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Formed 1818 from Montgomery
Elmore formed 1866 from Autauga, Coosa, Montgomery, Tallapoosa
Chilton formed 1868 (Baker until 1874) from Autauga, Bibb, Perry, Shelby


1830 Autauga Co. AL Census, Southern
Pg.120  J. Duncan       0000,02    - 2000,1

1840 Autauga Co. AL Census
Pg.  8  Jno. Duncan     2200,201   - 1120,1110,001
          (MAD: perhaps John Duncan Jr. of Mobile who mar.
                Miss Catharine M. Creyon on 3/14/1826; from
                4/7/1826 issue of "National Banner" newspaper;
                pub. in "Marriages from Early Tennessee
                Newspapers, 1794-1851" by Lucas, FHL book 976.8 V2L)

1850 Autauga Co. AL Census
        No Duncan indexed

1855 Autauga Co. AL State Census (in AL Department of
Archives & History) (FHL film 1,533,830 item 10)
      White males 0-21, white males over 21;
      white females 0-21, white females over 21;
      total whites, slaves
Pg.14  Daniel Duncan           1-1; 3-2; 7, 0
   39  John Duncan estate of   0-1; 0-0; 0, 42
         (MAD: 1 male over 21 but 0 total whites)

1860 Autauga Co. AL Census
Pg.133, #933-941, W.P. DUNCAN (m) 30 SC Bap Wesoen? $0-$400
                  Susan 22 GA
                  Mary 5, James 3 AL
                  Daniel 20 SC wood gaselor?
                  Benj. BERTON 22 GA yew dripper
                  Jeff CRISLER 26 GA weaver
                  W.C. WILLIAMSON (m) 45 NH Machinest
                  (MAD: 1850 Campbell Co. GA census, William and Daniel sons of Steven Duncan; William P. Duncan mar. Susan Miller 4/30/1860; one William P. Duncan of Russell Co. AL per 1868 deed N-634 in Muscogee Co. GA; one William P. Duncan mar. Adaline Hackney 2/21/1858 Muscogee Co. GA but see also William Duncan b.1826 son of John Duncan of 1850 Muscogee Co. GA census)

1870 Autauga Co. AL Census (pg.104 also from Kathy Cawley 2/2002)
Beat 8
Pg.101, #116-116, DUNCAN, James 55 GA BLACK laborer $400-$205
                  Harriet 49 GA BLACK
                  Francis (f) 30 AL BLACK laborer
                  Judge (m) 23 AL BLACK laborer
                  Dock (m) 14 AL BLACK laborer
                  Francis J. (m) 1 AL BLACK
Pg.101, #117-117, DUNKLIN, Joe 26 AL BLACK laborer $0-$0
                  Malinda 23 AL BLACK laborer
                  Mary E. 2/12 AL BLACK b.Apl.
Pg.104, #171-171, DUNCAN, John 70 VA BLACK laborer $0-$0
                  Maria 65 VA BLACK
                  SMITH, Frank 65 NC BLACK laborer

1930 Autauga Co. AL Census, partial (from Kathy Cawley 1/2005)
Pratville Pct., Prattville City, Autauga County, Alabama
e.d.# 1-1, s.d.# 7, sheet # 11A, page # 11
Lower Kingston Road
217-248, DUNCAN, Elton, Head, m/w, age 29, M'd at 21, can read/write, Ms./Ms./Ms., weaver/cotton mill
      Ada, Wife, f/w, age 25, M'd at 15, can read/write, Ms./Al./Tx.
      Clarence, Son, m/w, age 5, Ms./Ms./Ms.
      Dorothy, Daughter, f/w, age 3 2/12, Al./Ms./Ms.
      Harmon, Son, m/w, age [ink blob], Al./Ms./Ms.
      Encuna, Mother, (indexed as Emma), f/w, age 54, W'd, can read/write, Ms./Ms./Ms.
218-249 DUNCAN, E??er, [indexed as Ever], Head, m/w, age 30, M'd at 22, can read/write, Ms./Ms./Ms., slasher/cotton mill
      Annie R./P., Wife, f/w, age 24, M'd at 16, can read/write, Ms./Ms./Ms., drawing in hand?/cotton mill
      Hilda, Daughter, f/w, age 6, attended school, Ms./Ms./Ms.
      Calvin, Son, age 5, m/w, Ms./Ms./Ms.
      Helen, Daughter, f/w, age 3 0/12, Al./Ms./Ms.
      YOUNG, Bill, Brother-in-law, m/w, age 26, M'd, can read/write, Ms./Ms./Ms., d(a/o)ffer/cotton mill
      YOUNG, Linsay, Brother-in-law, m/w, age 21, single, can read/write, Ms./Ms./Ms., corder/cotton mill
      REED, Woolsy, Boarder, m/w, age 43, M'd at 20, can read/write, Ms./Ms./Ms., corder/cotton mill
      REED, S. D., Boarder, m/w, age 17, single, can read/write, Ms./Ms./Ms.


Autauga Co. AL Deed Indexes 1819-1877, direct & reverse; general v.2 1877-1908 (FHL film 1,673,949 items 1 & 2 & 3)
   Direct Index, 1819-1877 (FHL film 1,673,949 item 1; could not always read page numbers, documents were probably deeds unless I noted as mortgage)
      C-386: John Duncan to Samuel Rogers et al, filed June 30, 1832.
      C-522: John Duncan to M. Sturgis, filed June 26, 1833
      D-32, 33, 34?: John Duncan to Thos. N. Nibbs, deed/mtg?, Oct. 17, 1833
      D-80: John Duncan to Thos. L. Callender, mtg, Jan. 29, 1834
      D-483: John Duncan to Howell Rose, mtg, filed June 1, 1836
      D-577: John Duncan to Wm. B. Johnson, mtg, Jan. 16, 1836
      D-641: John Duncan to John Whitstone, deed, April 18, 1837
      DA-9: J. Duncan to A.B. Northrop, deed, May 13, 1837
      DA-437: John Duncan to McLoskey & Co., deed, Feb. 17, 1838
      DA-542: J. Duncan to H. Rose, mtg, April 19, 1838
      DB-67: John Duncan to John Whitstone, deed, Jan. 19, 1838
      DB-119: Duncan & Northrope to E.W. Gilbert, deed, July 18, 1838
      DB-430: John Duncan to Chas. Booth, deed, 1839
      DB-578?/573?: John Duncan Pres. et al to Bank, 1839
      DC-375: John Duncan to Jno. A. Whitstone, April 6, 1840
      DC-39_: John Duncan to Peyton Bibb, April 13, 1840
      DD-29: Duncan & Withers to Bank Montgy, mtg, May 7, 1840
      DD-105: John Duncan to Snotgrass & Knox, mtg, Sept. 11, 1840
      DD-382: John Duncan to Josiah Goree?, deed, March 1, 1841
      DD-491: John Duncan to D.C. Jones, Aug. 2, 1841
      DD-530: John Duncan to Amos C. Baker, Oct. 28, 1841
      DD-585: Duncan & Northrop to Olive Powell, deed, Jan. 25, 1845
      D2-152: John Duncan to Eli Iris, deed, Feb. 14, 1843
      D2-177: John Duncan to H. Brown, deed, March 29, 1843
      D2-188: John Duncan to Jack Thornigton (MAD: sic), deed, May 8, 1843
      D2-368: John Duncan to Jno. D. Graves, deed, June 22, 1844
      D2-405: John Duncan to Wm. J. Chancellor, deed, Oct. 8, 1844
      D2-506: Jno. Duncan to C/B?. F?. Pope, April 9, 1845
      DF-66: John Duncan to Seth P. Starrs, deed, April 7, 1851
      No later Duncan grantor
   Grantee Index
      C-1: John M. Crayon to John Duncan et al, deed, June 30, 1828
      C-369: M. Sturgis to John Duncan, deed, May 17, 1832
      D-43: E. Foreman et al to D. DonKain, Nov. 4, 1838
      D-80: L.L. Calender to John Duncan, mtg, Jan. 29, 1834
      D-163: Peyton Bibb to Daniel Donkame, deed, May 14, 1834
      D-180: William Mills to Duncan & Whitman, June 2, 1834
      D-228: George Goffe to John Duncan, Oct. 14, 1834
      D-???: J. Cavenaugh to John Duncan, deed, Feb. 5, 1836
      D-468: Dennis Don Kane to John Duncan, May 4, 1836
      D-519: David Driver to John Duncan, deed, Oct. 13, 1836
      D-570: Richard Allen to John Duncan, mtg, April 30, 1830
      D-518, 519: Fleming & Frances Gray to Duncan & Northrop, Nov. 1, 1836
      Quit on John Duncan and Duncan & Northrop after "M" grantor names
      DA-7: Peter Pope to Duncan, Northrop & G., May 13, 1837
      DB-130: John A. Bennett to John Duncan, deed, Nov. 3, 1839
      DB-129: E.W. Gilbert to John Duncan, July 30, 1838
      DH-233: Harris et al to Eliza Duncan, deed, March 24, 1858
      DH-377, 425: B.H. Elsberry to Charles Duncan, mtg, Dec. 5, 1858

Autauga Co. AL Deeds
      C-1 (page worn): 8 Aug. 1827, John M. Creyon of Autauga Co. AL of 1st part, William Ruse of same and William Harper and John McCall of SC of 2nd part, to Catherine M. Duncan wife of John Duncan Jr. and dau. of John M. Creyon of 3rd part; for love and affection and for his life and future maintenance, the lands on W.side of Alabama River, part of fractional Sec.36 Twp.17 Range 17 and part of SW 1/4 Sec.19 Twp.(torn) Range 17, south of a line run from the landing formerly known as Kagins Ferry landing, 500 acres, and waggon, harness, 4 mules, 20 head cattle, corn, etc., and slaves; land or slaves shall not be sold during life of John M. Creyon without his permission; profits to be a fund for support of Cathrine M. Duncan and her family and education of her children; at her death, to go to her offspring in fee simple. (incl. plat of land). Wit. Mary S. Creyon, Bolling Hale, Robert Beattie. Rec. 30 June 1828. (FHL film 1,673,949 item 4)
      C-369: 7 May 1832, Munson Sturges of Washington, Autauga Co. AL, for $6,000 paid by John Duncan of City of Mobile, AL, (mortgage), real estate and chattels, land in town of Washington, N 1/2 Lot 1, Lot 4, and part of Lot 3 where Eil? Abbott had a "grocery store in the last year (1831)" all lots being in Square 11, and Lot 7 in Square 7, containing in the whole about 3 acres, and my right and title to the Steam Boat Tuscumbia of Mobile of 215 tons burthen, being 3/8 part of said boat, and slaves Moses age about 22, James about same age, Jacob about 17, Richard age from 7 to 8 years, and Louisa age about 13; debt due 1 June 1834; securities for mortgage for $1250 due 1 Feb. 1833 and $1250 due 1 June 1833 and $1250 due 1 Jan. 1834 and $1250 due 1 June 1834, due with Stephen Crosby to said John Duncan ...; wit. R.G. Barde, F. Sheppard. (FHL film 1,673,949 item 4)
      C-386: John Duncan Jr. to Samuel Rogers et al, mortgage; filed 6/30/1832. Not copied. (FHL film 1,673,949 item 4)
      C-522: 1 June 1833, mortgage in C-369 satisfied. (FHL film 1,673,949 item 4)
      D-43: 13 Nov. 1833, Edmund Foreman and wife Elizabeth of Talladega Co. AL to D. Don Kane, $360, E 1/2 SW 1/4 Sec.34 T17 R17, ... said D. Don Kane (not copied further, not Duncan grantee) (FHL film 1,673,950)
      D-163: 6 March 1834, Peyton Bibb to Dennis Don Kain, $2330, 158.77 acres (not copied; not Duncan grantee)
      DF-66: Bond of Andrew B. Northrup and John Duncan to John Cavanaugh 13 Jan. 1837 to convey part of lot 156 in City of Washington; bond was transferred to Seth P. Storrs for S 1/2 of lot; now for $1,000 paid by Seth P. Storrs and in compliance with the bond, deed to transfer the land, 22 Feb. 1845; /s/ John Duncan. No wit., signed before Wm. Price J.P. "received in office and recorded 7 April 1851" (FHL film 1,674,064 item 3)
      DH-233: 3 March 1858, Margaret Harris, Eliza Duncan, William Duncan, Charles Duncan and Mary Duncan of Autauga Co. AL and Thomas A. Emmet and Catharine R. Emmet his wife of New York Co. and State, to Benjamin H. Elsberry of Montgomery Co. AL, for $4250, our interest in undivided half of E 1/2 Sec.18, NW 1/4 and W 1/2 of SW 1/4 Sec.17, W 1/2 NW 1/4 Sec.20, all of Sec.19, and all fractional Sec.30 in Twp.17 Range 17, containing in all 1,786 acres; all signed. (FHL film 1,674,065 item 2) (MAD: Margaret Duncan mar. Nat Harris 6/10/1847)
      DH-235: 23 March 1858, Margaret Harris, Eliza Duncan, William Duncan, Mary Duncan, of Autauga Co. AL and Thomas A. Emmet and C.R. Emmet his wife of New York Co. and State, to Charles Duncan of Montgomery Co. AL, for $4250, our interest in undivided half of E 1/2 Sec.18, NW 1/4 and W 1/2 of SW 1/4 Sec.17, W 1/2 NW 1/4 Sec.20, all of Sec.19, and all fractional Sec.30 in Twp.17 Range 17, containing in all 1,786 acres; all signed. (FHL film 1,674,065 item 2)
      (MAD: The Duncan Family Files at the AL State Archives, Montgomery, AL, has more on the family of John Duncan and his wife Catherine M. Creyon)


Autauga Co. AL General Index to estates 1849-1940 (FHL film 1,674,076 item 3)
      Duncan, John; admin. Catherine Duncan; Min. Book Vol.1 pg.255, 274, 290, 292, 463 (& possibly 23, 77, 87, 144, 214, 251, 252 but these may refer to entry on earlier line); Report Vol.7 pg.15?, 629, 101; Minute Vol.2 pg.18. (not copied further)
      Next Duncan was entry in Minute Vol.19, not copied as being late.


"AL State Militia 1820-1865" alphabetical card file in AL State Archives, Clyde - D (FHL film 1,462,799; mostly in alphabetic order, Dunkin cards found later in file)
      Duncan, William, Capt., 23rd Regt., Autauga; Com. Dec. 27, 1860. Authority: Military Register, State Militia, 1844-61.

AL Confederate Service Records, 1861-1865, cards in AL State Archives; Driver to Elich (FHL film 1,462,918)
      MAD: most items were small typed cards, 3x5; some items were very blurred in the filming and were double images and hard to read. Cards had name and rank in upper left corner, service unit usually in upper right corner, notation if Home Guard, details from source were given in center of card, and the "Authority" as the last line on the card. The service record from the Historical Record Roll frequently listed several engagements he served in, dates wounded, absent, present, etc., and I usually did not copy all the details.
      Duncan, Daniel, Private, Co.G, was M&L, 6th AL Inf. Reg.; enlisted 14 Feb. 1863 at Autaugaville, AL. Authority: Pay roll, Camp Rodes, VA, Feb. 1, 1865.
      Duncan, Daniel, Private, Co.G, was M&L, 6th AL Inf. Reg.; enlisted 14 Feb. 1863 at Autaugaville, AL. Authority: Pay roll, Camp Terrell, VA, April 1, 1864.
      Duncan, Daniel, Private, Co.G (one-time M&L), 6th AL Inf. Reg., Feb. 14, 1862, Autaugaville, AL. Authority: (money due him for clothing items, not copied) Pay roll dated Bunker Hill, VA, Sept. 1, 1864.


Lowndes Co. AL Deeds (FHL film 1,293,855)
      2-33: 7 April 1834, Samuel Y. Allen of Lowndes Co. AL to John Duncan Jr. of Autauga Co. AL, $800, 320 acres, SW 1/4 Sec. 1 and SE 1/4 Sec. 2, Twp. 15, Range 13.
      2-71 to 2-73; 2-97, 2-171, 2-245, 2-338, 2-350: 1834-1835, John Duncan of Autauga Co. AL, grantee (see Lowndes Co. AL deeds)
      3-7: 11 Jan. 1837, Randal Clark to John Duncan of Autauga Co. AL.
      3-222: 14 Feb. 1834, Recd. of John Duncan Jr. of Autauga Co. AL, by U.G. Mitchell, ...
      3-328: 21 Feb. 1838, John Duncan of Autauga Co. AL to Mary Bonnell of Lowndes Co., $960, 80 acres, E 1/2 SE 1/4 (& more land). Release by Catharine M. Duncan.

HISTORIES before 1923

1898 "The Emmet family : with some incidents relating to Irish history, and a biographical sketch of Prof. John Patten Emmet, M.D., and other members" by Thos. Addis Emmet (FHL film 1,454,565 item 8; from Evelyn Sigler 11/1982)
      John Duncan, b. Dublin, Ireland, April 1, 1796; to US 1815; to NY. At a ball given to Lafayette at Montgomery AL met Catherine Moffett Creyon, married her March 14, 1826. Father John Duncan Jr.; grandfather John Duncan of Glasgow. Uncles William, James. Two aunts; one married Mr. John Hutton; one married Mr. Samuel Crawford.

"The Parish of Strathblane and Its Inhabitants from Early Times: a Chapter of Lennox History" by John Guthrie Smith (died 1894), F.S.A. Scot., James Maclehose and Sons, Publishers to the University, 1886. (from Alfonso P. Duncan 8/2001 with permission to share) (MAD: see Autauga Co. AL and Chesterfield Co. VA)
      Among the families in Killearn who were not possessed of lands was an old race of the name of Duncan. They were leading people in the parish in the seventeenth century, and though the main line is extinct in the district, there are many families both in Strathblane and elsewhere descended from this good old stock.
      John Duncan in Ledlowan, in Killearn, and afterwards in Drummiekeich (part of Blairquhosh Cunninghame), in Strathblane, married in 1703 Elizabeth Graham, one of the large clan in Strathblane which had grown and multiplied since David de Grahame was settled at Mugdock about the middle of the thirteen century. John Duncan and his wife had three sons, of whom afterwards, and two daughters -
      Elizabeth, who married in 1740 William Finley of Moss, and had (1) William of Moss, who was the father of the late William Finlay of Moss, who died childless; Mrs. James Adair Lawrie, of whose family the eldest son, Archibald Campbell Lawrie, advocate, now of Moss, is a judge in Ceylon; and Mrs. Dixon. (2) Jean, married David Bannerman of Letham Hill, whose only surviving child Elizabeth, married at the Moss in 1805 the Rev. John Graham of Fintry, afterwards of Killearn (see Grahams of Ballewan), and had issue, Captain Thomas Graham, late of Balfunning, and three daughters. (3) Mary, married James Dennistoun of Golfhill, banker in Glagow, and four sons - (i.) Alexander, M.P. for Dumbartonshire in 1834, who succeeded his father in Golfhill, and was head of the great house of J. & A. Dennistoun. The survivors of his family are Alexander H. Dennistoun, now of Golfhill, and Eleanor, wife of Professor Sellar of Edinburgh. (ii.) William, died young. (iii.) James, married, but died childless. (iv.) John, from 1837 to 1847 M.P. for Glasgow, and a partner of J. & A. Dennistoun. The survivors of his family are John, a merchant in London, and Constance, whose first husband was John Hamilton, and who is now the wife of Archibald C. Lawrie of Moss. Mary Finlay and James Dennistoun had also two daughters, Mrs. Walter Wood, died childless, and Mrs. John Wood, whose grandson, John Walter Cross, married Gearge Eliot, the celebrated authoress. Mr. Dennistoun by a second marriage had three daughters.
      Jean, the second daughter of John Duncan and Elizabeth Graham, married in 1736 James Smith of Craigend. (See Craigend.)
      Andrew Duncan, the eldest of the three sons, died young, and John and James were tenants in Drummiekeich. John Duncan married Agnes Lyle, a daughter of another old Strathblane family, and had two sons - John, born in 1738, and Charles, born in 1739 and a daughter, Bethia, who married Robert M'Indoe of Carbeth, and had issue. James Duncan married Margaret Taylor of Fintry, and had a large family, of whom the three eldest, James, William and John, went to Virginia to push their fortunes there along with their cousins, Charles Duncan and Archibald Smith, afterwards of Jordanhill, a youger son of James Smith of Craigend and Jean Duncan, his wife. Ann Duncan, the youngest daughter of James Duncan and Margaret Taylor, married Archibald Craig of Dalsholm, of the Ballewan family (which see).
      Of the Strathblane cousins who thus settled in America, Charles Duncan remained there, married, and had two daughters, one of whom married James Dunlop of Rosslyn, Virginia, afterwards of Russell Square, London, and the other was Mrs. Gamble. Mrs. Dunlop had a son, and Mrs. Gamble a daughter, but both died unmarried. James, William and John Duncan and Archibald Smith, on the breaking out of the War of Independance in 1774, left America, the Duncans settling in Dublin, and Archibald Smith, as a West India merchant in Glasgow. (See Craigend.)
      Leaving James Duncan, the eldest of the three brothers, till afterwards, we find that William Duncan, the second of them, married a Scottish lady, Miss Baird, and had (1) William, who went to South America, and fought in the War of Independance in 1824 under General Bolivar, with the rank of colonel. His two sons, Colonel James Duncan and William Duncan, are well-known citizens of Baranquilla (sic), South America. (2) James, who also went to South America. (3) Maria, married David Taylor of Edendale. Their eldest daughter, Agnes Maria, married John Craig, son of Archibald Craig of Dalsholm, of the family of Ballewan, Strathblane, and had issue Archibald David Craig and the Rev. John Duncan Craig, D.D., incumbent of Trinity Church, Dublin. (See Ballewan.) (4) Rebecca. (5) Jane. (6) Agnes.
      John Duncan, the youngest of the three brothers who returned from Virginia, married a sister of William Duncan's wife. His son settled in the United States, married, and had a daughter, who married Dr. Emmett, a New York physician, and nephew of the celebrated and unfortunate Robert Emmett, one of the leaders of the Irish rebellion, and who was executed in 1803. John Duncan had a daughter, Mrs. John Hutton, whose eldest son is John Hutton of Merovyn, County Wicklow; her daughter Maria married the Rev. John D. Malet, D.D., whose son is Professor Malet of the Queen's University, and her daughter Henrietta married Charles J. Fox of Redford Lodge.
      James Duncan, the eldest of the three brothers, returned from Virginia and became a West India merchant. He lived in Eccles Street, Dublin, and by his marriage in 1796 to Hannah, daughter of William Arnold, he had a daughter, Elizabeth, born in 1797, who married George Peyton of Driney, County Leitrim, and had issue; and a son James, born 1798.
      James Duncan, the son, was manager of the Bank of Ireland at Sligo. He married Harriett Crosthwait, daughter of Leland Crosthwait, Governor of the Bank of Ireland, and had five daughters and two sons, of whom the eldest, James, died in 1853. James Duncan died in Dublin in 1874, and is buried at Sligo. The second son, Leland Crosthwait Duncan, fourth in descent from John Duncan of Ledlowan and Drummiekeich, and Elizabeth Graham, his wife, was born in 1831. He is an officer in H.M. Customs, and lives in London. He married in 1861 Caroline Ellen, daughter of F. Lewis, of Her Majesty's Treasury, and has issue, Leland Lewis Duncan, of the War Office, born 1862; Caroline Annette, and Amy Adela.


"American Encyclopedia of Biography, New Series" pub. by American Historical Society, Vol.28, 1958 (FHL book 973 D36ea)
      Pg.401 of this volume contains a biographical sketch of JAMES R. GRAVES DUNCAN, JR. of Prattville, Autauga Co. AL, born in Marion Co. GA 11/24/1896, son of James R. Graves Duncan, Sr. born Macon Co. GA, who was a son of William Franklin Duncan and Nancy Ann Duke of NC. The article gives more on the James R. Graves Duncan family. (MAD: see Duplin Co. NC, William Franklin Duncan possibly the William F. b. 1840, in Macon Co. GA 1860, son of Davis Duncan who was son of Edmund Duncan)


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