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Duncans in Benton-Calhoun Co. AL


Duncan research files of
Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson
the Genealogy Bug

Last revised December 8, 2006

Formed 1832 from Creek Cession of 1832
Name changed 1858 to
Cleburne formed 1866 from Calhoun, Randolph, Talladega
Etowah formed 1868 from Blount, Calhoun, Cherokee, DeKalb, Marshall, St.Clair


1840 Benton Co. AL Census
Pg.12  Wm. Duncan         0000,1    - 2100,1
   52  John Duncan        1000,1    - 1000,1
   68  Wm. B. Duncan      0000,1    - 2100,1

1850 Benton Co. AL Census
28th District
Pg.266, #46, Elijah TEAGUE 46 SC farmer $600
                  Mary 44 SC
                  Susan 22, Mary 19, L. (f) 16, Robert 14 SC
                  F.T. (f) 11, Rachel 9, E.W. (m) 5, James 3 AL
                  E.M. DUNKIN (f) 7 AL
Pg.266, #52, J.S. DUNKIN (m) 48 SC farmer $0
                  Eliz. 48 SC
                  T.A. (f) 15, J.M. (m) 10 GA
                  (MAD: John S. Duncan; Jno. Duncan mar. Eliz. Ann Smith 1/14/1846; T.A. age 15 is not C.A.)
Pg.267, #54, S.E. DUNKIN (m) 23 GA worker $0
                  Mary 23 GA
                  E.T. (f) 2, M. (f) 3/12 AL
                  (MAD: 1860 Marshall Co. AL census)
Pg.314, #682-687, William BARR 73 SC farmer $300
                  Nancy 70 NC
                  Jane (f) 42 NC $200
                  William TAYLOR 20 AL farmer
                  (MAD: Nancy Duncan mar. William Barr 12/23/1802; both died Benton Co. AL, per 1973 issue of "Settlers of Northeast AL"; could this be Nancy, dau. of Elijah Duncan (Rev. War) called Nancy "Ban" in Elijah's will?)
29th District
Pg.359, #422, Luke R. ROBERTS 24 GA farming $0
                  Caso (f) 17 GA
Pg.359, #423, A. LITTLEJOHN (m) 39 SC farming $0
                  Harriet 28 SC
                  James W. 11, William I. 10 SC
                  Cornelius 8, Thompson (m) 6 SC
                  John 4, Mary E. 1 SC
                  Canzado KIRBY (f) 26 SC
                  John DUNCAN 18 SC
Pg.359, #424, Jesse R. MATHERTY 31 AL farming $300
                  Lucinda 25 AL
                  Nancy 7, Joseph W. 6, John A. 4 AL
Pg.371, #592, Thos. R. MANGUIN 44 GA farmer $10,000
                  Matilda O?. 42 NC
                  Henry G. 20 GA farmer
                  Ann E. 17, Matilda C. 15, Thomas J. 13 GA
                  Miles? P. (m) 11, Martha 9 AL
                  Amanda H. 6, Emline B. (f) 4 AL
                  Amos DUNCAN 27 NC laborer
                  Ambrose? KNEW? (m) 26 GA laborer
                  Townsend 21 GA laborer
                  (MAD: ? Amos Duncan the son of Jesse Duncan & wife Martha of Union Co. SC)

1860 Calhoun Co. AL Census (Larance D. Dunson household found from info of Elizabeth Clayton)
Ranges 8&9
Pg.317, #206, John DUNCAN 24 SC farmer $600-$150
                  Elizabeth 24 SC
                  Robert 8, Nancy J. 6 AL
                  James S. 4, Mary M. 1 AL
                  (MAD: one Mrs. Elizabeth Duncan, 7/1/1838 - 3/23/1910, is buried in the Post Oak Church Cemetery near Adar Springs; from pg.15, Vol.188, "AL Records," by Pauline Gandrud; however, the wife of this John Duncan is said to be Elizabeth McElrath, b. 3/10/1833, d. 4/28/1910 Clay Co. TX, mar. 2nd Mr. Hester after death on 8/13/1862 of John Duncan, per FGS of Mrs. Joanne Francis)
Ranges 8&9, P.O. Jacksonville
Pg.334, #313, J.M. HARRISON (m) 44 SC farmer $0-$300
                  Mary 44 SC
                  Caroline 22, Robert 19, Wm. 17, Nancy 15 SC
                  John 13, Mary A. 11, Phebia (f) 9, James 5 SC
                  Andrew 1 AL
                  (MAD: Mary Duncan mar. James Madison Harrison b.Spartanburg Co. SC; per query by Mrs. Jerry W. Junkins in "The Bulletin" Vol.4, 1981, by Chester Co. SC Gen. Society; not identified 1850 census)
Ranges 8&9, P.O. White Rains
Pg.396, #787, E. HAMALTON (m) 52 GA farmer $0-$100
                  Elizabeth 48 GA
                  Rufus A. 23, Sarah F. 17, Mary C. 15 GA
                  Georgann (f) 14, James M. 12 AL
                  Wm. HAMALTON 19 GA farmer m/in/year
                  Mary E. 21 GA
                  (MAD: William M. Hamilton mar. Mary E. Duncan 2/14/1860; she ?? dau. of Lorenzo Dow Duncan 1850 Floyd Co. GA census)
Ranges 8&9 P.O. Jackson Mill
Pg.401, #816, Z. WILLIAMS (m) 34 SC farmer $800-300
                  Permilia E. 30 SC
                  Francis E. 9, Madoria 8 SC
                  Allice 4, Dolphus (m) 10/12 AL
                  Martha DUNCAN 60 SC
                  Caroline 18 SC
                  Daniel LILLEJOHN 21 SC day laborer
                  (MAD: 1850 Union Co. SC census, Martha the widow of Jesse Duncan; Permilia Emaline, dau. of Jesse Duncan & Martha; Permelie E. Dunkin 12/11/1830 - 5/4/1901 mar. 12/7/1850 Zbulon Williams 10/30/1824 - 12/27/1887, bur. Littlejohn Cemetery, from "Calhoun Co. AL Cemeteries" Vol.2 by Anne C. Daniell, FHL book 976.163 V3da)
Pg.401, #820, Nancy M. MORRIS 35 GA (blank) $500-$200
                  Francis R. (f) 15 GA
                  J.P. WATKINS (m) 30 GA farmer $0-$0 (no wife)
                  (MAD: looking for James G. Watkins mar. Clamentary Duncan 5/25/1851)
Twp.13 Range 10
Pg.560, #946, J.F. DALEY (m) 39 NC merchant $3500-$24860
                  J.W. (f) 56 NC
                  Mary C. 9, Jacob K. 3 AL
                  S.M. DALEY (f) 34 NC
                  Joseph DUNKIN 28 GA mechanic
                  (MAD: ? 1850 Meriwether Co. GA?; J.W.'s age as given; one Joseph M. Duncan mar. Viney D. Jones 12/18/1860)
Twp.12 Range 10
Pg.575, #1054-1055, John CHAMBERS 32 TN farmer $400-$500
                  Sarah 32 SC
                  & ch. 11 & younger b.AL
                  Sarah 60 SC
Pg.575, #1056-1056, William ALBISON 46 NC farmer $3300-$3585
                  (MAD: looks more like Albison than Allison)
                  Mathew A. (f) 40 NC (MAD: not Martha)
                  Jane J. 13 & younger b.NC, to William H. 6 NC
                  (bottom of page)
Pg.576 (top of page), (#1055 crossed out)
                  Joseph C. ALLISON 3 AL
Pg.576, #1056-1056, Larance D. DUNSON (m) 53 NC mechanic $0-$300
                  Joseph 22 GA mechanic
                  Mary E. 20 GA
                  Rebeca 19 GA
                  Soloman 16 GA
                  William 15 GA
                  Sarah V. 11 GA
                  Madariah (f) 9 GA
                  Amie E. (f) 7 GA
                  Isabella 2 AL
                  (MAD: Lorenzo D. Duncan in 1850 Floyd Co. GA, wife Virginia C. or "Virgie" in 1850 and 1870 Floyd Co. GA; indexed by as part of William Albison household)
Pg.581/2, #1091, Benj. (Jessy?) B. DINSON 34 GA farmer 0-$850
                  Mary A. DUNKIN 26 GA
                  Sarah C.M. 1 AL
                  (MAD: Mary A. Dunkin at top of page 582)
Ranges 5, 6&7
Pg.666, #559, John CHAMNESS 25 AL hireling $0-$0
                  Lernena 24 AL
                  Mary 3, John 2, Pinkney (m) 3/12 AL
                  (MAD: looking for Jno. C. Chamness mar. Elizabeth S. Dunkin 3/21/1855)

1870 Calhoun Co. AL Census
Precinct 8, Cross Plains P.O.
Pg.657, #97-97, DUNCAN, Robt. 61 (written over) GA (white) working on farm
                  Jane 52 TN house keeper
                  Nancy 14 AL asst. keeper
                  Joseph 15, John 12 AL working on farm
                  William 7, Sarah 5 AL
Precinct 9, Cross Plains P.O.
Pg.669, #64-65, MALONEY, Sallie (f) 19 AL BLACK housekeeper $0-$0
                  DUNCAN, Geo. 22 AL BLACK RR hand
                  SMITH, Jno. 25 AL BLACK RR hand


Madison Co. GA Deed (FHL film 351,774)
      J-374/6: Madison Co. GA; Agreement and settlement made between Martin Deadwyler of said county and Mary Duncan wife John Duncan William Blackman & his wife Rebeca Duncan Aletha Duncan Elisa A. Duncan Martha Duncan William Steather? (Strother?) for Nancy Duncan William Duncan heirs Sarry J. Duncan George W. Duncan Miles Duncan the heirs general of William Duncan late of said county deceased; that said decd. at time of his death owed said Martin $460 and other accounts for money loaned the decd by Martin, and to secure payment, the decd. made an unconditional deed to Martin dated 3 March 1851 where he conveyed the land on which he then lived and where he lived at the time of his death, without any reservation contained in the deed, but Martin promissed verbally that if decd paid him the money, that Martin would reconvey the land back to him, but the decd. died without paying Martin any of the money; the heirs general have agreed with Martin that Martin should sell the land to the highest bidder and after repaying the money and interest and his expenses and trouble, the remainder to be given to the heirs of the decd. Martin sold the land to one Joseph Williams for $800, which sale the heirs general of the decd. agree to ratify. Martin deducted $475 the amount of principal and interest and expenses, leaving the heirs $35 a share to each legatee, which the heirs general agree to receive in full satisfaction of our interest; 22 July 1852. /s/ John (X) Duncan, William (X) Blackman, Elisa (X) Duncan, Martha A. (X) Duncan, Mary (X) Duncan, Martha Duncan for Miles on a power of attorney to act for him, William Strowder in receipt of my wife Nancy Duncan, Rachel S. Shadden guardian of Sarah J. Duncan and George W. Duncan (MAD: signatures as shown). Wit. Michael A. Borders, Martha Borders, Micah Pope (Pass?), R.B. Gholston, N.H. Griffeth J.I.C. Personally appeared Michael Borders and Martha Borders who saw the within John Duncan, William Blackman, Alath Duncan, Elisa Duncan, Martha A. Duncan, Mary Duncan, Martha Duncan, Miles Duncan on a power of attorney to act for him, sign the receipt and deed, 31 July 1856. Benton Co. AL, Miles Dunkin (X) appoint Mary Duncan my attorney to receive my portion of William Dunkin's estate, 12 June 1852, wit. John F. Bennett, Bartlett Owen JP.
      MAD: "heirs general" of William Duncan of 1850 Madison Co. GA, b.1793 GA: wife Mary Duncan b.1800 GA; children:
            1. John Duncan b.1814 GA, mar. 1838 Louisa Ann Gray
            2. William Duncan died 1845-50, mar. Susan Gray 1838, wife Rachael S. b.1823 GA of 1850 Jackson Co. GA (she mar. 2nd 1852 Patrick Shadden), had children Sarah J. Duncan b.1842 GA and George W. Duncan b.1844 GA
            3. William Blackman & his wife Rebeca Duncan (mar. 1842 Wm. Blackburn)
            4. Aletha Duncan b.1824 GA (? mar. 1843 Robert F. Garrett)
            5. Miles Duncan b.1826 GA, mar. 1st Miss Katharine Reed 1843, mar. 2nd Frances Huston 1/7/1852 Benton/Calhoun Co. AL, 1860 Randolph Co. AL
            6. Elisa A. Duncan b.1831 GA
            7. Martha A. Duncan b.1836 GA
            8. William Steather? (Strother? or Strowder?) for Nancy Duncan
            9. son Seaborn b.1839 GA apparently died bef. 1852.


National Archives Indian War Pension Application (extract from Edgar C. Smith 7/1995 from visit to Archives)
      JOHN DUNCAN, Indian War Pension File # W7498 filed by widow, Nancy, on 24 May 1898 from Clay Co. AL. He married Nancy P. Harris as his second wife in 1853 in Cathama[?] Co. AL. (MAD: ?? Calhoun? Co.) His first wife had died about 1853, but nothing more about her was stated. He enlisted 1 May 1836 and was discharged 15 July 1836 in Columbia, GA (MAD: ? Columbus, Muscogee Co. GA). He stated that he served in the Creek War under Capt. Edward M. Storey of the GA Volunteers under Col. Augustus Stokes. However, papers in the file state that he did not appear on that unit's muster rolls. His occupation was as a school teacher. He died in 1880, place not stated.

"AL State Militia 1820-1865" alphabetical card file in AL State Archives, Clyde - D (FHL film 1,462,799; mostly in alphabetic order, Dunkin cards found later in file)
      Duncan, John W., Ensign, 8th Div. 72nd Regt. 16th Brig.; Com. Nov. 25, 1837; Benton Rangers. Authority: Military State Register, 1832-1844.

Index to compiled service records of volunteer soldiers who served during the Creek War, 1836, in organizations from state of AL, A-J (FHL film 880,845)
      Duncan, B.M., Capt. Donaldson's Co., AL Mtd. Vols, (3 months 1836), Private (MAD: see Cherokee Co. AL)
      Dunkin, Charles, Bishop's Co., 2nd AL Mtd. Vols, Creek War, Private. (MAD: see ? Benton Co. AL)
      Duncan, John, Fry's Co., AL Mtd. Vols., Private
      Duncan, John W., Arnold's Co., AL Mtd. Vols., Pvt. (MAD: see ? Benton Co. AL)
      Duncan, M.H., Crawfords Co., Smith's AL Mtd. Vols., Private
      Duncan, Thomas, Fry's Co., AL Mtd. Vols., Private (MAD: see ? Cherokee or Marshall Co. AL)

AL Confederate Service Records, 1861-1865, cards in AL State Archives; Driver to Elich (FHL film 1,462,918)
      MAD: most items were small typed cards, 3x5; some items were very blurred in the filming and were double images and hard to read. Cards had name and rank in upper left corner, service unit usually in upper right corner, notation if Home Guard, details from source were given in center of card, and the "Authority" as the last line on the card. The service record from the Historical Record Roll frequently listed several engagements he served in, dates wounded, absent, present, etc., and I usually did not copy all the details.
      Duncan, John, Private, age 34, Co.K, 48th AL Inf. Reg., Calhoun Co. AL. Authority: Muster in roll dated Auburn [Lee Co.], AL, May 30, 1862.
      Duncan, S.G., Private, age 17, Co.E, 30th AL Inf. Calhoun Co., March 6, 1862. Authority: Muster in roll, Camp Curry, March 9, 1862.


"Old Records of Estates & Administrations, Benton (Calhoun) Co. AL" (up to Civil War) by Cathrine Cleek Mann (FHL book 976.163 P2m, Vol.1 to 7)
      Vol.2, includes documents in 1830 and 1831 regarding Willis Champion of Franklin Co. TN and in 1838 by Willis Champion of Benton Co. AL, and his estate in 1841 in Benton Co. AL; on 12/26/1839, the list of property sold of Charles Duncan decd, included buyers John W. Duncan, John H. Moore, William Champion, Henry Modena, Sarah Birdwell, Willis Kelly, C.D. Birdwell, and many others. (MAD: see Franklin Co. TN)
            Documents in 1841 and later show that Willis Kelly was guardian of Melinda Duncan, a lunatic, who was moved from TN where her estate was settled, to the home of her guardian in 1843, and in 1847 to Winston Co. MS, where Willis Kelly, her brother-in-law, was appointed Guardian with Charles B. Duncan and William D. Kelly, all of Winston Co. MS. (MAD: from Franklin Co. TN)

"AL Bible Records" by Jeannette H. Austin, 1987 (FHL fiche 6,100,667 and book 976.1 D2a)
      Pg.102 includes the Bible of Willis Champion, born 2/7/1803, died 10/3/1804, who married 10/31/1820 to Abigail Duncan, born 11/1/1800, died 9/23/1840; and lists their children and grandchildren. (MAD: see Benton Co. AL records 1830; from Franklin Co. TN)


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