Old Dunscore 1
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Dunscore Old Graveyard
Access to Old Dunscore graveyard is through this farmer's field. Make sure you do not block the gates when you park.
It is advisable to have appropriate footware. Ordinary shoes would not cope with the conditions shown below.
The farmer occasionally places a feeder trough near the gate and the cattle will churn the ground into a morass.
Follow the hedge to a gap in the wall where there is a style giving easy access to the graveyard..
This is the view to the left of the entrance when stepping over from the style.
 The photographs shown on the following pages were taken on a number of visits starting in early 2000.
This photo survey was completed in late 2003.  Dumfries and Galloway Family History Society published 
Old Dunscore (Portrack) Memorial Inscriptions in January 2005.  See www.dgfhs.org.uk 
Dunscore Old Graveyard