Descendants of George Grove

Our Groves of:  Brown and Monroe Co., IN and Jasper Co. IL

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Descendants of George Grove

Generation No. 1

1. GEORGE1 GROVE was born Abt. 1798 in Indiana or Penn, and died Abt. 1855 in Jasper Co., Ill.. He married LAVINIA BARNES Abt. 1818. She was born Abt. 1798 in North Carolina, and died September 1877 in Jasper Co., Ill..

Notes for G
According to fellow researcher David Phillips, George Grove was in Brown/Monroe Co., IN before 1820. According to "The History of Monroe Co., IN" George Grove bought a lot in Bloomington, IN in Nov 1818. He was one of the first settlers in Bloomington. He married Lavinia Barnes about 1818. She was born in North Carolina.

According to the "History of Brown Co., IN" George Grove built a grist Mill (The old George Grove Mill) in Brown Co., as early as 1835. It was operated by horsepower. He also was the first settler and founder of Georgetown, IN., now known as Bean Blossum. He was there by 1833, and probably several years before. George and Lavinia's daughter, Anna Grove married a Richards in Brown Co. in 1836. They were the first couple married in Brown Co. (per researcher David Phillips) and their only child not to accompany them to Jasper Co., ILL.

About 1847, George and Lavinia and their family moved to Jasper Co. George died there about 1855 and Lavinia in Sept. of 1877. Following are some land purchases made by George in Jasper Co. all at Federal Land Sales:

On June 8, 1849, he bought two 79,02 tracts of land. They are both recorded in Arch. Vol. no. 296 on Vol. page no. 14, record I.D. #'s 122226, and 122227. They were located in Section 5, Part E2NW, T5N R9E, AND Section 32, Part S2SW, T6N R9E
On June 13, 1849, he bought 80 acres, Recorded Arch. Vol. No. 154 on Vol. Page No. 23., Record I.D. # 538714, Located in Section 1, part N2NE, T5N R8E
On March 24, 1852, 40 acres @$1.25, Recorded Arch Vol No 291, Vol page no. 198, Record I.D. 136832, Located in Section 4, Part SWSW, T5N R9E
On March 21, 1853, 80 acres Recorded Arch Vol No 155, Vol page no 187, Record I.D. #362177 Located in Section 3, Part N2SE, T5N R8E

BTW, George named a son George Washington Grove. Three of his sons named a son George Washington Grove. I wonder what George Sr.'s middle name was. (HAH!)

Children of G

2. i. GARRISON2 GROVE, b. August 1823, Brown Co., IN; d. December 09, 1901, jasper Co., Ill..
3. ii. ANNA GROVES, b. Bet. 1810 - 1820.
4. iii. MICHAEL GROVE, b. 1822.
5. iv. REBECCA GROVES, b. 1827; d. August 25, 1890, Bois D' Arc, Greene, Missouri.
6. v. SILAS GROVE, b. Bet. 1825 - 1830.
7. vi. GEORGE WASHINGTON GROVE, b. September 1832, Brown Co., IN; d. 1916, Crawford Co., Ark.
8. vii. DANIEL GROVE, b. 1835; d. June 04, 1896.
9. viii. JESSE GROVE, b. 1836.


There are several researchers that I owe credit for for my information on this family.  However, the ones who have had the most impact for me are Randall Grove who did some of the earliest work I've seen on these lines, Marilyn Eldridge who manages the Grove website at my family and David Phillips who has done TONS of work on our Tate/Selby/Grove lines. Thanks a lot guys!
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