Dalgarnoc 4
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Dalgarnoc Graveyard
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The inscription on ths fallen stone read:

Erected by Ebenezer WILSON in memory of Jane McQUEEN his wife who died at Dalwhat 15th Febry 1863 aged 48 years.  Also of John and Alexander their children who died in infancy.  Also Sarah their daughter who died at Tynron Kirk 6th Decr 1873 aged 18 years.  Also Margaret, daughter of the above Ebenezer WILSON and Margaret THOMSON, who died 6th July 1880 aged 7 months.  Also the above Ebenezer WILSON who died at Virginhall 24th April 1883 aged 70 years.

Broken stones like the three images above usually indicate a flaw in the sandstone slabs used for the monuments.
A porous flaw line in the stone absorbes moisture and a sharp frost causes the stone to fracture along the fault line.
The Inscription reads:   In memory of Andrew MUNDELL, son of Andrew MUNDELL, Blacksmith, Closeburn Village
 who died 29th Septr 1852 aged 2 years and 10 months.
Table stone wich has long lost its supports and is now trapped between tree roots.

Inscription in the Margins reads:  Here lieth Andrew HOVETSON in Lavght who left this life December the 18 1675 of his age 45.  Erected by Agnes HAIRSTENS his spovs. 

Centre top has winged soul and centre foot has skull and crossed bones. Inscription centre top reads:   In Andrew HOWETSON Esq. whom this stone doeth cover Godliness and vertu did dwell together. 
Table stone #1 inscription reads:
In memory of Margret CARITHERS, spouse to Gorge HOATSON in Locherben, who died August (4)th 1750 aged 34 years.  Also James HOATSON, son to the above George HOATSON, who died Septr 29th 1759 aged 13 years.  All Zions friends this Lord (amour) a youth, to serve his Lord most best, from earth removd above to sing and leive with Christ while he do ring.  In memory of the above George HOATSON who died in the 80th year of his age the 19th Sept 1787.  And of Margret CARRUTHERS his spouse who predeceased him the 6th March 1783 aged 76 years.
Table stone #21 inscription reads:
In memory of John JOHNSTON in Townfoot of Auchenleck who died 24th October 1802 aged 77 years.  Also Catherin MILLIGAN his spouse who died 3rd April 1780 aged 66 years.  And of John JOHNSTON their son who died at Bankhead, Parish of Morton the 1st of Janry 1844 aged 90 years.  Also Agnes NICHOLSON his spouse who died at Gatelawbridge 31st Janry 1854 aged 79 years.
Table stone #3 inscription reads:
Here lyes the corpse of John HOATSON in Dressetland who departed this life the 7th of March 1717 aged 55 years.  Likewise the corpse of Katharin WOOD his spouse who departed this life the 11 of November 1724 hir age 53.  Also here lyes Janet SMITH, spouse to George HOATSON in Netherpark gate of Yenoch, who died 25th Feby 1774 aged 77 years.  Affliction for a long time I bore, physicians were in vain.  Till god did please to give me care, and end my grief and pain.  Weep not for me my husband dear, do not so much as shade one tear.  Rether prepare to follow me, into a blest Eternity.           (Margins adorned with winged souls and at the foot, crossed bones, hour-glass and skull)
Dalgarnoc Graveyard
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