Views from the Road
CHURCHES and GRAVEYARDS in Dumfries and Galloway
Views of Church and Graveyard
Kirkmabreck Church and graveyard are set on the hill above the village of Creetown. 
Access is by a very short drive on narrow country road. Parking near the gate to the graveyard is limited to just one or two vehicles.  The alternative to parking at the church is to park in the village street  and take a five minute walk up the hill.
This church and graveyard replaced an older church and graveyard by the same name. 
Old Kirkmabreck, which is now in a ruined state, is found to the north of Creetown when driving from Gatehouse of Fleet.  It lies in the hills above the small hamlet of Carsluith on farmland also called Kirkmabreck.
New Kirkmabreck graveyard comprises three separate sections.  The oldest section lies to the right of the church and is seen in this photograph.  The ground starts fairly flat but begins to rises gradually up to a line of trees and a narrow path separating this section from the next oldest section.
The newest part of the graveyard is still in use. It is located to the left of the church.
The photographs in this tour are mainly taken within this oldest section.
One of the most attractive features of this old section are the flowers that grow wild all over the graves.  From early Spring through to High Summer the visitor is treated to feast of colour.
This carpet of blossom changes from snowdrops to crocuses then daffodils and finally bluebells mixed with daisies and other wild flowers.
In late summer these all die back leaving a rich carpet of brown and gold beneath the luxurious greens of the trees.
Access to read the inscriptions on the stones is easiest later in the year when the trees have shed their leaves allowing more light into the graveyard. Movement among the stones is always possible provided care is taken not to trample Nature's garden.
Views of Church and Graveyard