Descendants of Phillip Foust

Our  Fousts of:  Preble Co. OH, Rush Co., IN and Jasper Co. IL

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Descendants of Phillip Foust

Generation 5 - Part 3

29. CHARLES5 FOUST (JACOB4, JACOB3, LUDWIG (LEWIS)2, PHILLIP1) was born August 16, 1848 in Rush Co. Indiana, and died August 09, 1898 in Madison Co. Indiana. He married LOUISA GILL. She was born September 30, 1845, and died February 18, 1899.
Children of C

i. ALFRED6 FOUST, b. 1875.
ii. EPHRAIM FOUST, b. April 07, 1880.
iii. INFANT FOUST, b. April 07, 1880, Hamilton Co. Indiana; d. April 17, 1880, Hamilton Co. Indiana.
iv. ELMER H. FOUST, b. 1883, Hamilton Co. Indiana; m. ALMEDA KENDALL, December 20, 1905, Madison Co. Indiana.
v. WILLIAM FOUST, b. March 27, 1884; d. December 06, 1886, Madison Co. Indiana.
vi. WILLARD C. FOUST, b. September 20, 1888; d. June 27, 1940.

30. JOHN A.5 FOUST (JACOB4, JACOB3, LUDWIG (LEWIS)2, PHILLIP1) was born February 29, 1852 in Rush Co. Indiana, and died February 04, 1908 in Hamilton Co. Indiana. He married HARRIET LANGSTON Abt. 1876 in Hamilton Co. Indiana. She was born 1857, and died 1929 in Hamilton Co. Indiana.
Children of J

i. WILLIAM A.6 FOUST, b. 1877, Hamilton Co. Indiana; d. 1878, Hamilton Co. Indiana.
ii. BERTHA FOUST, b. 1878, Indiana; d. 1949, Madison Co. Indiana; m. HARRY COOPER, June 04, 1898, Hamilton Co. Indiana.
iii. ROSALIA FOUST, b. 1880, Hamilton Co. Indiana; m. ARTHUR CALL, November 21, 1901, Madison Co. Indiana.
iv. ORA FOUST, b. 1882, Hamilton Co. Indiana; d. 1887, Hamilton Co. Indiana.
v. ORVA FOUST, b. January 21, 1888, Hamilton Co. Indiana; m. RUBY ZION, August 26, 1911, Madison Co. Indiana.

31. (JAMES) EDWARD5 FOUST (JACOB4, JACOB3, LUDWIG (LEWIS)2, PHILLIP1) was born December 1853 in Rush Co. Indiana. He married EMILY OWENS.
Children of

i. GERTRUDE6 FOUST, b. August 1882.
ii. MOLLIE E. FOUST, b. June 29, 1885, Hamilton Co. Indiana; m. CHARLES MILLS, 1918, Hamilton Co. Indiana.
iii. JESSE E. FOUST, b. June 1888, Hamilton Co. Indiana; m. (1) NORA BENNIT, 1914, Hamilton Co. Indiana; m. (2) ELLA HINKLE, 1918, Hamilton Co. Indiana.
iv. WALTER E. FOUST, b. June 1895, Hamilton Co. Indiana; d. 1950.

32. MARY R.5 FOUST (JACOB4, JACOB3, LUDWIG (LEWIS)2, PHILLIP1) was born 1856 in Rush Co. Indiana, and died November 23, 1898 in Elwood, Indiana. She married JAMES H. EMMONS Abt. 1879. He was born February 1854 in NewMarket Twp. Highland Co. Ohio, and died September 30, 1899 in Frankton, Indiana.

Children of M

i. ALVA L.6 EMMONS, b. December 30, 1880, Hamilton Co. Indiana; d. March 22, 1886, Sheridan, Indiana.
ii. MAGNOLIA EMMONS, b. July 13, 1882, Hamilton Co. Indiana; d. March 30, 1889, Sheridan, Indiana.
iii. GEORGE EMMONS, b. December 13, 1885, Sheridan, Indiana; d. August 1932, Rutledge, Minnesota; m. MARGARET //; b. December 29, 1881; d. November 27, 1973.
iv. FRED EMMONS, b. February 09, 1888, Elwood, Indiana; d. April 18, 1960, Anderson, Indiana.
v. GLEN EMMONS, b. January 19, 1890, Madison Co. Indiana; d. Bef. 1919, supposedly Elwood, Indiana; m. REMOLA R. HALSEY, January 30, 1913, Madison, Co. Indiana.
vi. FEMALE EMMONS, b. September 01, 1891, Madison Co. Indiana.
vii. CLIFFORD EMMONS, b. July 11, 1893, Madison Co. Indiana.
viii. BASIL EMMONS, b. September 18, 1895, Elwood, Indiana; d. March 21, 1941, Crown Point, Indiana.
ix. CECIL RAY EMMONS, b. October 12, 1898, Elwood, Indiana; d. September 13, 1972, Anderson, Indiana.

33. ALFRED5 FOUST (JACOB4, JACOB3, LUDWIG (LEWIS)2, PHILLIP1) was born Abt. 1860 in Rush Co. Indiana. He married LAURA KIRKPATRICK July 01, 1899 in Madison Co. Indiana.
Children of A

i. HAROLD6 FOUST, b. May 02, 1900, Madison Co. Indiana.
ii. GIRL FOUST, b. April 04, 1905, Madison Co. Indiana.
iii. MARTHA G. FOUST, b. February 29, 1908, Madison Co. Indiana.
iv. EARLINE FOUST, b. November 06, 1912, Madison Co. Indiana.
v. HARLEY G. FOUST, b. July 14, 1915, Madison Co. Indiana.
vi. ILEEN FOUST, b. July 21, 1917, Madison Co. Indiana.
vii. ANNA FOUST, b. July 03, 1920, Madison Co. Indiana.

34. AMANDA JANE5 FOUST (JACOB4, JACOB3, LUDWIG (LEWIS)2, PHILLIP1) was born Abt. 1869 in Rush Co. Indiana. She married HENRY COOK January 01, 1890 in Madison Co. Indiana.
Child of A



Most of my information on this line comes from Lynne Emmons  ( who is one of the nicest, most giving and most helpful researchers that it has been my pleasure to work with.  Thanks Lynne
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