Views from the Road
CHURCHES and GRAVEYARDS in Dumfries and Galloway
Views from the Approaches to Kirkmabreck Graveyard
The road on the right passes through two fields and is the most direct route to Old Kirkmabreck Graveyard.
The entrance to the second field was flooded so I was glad I had put on wellington boots rather than walking boots.
I had walked well into the field before I noticed a big 'dirty-white' Galloway bull.  My presence did not please him!
Flooded field with a big white Galloway bull 'guarding' the dry route to Kirkmabreck old graveyard
I'm pleased to report that the Galloway bull tolerated my intrusion on to his domain,
which was just as well because the mud etc was far too thick to run through.
I walked past him and slowly down the road to the old graveyard lower on the hillside.