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Harkness Memorials
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Most of the old Harkness family memorials are located in the south west corner of the graveyard near the small gate.
This photograph and the next were taken in April 2000. Winter storms had brought down some trees
 and while the larger tree parts had been removed much debris still remained.

Of these three table stones the one top left is perched on just three supports. One is out of place and one has fallen.
This situation is very dangerous for anyone approaching and trying to read them.  The close-ups below give the full MIs.
Unstable gavestones like the one shown could fall at any time with dire consequence to anyone unfortunate enough
to get in the way.  Similar conditions are not uncommon in many old graveyards and visitors must take great care.
The rest of the inscription on this stone is shown in the next photo below.
The gravestone shown here with the distinctive repair was photographed in April 2000. 
Four years later, when this graveyard was surveyed by DGFHS volunteers they discovered
that this stone had fallen and again was broken into three parts. The upper section now lies
face down and can not be read. The most likely cause was frost damage. The material used
for the repair, being of a different porosity from the rest of the stone,  absorbs different levels
of moisture.  When a hard frost occurs the bonding material begins to separate
and eventually, over time, the bond breaks free and the stone falls apart again.
Transcribers examining damaged or unstable stones must be very careful and
avoid taking any risks that might endanger themselves or others in their survey team.
This photograph details the full inscription of the fallen stone.
This Harkness Family memorial, unlike the sandstone monuments shown above, is in granite
and is most likely a 20th century replacement for a missing or damaged stone.
Harkness Memorials
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