will he expressed a desire to distribute his property differently from the will, and because the paper purporting to be his will was never his true and last will, and because the will does not make a legal or proper distribution of the property according to law and because its terms and divers? are contrary to public policy, from the injustice of the bequest, and from its uncertainty in its alternative bequest, and because of erasures on the face of the paper.
      Pg.258-9: Will of Benjamin Duncan, 8 March 1856, I have given my son Jeremiah H. Duncan one negro boy Bob age 20 years, I have given my son Benjamin A. Duncan one negro man named Allen? age 20 years old, I give to my dau. Francis Ann Daffin and heirs of her body one negro woman slave named Harriet age 30 years old, I give to my son Willis W. Duncan one negro boy slave named March age 18 years old, I give to my dau. Mary J. Smith one negro woman slave named Peg age 21 years old and her child named Flora aged 2 years, I give to my son George Duncan one negro boy slave named Bent aged 14 years old and one negro boy slave named Jim aged 12 years old and one negro girl slave named Pet aged 5? years old, I give to my dau. Sarah E. Duncan one negro woman Ellen age 17 years old and her child Eliza age 6 months old, I give to my wife Mary Duncan one negro man named Allen, one negro woman named Saline, one negro woman named Jane and her child Bob, one negro woman named Serarpty, one negro boy named Tom, and one negro boy named Peter, also all the perishable property on my plantation at my decease, to wit, the horses, mules, etc., my household and kitchen furniture for her life or widowhood, and at her decease to be agreably divided between my children or in the event she intermarries, I want it equally divided between herself and my children; I give my wife Mary Duncan all my real estate during her life, and at her decease I want it equally divided between my son George and my dau. Sarah E. Duncan. In the event my wife Mary Duncan intermarries I want my real estate divided equally between herself and my son George and my dau. Sarah E. Duncan. I appoint my friend Thomas J. Nickels exec. and my wife exectrix. Wit. T.J. Lee, Peter Grin, Jas. W. Noble. We the jury find this to be the last will and testament of Benjamin Duncan, decd, /s/ Chas. W. Currier, Foreman.
            Pg.259: Letter from Mary Duncan, atty P.F?. Payne, to Judge J.R/. Wilson, I write to inform you that the agent I had, Mr. Daffin, has concluded to quit and as I am not able to attend to the hearing myself, turn over the estate to you or Judge of Probate and let the general administrator take charge of it, relinquish my exec. of will, Jany? 27, 1869.
            Pg.259: Letters of Administration issued 20 May 1869 to D.D. Danson? by virtue of his office as Sheriff of this county.
            Pg.260-1: Appraisal of estate of Benjamin Duncan, admin. D?.D?. Danson, 21 May 1869, incl. debt due by Weatherford & Cato James 1/1/1868, appraisers Thos. J. Nichols, Frank T. Payne, Jas. B. Johnston.
            Pg.261-3: Petition 20 Oct. 1869 by D.D. Dancun, admin., for sale of estate of Benjamin Duncan, that the said decd. owned personal property (farm animals, furniture, etc.) which should be sold for the payment of debts. Report of sale held 26 Nov. 1869, purchasers Mrs. Mary Duncan, March Duncan, Jerry Goode, W.H. Slaughter, F.T. Payne, Porter Davis, George Duncan, Dick Travis, & a few others, filed 15 Jan. 1870 by admin. D.D. Damson.


Clarke Co. AL Deed Indexes (FHL film 1,823,017)
      Direct, Vol.1, 1820-1888 - no Duncan to Book P (item 1)
      Reverse, Vol.1, 1820-1888 (item 4)
            B-227: Saml. B. Shields to Charlotte E. Duncan
            E-136: John Ethridge to Benjn. Duncan
            No others to Book P (Book M ends 1870)

Clarke Co. AL Deeds
      B-227 (page should be 327 but pages mislabeled): Clarke Co. AL, 6 March 1830, Samuel B. Shields of afsd to Charlotte E. Duncan, $400, lot in Town of Jackson on W.side Carrol Street adj. S. by Franklin Street and N. by extension of Commercial Street, 198 feet wide by 159 feet deep, containing lot #104, and one moiety of lot #105; wit. John Scuddy, Saml. T. Barnes. (FHL film 1,823,018 item 3) (MAD: see Alexander Duncan of 1830 Clarke Co. AL census, Mrs. Charlotte Duncan of Sumter Co. AL d.1837, Alexander Duncan d.1839 Sumter Co. AL, admin. Charlotte E. Duncan)
      E-136: Clarke Co. AL, 24 April 1835, John Ethridge and wife Eunice (X) to Benjamin Duncan of Clarke Co. AL, $52, 26 acres being my legacy in following described land, being incl. in SE 1/4 Sec.12, also W 1/2 NE 1/4 said Sec.12 in T4 R2E; wit. And. Taylor NP. (FHL film 1,823,072)


AL Confederate Service Records, 1861-1865, cards in AL State Archives; Driver to Elich (FHL film 1,462,918)
      MAD: most items were small typed cards, 3x5; some items were very blurred in the filming and were double images and hard to read. Cards had name and rank in upper left corner, service unit usually in upper right corner, notation if Home Guard, details from source were given in center of card, and the "Authority" as the last line on the card. The service record from the Historical Record Roll frequently listed several engagements he served in, dates wounded, absent, present, etc., and I usually did not copy all the details.
      Duncan, Ben A., Private, age 28, Co.A, 38th AL Inf., June 12, 1862, Clark Co. Authority: Muster in roll dated Camp Holt (near Mobile), June 12, 1862.
      Dungan Sr., G.W., Pension 10016, Clarke Co., Private Co.H, 32nd Regt. AL, enlisted March 29, 1862 at Coffeeville, AL, dich. April 20, 1865, wounded at Battle of Running Water Bridge TN, Wit. T.B. Bolen, J.H. Giger. (MAD: background name card reads: G.W. Duncan, pension index card reads plainly Dungan)
      Duncan, George Washington, Private, Co.H, 32nd AL Inf. Reg., enlisted March 29, 1862 at Coffeeville, AL. Born April 28, 1833 in Coffeeville, Clarke Co. AL. Address: Campbell, AL, 1907-8. Continued until close of war, Captured in TN. Authority: Census tax collector, Clarke Co. AL, 1907-08.
      Duncan, W.F., Private, age 26, Co.A, 38th AL Inf. June 12, 1862, Clarke Co. Authority: Muster in roll dated Camp Holt (near Mobile), June 12, 1862.

HISTORIES before 1923

1923 "History of Clarke Co. AL" by John Simpson Graham (FHL book 976.1245 H2g)
      Pg.119: Population of Clarke. In 1820 Clarke Co. had a population ... between the Tombigbee and Alabama rivers ... There were also in the 'forks' three families of much earlier date, the Holder family, natives of the territory, the Bates family, Joseph Bates, it is said, having been born in Washington County about a hundred years ago, and the Duncan family. Benjamin Duncan, who married a Holder, was considered to be a man of unusual common-sense. (MAD: Benjamin Duncan was one of the distributees of the estate of Jeremiah Holder recorded 7/1/1834, from pg.142, Records of Guardians of Estates & Wills 1832-1839; from "Clarke Co. AL Records 1814-1885" by Marilyn Davis Barefield (FHL book 976.1245 V2b; from Evelyn Sigler and Lucille Mehrkam)
      Pg.172: (quotation cited from 'Recollections of Thomas D. Duncan.') Thomas D. Duncan and the author of this book were neighbor boys in Corinth [Tishomingo Co.], MS, when the Civil War began. He enlisted in April, 1861. He was but 15 years of age when he first enlisted (in the infantry). He was transferred to Forrest's cavalry and with that command served throughout the entire war, receiving only one slight wound. He was engaged in 52 battles and was in many close places. These two men have never met since the close of the war, and neither had any knowledge of the fate of the other until October, 1923, when the writer came into possession and read the "Recollections of Thomas D. Duncan." Mr. Duncan is a prominent and highly-respected citizen of Corinth, MS, having returned to that place after the close of the war, and has resided there ever since. He is a forceful and fluent writer and his book is intensely interesting.

1921 "History of AL and Dictionary of AL Biography" by Thomas M. Owen, Vol.III, pgs.516-519 (FHL fiche 6,048,243 to 6,048,246; also from Donna Little 8/1982)
      DUNCAN, JAMES ARCHIBALD, teacher; graduate Alabama polytechnic institute, B.S., 1894; C.E., 1895; principal of the Columbus high school; Residence: Thomasville [Clarke Co. AL].


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