Descendants of Jesse Cravens

Our CRAVENS of:  Ohio Co., KY; Greene and Sullivan Co., IN; and Crawford Co., IL.

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Descendants of Jesse Cravens
Generation No. 1

1. JESSE1 CRAVENS was born Bef. 1765, and died Bef. 1830. This is my earliest known Cravens ancestor.  From here forward I will call him Jesse(1) because his son, Jesse(2) and his grandson Jesse(3), are also my ancestors. His wifes' names was ANNA ???. She was born Bef. 1765.

Notes for J
Jesse(1) is a bit of a mystery to me. MY first proven record for Jesse(1) is when he appears in 1798 being appointed by the governor as a JP for the new county Ohio Co., KY. He is also appointed to the board for the new Hartford Academy in Ohio Co. His wife is mentioned as Anna on some deeds. I abstracted the aprrox birthdates and sex for his children from the 1810 census. The only male Cravens (other than his son Jesse(2)) that I have found in this county during this time are Elijah (on the 1800 Ohio Co. Census) and a Michael Cravens from whom Jesse(1) bought land in 1802.

I believe that my Jesse(1) might be the same Jesse Cravens who was a representative to the KY state legislature in 1792, for Lincoln Co, KY.  The Lincoln Co Jesse is present in the 1790 Lincoln Co Tax lists. He is a representative to the state legislature from Lincoln Co. in 1792 (and therefore might have known the governor-who appointed MY Jesse(1) to be JP in Ohio Co in 1798).  In January or February of 1798 the Lincoln Co Jesse married an Ann McClure(My Jesse(1)'s wife was an Anna).  There is a Michael Cravins and a Jeremiah Cravens in the 1800 Lincoln Co. Tax list but no Jesse.  The Lincoln Co Jesse disappears after Feb of 1798 and MY Jesse(1) appears in 1798 in Ohio Co.  He is still in Ohio Co in  the 1800 Census, as is Elijah Cravens.

Children of J
ESSE CRAVENS and ANNA ??? are:

i. ?2 CRAVENS, male b. Bet. 1784 - 1794.
2. ii. JESSE CRAVENS(2), b. Bet. 1784 - 1790, Powell's Valley (VA, TN, KY or NC?) ; d. 1847, Greene Co., IN.
iii. ? CRAVENS, male b. Bet. 1784 - 1794.
iv. ? CRAVENS, female b. Bet. 1784 - 1794.

? CRAVENS, male b. Bet. 1800 - 1810.

vi. ? CRAVENS, male b. Bet. 1784 - 1794.

? CRAVENS, male b. Bet. 1800 - 1810.

viii. ? CRAVENS, male b. Bet. 1800 - 1810.

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