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Descendants of Thomas SISSON (1775-1829) and Elizabeth PENDALL of New York

First Generation

1. Thomas SISSON [scrapbook] was born 13 Jul 1775 in Washington CO. NY; or Westerly RI. He died 23 May 1829 and was buried in South Plymouth, Chenango Co., NY, in "Marvin Sisson" lot.

Thomas Sisson's parents have not been positively identified yet.
This Thomas Sisson has been occasionally confused with two Thomas Sissons of the Rhode Island line. They were:
1.Richard 2.George 3.Thomas 4.William 5.Thomas
and Thomas Jr., son of 5.Thomas above.

Thomas and Elizabeth (Pendall) Sisson possibly moved from Washington County to South Plymouth, Chenango County, New York. On July 4, 1810, Silas Holmes sold land to Thomas. The transaction was recorded January 2, 1815. This same land was sold to Thomas' son Benjamin by Thomas' son Jonathan May 2, 1829, recorded March 29, 1836. References for Thomas and Elizabeth:
South Plymouth, Chenango County, NY 1810 census;
"Bible Reading Book", June, 1891, of Mrs. Sarah P. Leach (daughter of Thomas' son Humphrey), Norwich, NY;
record from Mrs. S. S. Sisson of Fabins, to Nelson Ripley, Jackson Heights, NY;
letter from Gertrude Sisson to "Alice" written "Sunday evening."
See "The Sisson Newsletter," Vol. 13, No. 1, Winter 1999.

Possible: Delaware Co., NY deeds Book A: Ebenezer Belknap, on March 29, 1796, purchased from Elias Jackson of Ontario, NY, Esquire, land in the Whitesborough Tract, Otsego County, NY, lots 5, 20, 28, and 33. This land was originally granted to Stephen Kimble and then conveyed to John Smith. Witnesses Thomas Sisson, Ebenezer Johnson, and Ichabod Marshall. Recorded October 6, 1797. Pages 59-60.

Thomas married Elizabeth PENDALL, daughter of Jonathan PENDALL. Elizabeth was born about 1783 in Washington CO. NY; or Westerly RI. She died after 1870.

Elizabeth was the daughter of Jonathan Pendall. Her Pendall line is: [1] William; [2] John; [3] John Jr.; [4] Jonathan.

Elizabeth is listed in the 1870 census in Plymouth, Chenango Co., NY, in the household of her son Benjamin (household 97/91), age 87.

They had the following children:

+ 2 F i Lavinia (Lovina) SISSON was born 17 Jul 1801.
+ 3 M ii Thomas SISSON Jr. was born 13 Jan 1803 and died 25 Apr 1874.
+ 4 F iii Phebe SISSON was born 25 Aug 1805 and died 20 Aug 1889.
+ 5 M iv Jonathan Ervin (Irving) SISSON was born June 30, 1805 or 1806 and died 8 Feb 1868.
  6 M v
Benjamin P. SISSON was born 1 Sep 1807. He was buried in South Plymouth Cemetery, Chenango Co, NY.

Benjamin was a carpenter. The Plymouth, Chenango County, NY, 1850 census shows in Benjamin's household: Elizabeth, age 65 (Benjamin's mother) and James, a farmer, age 25 (Benjamin's youngest brother).
Benjamin married Marcella. Marcella was born 1815 in NY. She was buried in South Plymouth Cemetery, Chenango Co, NY.
  7 M vi
Richard SISSON was born 21 Sep 1809.

This may be the Richard Sisson mentioned in Adams Twp, Seneca County, OH 1840 census with 1 m. 20-30, 1 f. 20-30, 1 m. under 5. He may be the Richard buried with others in the Poe Cemetery, Newberg Twp, Cass County, MI, although the year of birth would be different.
+ 8 M vii Humphrey SISSON was born 22 Oct 1811 and died 17 Jan 1878.
+ 9 M viii Henry B. (or K.) SISSON was born 23 Dec 1813 and died 12 Jan 1856.
  10 F ix
Nancy (or Mary E.) SISSON was born 21 Nov 1815 in South Plymouth, Chenango Co, NY.
Nancy married Albert HARRIS OR NORRIS.
+ 11 M x Alfred SISSON was born 14 Feb 1819 and died 22 Aug 1888.
+ 12 M xi Abner Marvin SISSON was born 11 Apr 1820 and died 4 May 1891.
+ 13 M xii Reuben A. SISSON was born 20 Nov 1821.
+ 14 M xiii James W. SISSON was born 4 Dec 1823 and died 28 Mar 1899.

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