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1900 Census, Northern Supervisors Dist., Floating Population, Alaska (from Kathy Cawley 8/2008)
Northern District, Special Agent# 8, Page 94A, Image# 26 of 32
[many others]
DUNCAN, William, located in Alaska August 1898. Address at home: Modesto, Cal., age 43,
June 1856, m'd., CAN./N.Y./ENG., emigration: 1886, 34 yrs. in U.S., miner
      (KDC: William DUNCAN mar. Laura MCFARLANE, in Strawberry, AZ, 1 Dec 1891, Vol.1 pg.28; Gila Co. AZ. KDC: Wife Laura B. Duncan in 1900 Merced Co. CA)


"Alaska, the great country" by Ella Higginson; pub. New York: Macmillan, 1923, c1917, 642 pgs. (LH11774; HeritageQuest 3/2007)
      Pg.55: Metlakahtla means "the channel open at both ends." It was here that Mr. William Duncan came in 1857, from England, as a lay worker for the Church Mission Society. (pg.56) ... Mr. Duncan, who was then a very young man, filled with the fire and zeal of one who has not known failure, chose this very spot on which to begin his work ... (pg.58) ... Mr. Duncan was not an ordained minister, and in 1881 it was decided by the Church of England authorities who had sent Mr. Duncan out, that his field should be formed into a separate diocese, and as this decision necessitated the residence of a bishop, Bishop Ridley was sent to the field ... Friction between the two [Bishop Ridley and Mr. William Duncan] was ceaseless and bitter, and continued until 1887. (pg.59) ... In 1887 Mr. Duncan went to Washington City to negotiate with the United States for Annette Island. ... Mr. Duncan, having been successful in his mission to Washington, ... to the new location on Annette ... (pg.60) On Annette Island, then, twenty years ago, Mr. Duncan's work was taken up anew. Homes were built ... and finally, in 1895, the large and handsome church ... Mr. Duncan, who in 1870 had journeyed to England for the purpose of learning several simple trades which he might, in turn, teach to the Indians ... (MAD: nothing said of marriage, children, or parents of William Duncan)

1913 "Alaska, an empire in the making" by John J. Underwood; pub. New York: Dodd, Mead and Co. (LH11611; HeritageQuest 3/2007)
      Pg.31: ... [T]hey wanted to know what was going to become of the sawmill, canneries and other establishments on the death of 'Father' Duncan, who, though hale and hearty in the year 1912, was slowly declining. ...


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