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Last revised April 24, 2015

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DUNCAN Genealogy Research Files

There were over 20,000 Duncans in the United States before 1850. During the last 25 years, I've done a lot of research on those pre-1850 Duncans while trying to put some of them into family groups and perhaps find my own Duncan relatives. And a lot of other Duncan researchers have shared and exchanged their own information with me with permission to share with others. Over the years, I and other researchers have also copied a lot of census records for Duncans, Dunkins, and some other variant spellings, and I've indexed them. Perhaps some of the following information will help you in your search for your own Duncan family.

Index to Duncans in the 1790 to 1870 US Censuses by State
       These census transcriptions from 1790 through 1840 and indexes to households in 1850 through 1870 are by state.

Duncans in the 1850 US Censuses
       These indexes and transcriptions are of almost every Duncan, children as well as adults, in the 1850 US censuses. If you are searching for a Duncan in this time period, these may help.

Duncans in the 1860 US Censuses
       These indexes and transcriptions are of almost every Duncan, children as well as adults, in the 1860 US censuses.

Duncans in the 1870 US Censuses
       These indexes and transcriptions are of almost every Duncan, children as well as adults, in the 1870 US censuses.

Duncans in the Early Wars
       These are transcriptions of the Revolutionary War Pension Applications; Index to War of 1812 Pension Applications and Index to War of 1812 Service Records; and Index to the 1861 to 1934 US Pension Files.

Duncan Research Files by State and County
      What's in the Files (Necessary Explanation - please read first)
       Alabama;   Alaska;   Arizona;   Arkansas;   California;   Colorado;   Connecticut;   Delaware;   District of Columbia;   Florida;   Georgia;   Idaho;   Illinois;   Indiana;   Iowa;   Kansas;   Kentucky;   Louisiana;   Maine;   Maryland;   Massachusetts;   Michigan;   Minnesota;   Mississippi;   Missouri;   Montana;   Nebraska;   Nevada;   New Hampshire;   New Jersey;   New Mexico;   New York;   North Carolina;   North Dakota - with South Dakota;   Ohio;   Oklahoma;   Oregon;   Pennsylvania;   Rhode Island;   South Carolina;   South Dakota;   Tennessee;   Texas;   Utah;   Vermont;   Virginia;   Washington;   West Virginia;   Wisconsin;   Wyoming

"Some Duncan Families in Eastern Tennessee Before 1800" 1991 Revision, by Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson

Web sites with extensive Duncan information

The DUNCAN SURNAME ASSOCIATION webpages and homepage

      The Duncan Surname Association website includes a list of researchers and their earliest Duncan ancestor in the United States. The website is maintained by Webmaster and Membership Coordinator Gwyneth Duncan, who has taken over for Charles T. "Terry" Duncan who retired after 12 years. Web space has been generously donated by Keith Duncan.

The homepage for ROOTSWEB

      Search this web site for the DUNCAN surname resources. It also has a link to the USGENWEB project with resources by state and county. It also has a link to subscribe to the Duncan and Dunkin mailing lists.

There is a DNA family surname project for the Clan Donnachaidh, which includes the surname Duncan.
      The DNA website: http://www.familytreedna.com
      The Clan Donnachaidh International website: http://www.donnachaidhinternational.com/
      The Clan Donnachaidh DNA Project website has a lot of information about using DNA results in genealogy research http://www.ClanDonnachaidhDNA.org

Another Duncan website is the Clan Duncan Society based in Scotland at http://www.clan-duncan.co.uk

America's First Families webpages at http://personal.linkline.com/xymox/fraud/fraud.htm
      These webpages have information about genealogies by Gustav Anjou. The webpages also caution about errors in lineages from many sources, including published genealogies. All lineages should be researched in the original records.
      There are provable errors in Gustav Anjou's genealogy of the Duncan family. This genealogy appears to have been the basis for the Duncan lineage published in Burke's "American Families with British Ancestry."

I know there are mistakes. Corrections are welcome. Please send them to me at my email address listed on the separate page.

You are welcome to use information found on these pages for your own research; however, it MAY NOT BE SOLD or used in any way for profit. Pages may not be copied and distributed or published without written consent.

Enjoy your research.

Mary Ann (Duncan) Dobson, the Genealogy Bug

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