Descendants of William Tate

Our Tate's of:  Kentucky, IN, and Jasper Co. IL

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Descendants of William Tate

Generation No. 1

1. WILLIAM1 TATE was born August 14, 1794 in Nicholas Co., KY, and died November 27, 1887 in Smallwood Twp., Jasper Co., Ill.. He married RHODA SELBY March 02, 1820 in Harrison Co., Kentucky, daughter of WILLIAM SELBY and SARAH TOWNSEND. She was born April 17, 1800 in Worcester Co., MD., and died January 02, 1878 in Smallwood Twp., Jasper Co., Ill..

Notes for W
There is strong indication that William's parents were Francis and Mary Helmic Tate. Francis' father could have been Samuel Tate. Samuel and Francis were of Scotch-Irish descent and came to America before the Revolutionary War from Ireland. "Samuel Tate came from Powell's Co., VA. with Daniel Boone in 1775." Some say that Francis was born in Ireland. This info comes from research done by David Phillips and Charline Wilson. David is researching the family of Benjamin Tate (son of Newberry Wheeldon and brother of the younger William Tate). Charline is researching Francis Tate, son of Francis and Mary Helmic Tate.

From further research by David Phillips and Lee Nielsen, we have the following indications that William was related to the Senior Francis Tate and Mary Helmic:

-Francis Tate married Mary Hilmack (per David) or Helmic (per Lee) on Nov 2, 1795 in Bourbon Co., KY.

-A Mary Tate is the HOH in the 1810 Census of Harrison Co., Ky. She is 26-45 and with her are 4 males 0-10 and 2 females 0-10. Either William is not there or his age is wrong. There is also a James Tate in 1810 in Harrison Co., age 16-26 who is listed with two other free persons, no age or sex listed. William could be here with a 'brother' James.

-A Mary Tate married Samuel Caswell on Sept. 15, 1811 in Harrison Co. In the 1820 Census, they are listed next door to a (very probably our) William Tate. THAT William's household consists of himself and 1 female, both 16-26 years of age. There are numerous children in the Caswell household next door. 1 male 0-10, 2 males 10-16, 1 male 16-18, 1 male 16-26, and Samuel at 45+. 2 females 16-26 and Mary herself, 45+ (notice Mary and Samuels marriage date versus the age of the children).

-Mary Caswell's death date is entered into Francis Tate's (son of Francis and Mary Helmic Tate) Bible, implying that this is his mother.

-Three Tate children married in Harrison Co., in 1820. 'Our' William married Rhoda Selby March 2, 1820. William Tate and Joshua Selby were her bondsmen. Jan. 2, 1820 Elizabeth Tate married William Smith. they are in the 1820 Census, just a few doors down from the Caswell's and the Tates. On Dec. 16, 1820 Jane Tate married Archibald Busby. Samuel Caswell was bondsman for both!!! Looks strong for the girls connection, but it doesn't prove William and Samuel. However, William is listed next in order to his possible step-father Samuel in the 1820 Census!!

If William's birth date, per George on William's death cert and gravestone are correct AND his parents marriage dates are correct, then there is some question about Francis and Mary being William's parents. HOWEVER, Charline Wilson reported that Charles Tate [1896-1987] told his nephew George Sidney Tate that Francis [SR.] had a son who moved to Illinois and who had a son who was a preacher [George]. As David Phillips says "I will keep Looking."

-Per Lee Nielsen (also descended from Francis) Preston Tate, descendant of Francis, came to Jasper Co., Bogota, in 1885!! Why, unless to be near William's family or having heard of the area from William's family, indicating another family tie between William Tate's family and Francis Tate's family.

William probably followed some of the Selby's to Rush Co., IN or went with them as there is evidence that Rhoda Selby Tate's brother John was in Rush Co., IN by 1827 and Joshua before 1831. In looking at the 1850 Census of William, it looks like he came to IN about 1834-1836. This might not be exact tho, because some census records have James being born in KY in 1830!!

Earliest deed records found by Me for William in Jasper Co., are from a Federal Land Sale in 1852. They show the following purchases:

William Tate
--9/13/1852--45.17 acres@$1.25 per acre--Federal Sale--Jasper Co.
--Section 31, Section part N2NW, T6N R9E, Meridian 3[?],
--Purchaser # 666--Arch.Vol.No. 291--Vol Page No. 212

--9/9/1952-three different purchases--all at $1.25, Federal Sale, purchaser
#40, all in Jasper Co, all Arch. Vol. No. 148--Vol Page No. 5 as follows:

--80 acres, Section 36, Section part E2NE, T6N R8E, Meridian 3[?]
--40 acres, Section 25, Section part SENW, T6N R8E, Meridian 3
--40 Acres, Section 25, Section part SWNE, T6N R8E, Meridian 3

Stephen B. Tate (William's son)
--7/21/1853--two different purchases--both at $1.25, Federal Sale,
purchaser#40 Jasper Co., Arch Vol No 291 Vol Page No. 243 as follows:

--Section 21, Section part SWSE, T6N R9E, Meridian 3
--Section 29, Section part SENE T6N R9E, Meridian 3

By the way, George Grove (another ancestor of mine whose granddaughter married into the Tate family) has five similar purchases, 1849-1853.

The following is from the 30 November, 1887 (Wed) Newton Press
(Per David Phillips "It also references a 9 Nov, 1887 Newton Press Article on William. I have a copy somewhere, but this is what it said."): "William Tate now living in Smallwood Township, was born in Nicholas County, Kentucky in 1794. He came to Jasper County 36 years ago and settled 1 mile west of present Bogota, then a Wilderness. He owns 290 acres of land. Mrs Tate died in 1877. He is the father of 11 children, has 32 great-grandchildren and 15 great great grandchildren. He was a faithful Democrate and a member of the New Light Church. He died Saturday 26 Nov, 1887.

The funeral on Monday 28 November,1887 was one of the largest ever in  the County. He was buried in Tate Cemetary in Bogota beside his wife.

More About W
Burial: Tate Cemetary, near Bogota, Jasper Co., Ill.

Notes for R
David Phillips has Rhoda's birth as April 17, 1800 on the Bible record and DAR application of Tryphena M. Stewart-Duncan and her middle name as Ann. However, her tombstone says Rhoda T Tate?) and indicates a 1798 birthyear. Also according to David:
"About 1816, she [Rhoda] several of her family members and neighbors [who were probably also relatives] left Snow Hill, Worcester Co., Maryland for Kentucky. They traveled by barge and/or land from Maryland to the Ohio River [probably Pittsburg Penn, or Wheeling, West VA]. From there they traveled by barge down the Ohio and Licking Rivers to Nicholas County, KY. They lost at least one of their fellow travelers on the Ohio. Thomas Cottingham, son of Thomas Cottingham and husband of Rhoda Cottingham fell overboard and drowned in the Ohio River. The rest all settled in the Headquarters-Mount Carmel area of Nicholas Co. Shortly after they arrived two of their group married. They were Martha "Patsy" Cottingham (aged 16), daughter of Thomas and Rhoda Cottingham and Barkley Townsend Selby (widower and older brother of Rhoda Selby). I suspect [ I'm quoting David Phillips], that Rhoda Cottingham's maiden name was either Selby or Townsend and that OUR Rhoda was named after her. [OUR] Rhoda married William Tate on March 2, 1820 in Harrison Co., KY. She was bonded for her marriage by William Tate and Joshua Selby. She was [per David's source] about 19 years old at the time of her marriage. Her gravestone indicates that she was 22 years old, but I think it's wrong!! She moved with William to Rush Co., IN and on to Jasper Co., Ill. where she died before 1887. [Actually, Jan 2, 1878 per her gravestone]."

Per David Phillips, other Selby's in the Nichoas Co. Tax records were:
-Isaac Selby, various years 1811-1822
-After 1816, Barkley, Henry William, Moses and Major Selby, off and on. Joshua shows up in 1822.

More About R
Burial: Tate Cemetary, near Bogota, Jasper Co., Ill.
Children of W

2. i. STEPHEN B.2 TATE, b. Abt. 1820, Kentucky; d. February 01, 1865, Jasper Co., Ill..
ii. WILLIAM A. TATE, b. Abt. 1830, Kentucky.
Notes for WILLIAM A. TATE:
This William A. is listed in his father's estate papers. His father's estate records do not list him as being decesed in 1887. He was 20 years old in the 1850 Census in Rush Co. with Rhoda and William. He may have married and stayed there after William Sr. st al left for Jasper Co.
3. iii. JAMES H. TATE, b. May 02, 1831, Rush Co., Indiana; d. January 12, 1910, Smallwood Twp., Jasper Co., Illinois.
iv. RHODA TATE, b. Abt. 1834, Kentucky; d. Bef. December 1887; m. ? CHAMP.
4. v. JOSHUA TATE, b. Abt. 1836, Indiana; d. July 1872, Bogota, Jasper co., Ill..
5. vi. FRANCIS M TATE, b. August 19, 1838, Rush Co., Indiana; d. February 23, 1882, Jasper Co., Smallwood Twp., Illinois.
6. vii. GEORGE W. TATE, b. May 24, 1841, Indiana; d. December 05, 1905, Illinois.
7. viii. NEWBERRY WHEELDON TATE, b. April 10, 1844, Rush Co., IN; d. March 12, 1906, nera Bogota, Smallwood Twp., Jasper Co., Ill..
ix. JOHN F. TATE, b. Unknown; d. Bef. December 1887, unknown.
Notes for JOHN F. TATE:
The only knowledge I have of him is a mention in his Father's estate papers as a deceased son. He isn't with the family in the 1850 Census in Rush Co. I suspect that he might be the same John F. Tate who married Minerva Davidson 10-17, 1848 in Decatur Co., IN.
x. SARAH TATE, b. Unknown; d. Bef. December 1887; m. WILLIAM VANLEER, November 26, 1848, Decatur Co., IN.
Notes for SARAH TATE:
Again, the only record I have seen of her existance is her father's estate papers.
I could be accused of jumping to conclusions here, but I don't think so. When I found their maarriage record in Decatur Co., I felt quite certain that this is the same Sarah that is the daughter of William and Rhoda. The marriage record spells his last name 'Vanlue'. Hmm

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