Descendants of William Tate

Our Selby's of:  Maryland, Kentucky, Indiana, and Jasper Co. IL

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Descendants of Thomas Selby

Generation No. 1

1. THOMAS1 SELBY was born Bef. 1630 in Somerset, MD, and died Abt. 1701 in Somerset, MD. He married (1) ? ???. He married (2) MARY ??? Abt. 1657. She died Bet. 1661 - 1673. He married (3) ANN JONES Bef. May 04, 1674.

Notes for T
My main SOURCES:
1.) In numerous places I site the work SELBY FAMILIES OF COLONIAL AMERICA by Donna Valley Russell. Only 100 books were printed and Ms. Russell says that she doesn't intend to reprint. Out of respect for copyright laws, and in keeping with the ethics set down by th U.S. GenWeb, I will not directly quote from her book, nor will I list her sources, which are extremely numerous!! I will take the liberty of adding some of her deductions from those facts and making even a few of my own. I think/hope that Ms. Russell would approve. Her attitude towards her work has been generous, and she is quoted everywhere you turn, when it comes to the name Selby!!

Many thanks Ms. Russell. You are a great gift to those in search of their Selby ancestors.

2.) I have also included excerpts from : SELBY FAMILY NOTES; Some materials for the 1929 reunion of families having members from Martha Damarias Selby Brooks and from Josias Wright Brooks. These two were the parents of Tryphena Margaret Brooks Stewart-Duncan. Tryphena's bible records and DAR app are included and I believe the basis for much info on the familiy of William Atkinson Selby, MY ancestor and GR-GR-Grandson of THIS Thomas Selby!! I received this document from Larry Prater who in turn received it from Bob Crum.

3.) As always, I work HARD at sourcing MY DIRECT LINE, but I sometimes will trust a genealogist whom I have come to respect, and incorporate their lines as they SAY it is. I plan, for instance on finding descendants of as many of WAS's offspring as I can, and incorporating their branches, as is. I will add the contributors names here as I do this. For instance, I will use Larry Prater's info for Rhoda's brother Joshua. I KNOW I can trust Larry's work.

Having said all of that:
For future reference I will refer to THIS Thomas Selby as Thomas Selby, I. He is the SENIOR of this line as yet confirmed by everyone it would seem. Per DVR, this Thomas I, could have been born in Ireland. She bases this on a possible connection to the Daniel Selby who was close by in there/then and who evidently was confirmed to be Irish. The vast majority of researchers who have worked on other Selby lines have found their's to be English.

Thomas Selby I, earliest record found by DVR is in a Virginia Court record on November 27, 1652. A John Brown of Northampton County was granted 1000 acres for transporting twenty persons to Virginia, one of whom was Thomas Solbie. Ms. Russell then proceeds to outline numerous court documents that bring us to the facts listed herein. Please note, OUR line thru this Thomas is thru his son Thomas II, the only apparent child from Thomas I's marriage to his first (unknown) wife. Thomas I marries two more time, to women who were both, themselves married before!!! So hang in there, this can get confusing quick if you're not careful!!

BTW, the area of Virginia that this Thomas resided, in 1668 became part of Maryland. One thing is clear, by 1669, Thomas I registered his livestock and witnessed someone's will in Somerset Co., MD.

Thomas Selby's own will was made on October 28, 1701. He died before October
24, 1702 when it was probated. Ms. Russell includes many details about many transactions of Thomas, including details of his will that are worth reading if you can find a copy of the book.
Child of T
HOMAS SELBY and ? ??? is:

2. i. THOMAS2 SELBY, b. Bef. 1656, Somerset, MD; d. Bef. October 12, 1725, Bogerternorton, Somerset, MD.

Children of THOMAS SELBY and MARY ??? are:

3. ii. ELIZABETH2 SELBY, b. Abt. 1658, Accomack Co, VA; d. Aft. 1716.
iii. GRACE SELBY, b. Abt. 1660.
iv. MARY SELBY, b. August 04, 1661, Virginia; d. Bef. 1674.

For extensive information on this family please visit my website for the Selby Maillist at rootsweb, of which I am the owner.  Recently the maillist has been very quiet, but it is populated by knowledgeable and helpful Selby genealogists and has been instrumental in helping many people, including myself, find their Selby family roots, and this site is FULL of interesting info.
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If you are might be a part of this family or are a fellow researcher please email me if you have any questions, notice any problems or so that we can share information. 

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