Descendants of William H. DeVore

 Our DeVORE's of: Knox and Sullivan Co., IN; and Crawford Co., IL.

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Descendants of William H. DeVore

Generation No. 1

1. WILLIAM H.1 DEVORE was born Abt. 1850 in Indiana, and died Aft. 1881 in Unknown. He married (1) ? ??? Bef. June 1868 in unknown. She died Aft. July 1872. He married (2) NANCY FUNK March 08, 1874 in Knox Co. Ind., daughter of WILLIAM FUNK and JUDITH POTTER. She was born Bet. 1843 - 1844 in Indiana, and died Aft. 1881 in unknown.

Notes for W
Our DeVore line, the surname that I was born with, has been one of if not THE toughest lines for me to research. Our earliest known DeVore ancestor William H. DeVore has been incredibly illusive. My grandmother Goldie Swanner DeVore had told me when I first began this, that her husband's grandparents were William and Nancy Lou DeVore. Years later I was able to learn from Noah's children Charles DeVore and Elisbeth Ann (DeVore) Hunley that Noah had talked about two brother's John and Seth. Thanks to an intricate trail of records I have finally established a little about this family. Unfortunately the questions far exceed the answers.

William H. DeVore claimed (on the 1 census that I can find him on) to have been born in Indiana about 1850. That would have made him about 18 when his son John was born and 22 when Noah was born. Where is William in the 1870 Census? He should be with his first wife and son John William in Busseron twp. (Oaktown) Indiana since John was reputedly born there in 1868 and Noah in 1872. I can't find him though. Less than two years after Noah's birth his father William H. DeVore married Nancy Funk Wilber. Nancy was 6 or 7 years older than William and the mother of 6 children of her own by her first huband Alexander Wilber. Noah told his children that he had left home when he was very young, 13 or so, because he had a mean step mother who must have been Nancy. Whatever Noah felt for his step mother, he stayed in touch with her chldren. Noah's children remember Frank Wittenmeyer from Vincennes as a frequent visitor. And yet, Frank was married to the daughter of Noah's oldest STEP sister. So where and by whom were Noah and John raised? Who is John and Noah's REAL Momma? What happened to William and Nancy? We may never know all of the answers, but someday we will know more than we know now, that's a promise. This family is driving me crazy!!!

Marriage Notes for W
ILLIAM DEVORE and ? ???:
Begining date is based on John's birthdate, ending date is based on William's 2nd marriage date

More About W
ILLIAM DEVORE and ? ???:
Marriage: Bef. June 1868, unknown
None-Ending: Bef. March 1874

Notes for N
The name of Nancy Funk appears on Seth's (and oddly enough John and Noah's) death cert. as their "Mom". Since she didn't marry William DeVore until after John and Noah were born, I don't think that she could be John and Noah's, but she probably was Seth's. A William and Judith Funk are next door to Nancy in the 1870 and nearby in the 1880 Census of Busseron Twp, Knox Co., IN. and (I have recently been able to confirm thanks to Mac Elliot, Funk family genealogist) are her parents. This fits with various small other details about the Funk/Wilber family noticed later. In the 1870 Census William and Judith indicate that they were born in Indiana, but in the 1880 Census both of her "parents" claim to have been born in VA and their parents as well. (?)

The children Judea, Mary, Francis and Amanda are in the 1870 Census with Alexander and Nancy Funk Wilber. The twins, Julia and Sarah first appear in the 1880 Census with Nancy and William DeVore, I'm not sure if Alexander is their (Julie and Sarah)'s father or not, but it's my best guess for the time being, as they AREN'T the children of William.

There are a James and Henry (ages 14 and 12) in the 1880 Census that are hard to explain. Are they really John and Noah?? The same sources who have given me confirmed info on John and Seth swear that this James and Henry aren't "DeVore's" that they have ever heard of. 'Henry' is the same age as John William DeVore. they should have been in the 1870 census with Alex and Nancy if they're Wilber's!?! I'll keep searching....

Maybe they are another family entireley!!! (Cousins or could happen!!)

More About W
Marriage: March 08, 1874, Knox Co. Ind.
Children of W
ILLIAM DEVORE and ? ??? are:

2. i. JOHN WILLIAM2 DEVORE, b. June 03, 1868, Knox Co. Ind.; d. May 12, 1943, Sullivan, Ind..
3. ii. NOAH MONROE DEVORE, b. July 08, 1872, Oaktown, Ind.; d. May 05, 1947, Palestine, Ill..


iii. SETH2 DEVORE, b. Bet. 1881 - 1886, knox Co. Ind.; d. June 23, 1915, near New Lebanon, Ind..
Notes for SETH DEVORE:
Seth's info is also a little confusing. He may have been the only "ours" of William and Nancy Funk Wilber DeVore.
In the 1900 Census he is living with his half sister and her husband, Charles and Julia Wilber Potter. The Frank Wittenmeyer that Charles DeVore remembers was their son-in-law. In the 1910 Census Seth is still in Oaktown, now as a lodger in the household of Lance and Laura Hall. It was Seth's relationship with the Potter's, the Potter's marriage certificate, and Frank and Cora's marriage cert. that I finally was able to conclude that the family ion the 1880 Census was "ours"

Seth was run over by a train in 1915 near Lebanon, Sullivan Co., IN. I have no idea where Seth's six half sisters or his brother John who lived in the area were, but Noah came over from Palestine, picked up the body, took him back by train and buried Seth in the Palestine Cemetary.
Still, more questions than answers...
Cause of Death: hit by a train his skull cut off, right leg crushed


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