Descendants of William Tate

Our Tate's of:  Kentucky, IN, and Jasper Co. IL

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Descendants of William Tate

Generation No. 2

2. STEPHEN B.2 TATE (WILLIAM1) was born Abt. 1820 in Kentucky, and died February 01, 1865 in Jasper Co., Ill.. He married DELILA GOSNELL December 23, 1845 in Decatur Co., IN. She was born Abt. 1824 in Indiana.

Notes for S
This Steven is living next to James H. Tate in the 1860 Census. In the 1880 Census, this same Stephen's daughter Arminta is listed in Francis household as his neice so I believe we can safely call this the same Steven that George listed as a son of William's in his estate papers.

If the 1860 Census is correct, then Stephen came to Illinois from Indiana between 1853 (the birth of his son, James) and 1856 (the birth of his daughter, Frances Melinda).

IF Stephen and James are truly William's sons, then William went from Kentucky to Indiana between 1820-1830.

David Phillips lists additional children to this Stephen of Irma, Delilah and Stephen B., with birth etc, unknown. He does not list Ruby, Martha or Orena.....
Children of S

i. REBECCA ANN3 TATE, b. Abt. 1846, Indiana; m. ? BROWN.
ii. RUBY MARTHA TATE, b. Abt. 1850, Indiana.
8. iii. JAMES WILLIAM TATE, b. April 14, 1853, Indiana; d. November 09, 1908, Illinois.
iv. FRANCES MELINDA TATE, b. Abt. 1856, Illinois.
v. ORENA TATE, b. Abt. 1859, Illinois.
vi. ARMINDA TATE, b. Abt. 1859.

3. JAMES H.2 TATE (WILLIAM1) was born May 02, 1831 in Rush Co., Indiana, and died January 12, 1910 in Smallwood Twp., Jasper Co., Illinois. He married NANCY ELISABETH ???. She was born March 03, 1837 in Indiana, and died October 01, 1906 in Illinois.

Notes for J
James H and Stephen B are living next door to each other in the 1860 Jasper Co., Census. Stephen and Frances are brothers, proved by Arminta in the Census records. I believe we can safely assume that they are the same men that George lists as his brothers in his fathers estate papers.

David lists James' middle name as Henry.

Notes for N
I could be stretching this a little. Our mysterious 'helper' (who added annotations to the Jaspec Co libraries version of the Jasper Co census, claims Permelia is Nancy's daughter in the 1880 Census. She appears to be Elisabeth's daughter in the 1860 Census. Then again, James H. could (tho I see no evidence of this) have had two wives, Elisabeth first and Nancy second. However, they would have been about the same age.
Children of J
AMES TATE and NANCY ??? are:

i. JAMES3 TATE, b. Bet. 1854 - 1856, Illinois.
9. ii. THOMAS BENTON TATE, b. 1856, Illinois.
iii. PERMELIA TATE, b. 1860, Illinois.
iv. FRANCIS TATE, b. 1867, Illinois.
v. SAMUEL TATE, b. June 07, 1869, Illinois; d. December 09, 1940, Illinois, prob. Jasper Co.; m. IDA M. ???; b. September 07, 1872; d. April 01, 1954.
vi. ALBERT TATE, b. 1873, Illinois.

4. JOSHUA2 TATE (WILLIAM1) was born Abt. 1836 in Indiana, and died July 1872 in Bogota, Jasper co., Ill.. He married CATHERINE ???. She was born Abt. 1838 in Ohio.

Notes for J
Joshua is living next door to William (Sr) and Rhoda in the 1860 Census.
George and Newberry are 'still at home' with William and Rhoda in the same census. Frances, known brother to James, is living with Joshua

More About J
Burial: Tate Cemetary, near Bogota, Jasper Co., Ill.
Child of J

i. MARIETTA3 TATE, b. Abt. 1859.

5. FRANCIS M2 TATE (WILLIAM1) was born August 19, 1838 in Rush Co., Indiana, and died February 23, 1882 in Jasper Co., Smallwood Twp., Illinois. He married EMILY J BRANDON March 29, 1866 in Jasper Co., Ill.. She was born Abt. 1848 in Ohio, and died in Illinois.

Notes for F
In 1860 Census, Frances is 21 years of age. He is living with his brother Joshua and next door to his parents, Rhoda and William Tate.

Although the 1860 Census indicates he was born in Ill., he is listed directly below his neice who was born in Illinois. The 1880 Census lists him as being born in Indiana and I think it is correct.

Birthdate based on, died 2-28-1882 at 43Y 6M 9D

More About F
Burial: Tate Cemetary, near Bogota, Jasper Co., Ill.
Children of F

i. JOSEPHINE3 TATE, b. Abt. 1869, Illinois; m. SENECA LANCASTER.
ii. JOHN TATE, b. Abt. 1870.
iii. THOMAS TATE, b. Abt. 1873.

6. GEORGE W.2 TATE (WILLIAM1) was born May 24, 1841 in Indiana, and died December 05, 1905 in Illinois. He married MARTHA DAWSON. She was born June 08, 1847 in Nebraska, and died March 15, 1926.
Children of G

i. FLORA3 TATE, b. Abt. 1867, Illinois.
ii. CHARLES TATE, b. Abt. 1869.
iii. OSCAR TATE, b. Abt. 1874.

7. NEWBERRY WHEELDON2 TATE (WILLIAM1) was born April 10, 1844 in Rush Co., IN, and died March 12, 1906 in nera Bogota, Smallwood Twp., Jasper Co., Ill.. He married MARGARET GROVE September 16, 1864 in Jasper Co., Ill., daughter of GARRISON GROVE and SARAH STIVERS. She was born October 24, 1849 in Bogota, Ill., and died April 14, 1929 in Jasper Co., Ill..

Notes for N
One of my greatest questions about Newberry wass, where did his name originate?
Newberry Wheeldon....was he named after someone? Then (jan 1998) FROM David Phillips:
Check out the marriage page. A Newberry Wheeldon married a Mahala Webb
29 Jan, 1830 in Decatur Co, In. Decatur is the next County south of
Rush. Where does that lead us?

Next we discovered Newberry (Tate)'s brother Stephen B. and sister Sarah marrying in Decatur Co., IN so I think we can assume that they moved from 1848-1850 or, more likely I think, that they lived close to Decatur Co.

More About N
Burial: Tate Cemetary
Cause of Death: typhoid fever
Death cert, Jasper co. Courthouse, Book 1, page 198

Notes for M
Margaret Grove married her sister's widower Nate Boldrey after Newberry died. According to David Phillips,

"Nate operated a general store in Bogota. Margaret only lived with Nate for a short period of time, when she moved to the little block house behind 'aunt' Maggie Tate (Margaret's daughter) Dewhurst's house, with her little black spaniel dog 'Tippy'. Family stories describe Bogota as 'a typical one street town'. One side consisted of a Creamery, Post Office, Stores and houses. The other side was the Tate side. It consisted of the Christian Chruch, Nate Boldrey's home and store, Benjamin Tate's mother-in-law, Susanne Crouse McNew's house, Sylveste McNew's store, the First Baptist church, and Frank Tate's daughter Mrs. Alva Campbell. Behind the Christian Church was a large grove with Bogota's school where Benjamin taught."

More About M
Burial: Tate Cemetary
Cause of Death: Apoplexy

Marriage Notes for N
married "at her parents home."

Children of N

10. i. WILLIAM GARRISON3 TATE, b. September 22, 1865, Bogota, Jasper Co., Ill.; d. February 08, 1929, Newton, Jasper Co., Ill..
ii. G. F. TATE, b. September 22, 1865; d. October 05, 1865.
Notes for G. F. TATE:
Twin brother to William Tate.   I believe that thes twin boys were named after the fathers AND grandfathers of Newberry and Margaret.  That would make William Garrison named after Newberry's father William and Margaret's grandfather Garrison.   SO ... G.F would stand for George for Margaret's father and "F" for Newberry's gandfather .... YEP I think this is a very circumstantial hint that Our missing Tate Grandfather was Francis.  In fact, with all of the weight of evidence, I am almost sure of it.
11. iii. MAGGIE J. TATE, b. September 28, 1868; d. 1967.
12. iv. ELLA TATE, b. November 16, 1867.
13. v. RHODA ANN TATE, b. November 16, 1871; d. January 13, 1943.
14. vi. BENJAMINE WHEELDON TATE, b. August 14, 1879, illinois, jasper, south muddy, bogota; d. August 08, 1937, illinois, jasper, bogota.

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