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CHURCHES and GRAVEYARDS in Dumfries and Galloway
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 John Blacklock 1754
Here lyes John Blacklock, son of Adam Blacklock in ...side, who died 23rd October, 1754 aged 21 years.  [See reverse opposite]
 Mortality symbols -- inscription on the other side.
Reverse side of this Blacklock gravestone showing mortality symbols, a stylised death head and crossed bones cut in relief.

Here lyes the body of Andrew Boyes who lived in Driefholm and died the 12th December, 1710 aged 65 years. Erected by Alexander Boyes his son

Reverse side of the stone opposite, showing mortality & immortality symbols.  Winged soul ascending, angel pointing to heaven and carrying the Book of Judgement.

To the memory of James Dinwoodie in Newbinning who died 21st September 1745 aged 49 years. Also Betty Burgess his spouse who died 5th, 1789 aged 75 years. Erected by John Dinwoodie their son.

Old unreadable stone
Old unreadable stone
broken stone --  partially readable
broken stone, upper part missing -- partial inscription:
Also William and James Portuses his sons who died March 13 day 1746 aged 21.
twin figures carved on reverse 
Old unreable stone   
Old unreadable stone  Old unreadable stone
Old unreadable stone Old unreadable stone
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