Gravestones Fragments
Kirkbride Gravestone Fragments and Fallen Stones
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This table stones, now located against the gable of the kirk, has suffered from the ravages of time and weather.  
Sandstone being porous absorbes moisure and successive frosts will eventually erode the inscription completely away.
The transcription below shows what could still be read in the Spring of 2002. 
Here rests interred beneath th-----
The Corspe of Honnest John ------
Whom death has freed from -(p)(r) ---
When he was aged eightieth and two
God gave him riches and long life did end
and in's old age a son and daughter send
If thou would prosper and they days prolong
Him imitate he never man did wrong
His relicts husband to shew his respect
Did to his memory this monument erect
He dyed March 28th 1696
It is rather disappointing not to able to read John's family name or his actual age.  
"His relicts husband .." seems a strange phrase but simply means his widow remarried after his death