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Descendants of Richard (1608-1684) and Mary (d. 1692) SISSON of Rhode Island Richard SISSON

Eighth Generation


4989. Elbert Anderson SISSON-2670 (Edward S. , Pardon , John , John , John , John , Richard ) was born on 28 Jul 1853 in Portsmouth, Newport Co., Rhode Island.

Elbert farmed the homestead, presumably his father's farm. There is confusing in this family's census records. In 1880 Elbert is listed as single. In 1900 he and Mary A. have been married for 19 years, and Mary has had two children, both still living. Helen W. may be one of these children. In 1910 Elbert and Mary are in their second marriages, but Mary has had no children.

Elbert married (MRIN:231) Emma Florence PECKHAM-259 in 1881. Emma was born about 1853. She died about 1880.

They had the following children.

  7297 F i
Ethel Peckham SISSON-11053 was born about 1875.
  7298 F ii
Helen W. SISSON-27589 was born about 1880.

Elbert also married ( 2:MRIN:96) Mary Ann ELLIOT-100, daughter of Robert ELLIOT-12818 and Margaret-12819 (MRIN:98), about 1903. Mary was born in 1857 in Rhode Island.

Mary A. Elliott was the daughter of Irish parents.

4995. Pardon Eugene "Eugene Pardon" SISSON [scrapbook]-2676 (Alexander , Pardon , John , John , John , John , Richard ) was born on 28 Jan 1845 in Georgetown, Madison Co., New York. He died on 16 Oct 1930 in Hamilton, Madison Co., New York. He was buried on 19 Oct 1930 in Woodlawn Cemetery.

Pardon Eugene's name was changed to Eugene Pardon at the behest of the "Preceptress" of Oswego Normal School which he attended as a young man. According to his obituary, Eugene Pardon Sisson was a graduate of "the Normal School at Oswego, and in 1874, he was given the degree of Master of Arts by Colgate University." He was principal of the Hamilton High School in 1868, and taught English, science, and mathematics, twice serving as Acting Principal of Colgate Academy. In 1912 he because Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Colgate University. He retired in 1921. Sources: John L. Martin, "Sisson Family," (New Bedford, Mass.), indexed by David S. Martin 1991) vol 3, p 1; DAR Bible Records, New York State, vol 75 (p 56?).

The Political Graveyard gives Eugene's government service as: alternate delegate to Republican National Convention from New York, 1900.

Eugene Pardon married (MRIN:1444) Mary Anna WICKWIRE-5422, daughter of Lewis WICKWIRE-12821 and Laura SHELDON-12822 (MRIN:2570), on 17 Aug 1870. Mary was born about 1840 in Hamilton, New York. She died in 1875 in Hamilton, New York.

They had the following children.

+ 7299 M i Lewis Eugene SISSON-23716 was born in 1872. He died on 12 May 1964.

Eugene Pardon also married ( 2:MRIN:1445) Jennie B. BUELL-8302, daughter of Warren J. BUELL-12534 and Esther BURCHARD-12453 (MRIN:3732), on 19 Aug 1880. Jennie was born on 5 Sep 1853 in Hamilton, Madison Co., New York. She died on 6 Feb 1916 in Hamilton, Madison Co., New York.

They had the following children.

  7300 F ii
Mary Grace SISSON-8303 was born on 6 Aug 1881 in Syracuse, Onondaga Co., New York. She died on 15 Jun 1925 in Syracuse, Onondaga Co., New York.

Mary Grace Sisson was a teacher working with the "stupid, bad, or incorrigible children" of Syracuse, New York. She was a graduate of Syracuse University in 1905. She taught first in Binghamton, then in Syracuse. In 1920 she went to Kansas and taught in Lawrence and Wichita, after which she taught in Sweet Briar College, in Virginia, and spent a year as principal of a high school in Altoona, Pennsylvania. Eye trouble made teaching almost impossible, and she "turned to public welfare work." In 1924 she "was stationed at Hilcrest Camp for undernourished children at Fayetteville, and undertook the making of a census of crippled children in Onondaga county, a task which she completed just a few weeks before her death."
+ 7301 M iii Samuel Buell SISSON-8304 was born on 13 Feb 1883. He died on 22 Nov 1947.
  7302 M iv
Warren Richard SISSON-8305 was born on 13 Apr 1885. He died in Nov 1972.

Warren R. Sisson was a physician in Boston, Massachusetts, and lived in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts.

Death date SSDI
  7303 M v
Irving Alexander SISSON-8306 was born on 18 Mar 1888. He died on 2 Apr 1903.
+ 7304 M vi Eugene Pardon SISSON Jr-8307 was born on 18 Jun 1893. He died on 27 Jan 1945.

Eugene Pardon also married ( 3:MRIN:1446) Jessie I. BUELL-24040 in 1918. Jessie died after 1930.

The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 62 page 96 Mrs. Jessie I. Buell Sisson. DAR ID Number: 61267
Born in Sherburne, N. Y.
Wife of Eugene Pardon Sisson.
Descendant of Lieut. Charles Butler and of Asahel Newton.
Daughter of David Crawe Buell (1807-69) and Lucinda Newton (1815-92), his 2nd wife.
Granddaughter of William Newton (1786-1879) and Lois Butler (1790-1885), his wife, m. 1810.
Gr-granddaughter of Asahel Newton and Varsalla Booth (1763-1843), his wife, m. 1784; Richard Butler and Mercy Sage, his 2nd wife.
Gr-gr-granddaughter of Charles Butler and Azubah Ranney, his wife.

[p.96] Charles Butler (1732-83) served as sergeant at the Lexington Alarm and, 1777, was lieutenant in Capt. Charles Wells' company, Col. Thomas Beden's regiment. He was born in Wethersfield; died from effects of exposure in the field.

Asahel Newton (1758-1834) enlisted, 1777, for three years, serving in the 3rd regiment, Continental Line. He was born in Colchester, Conn.; died in E. Hamilton, N. Y.

4997. Phoebe Elizabeth SISSON-2671 (Alexander , Pardon , John , John , John , John , Richard ) was born on 12 Sep 1852 in Hamilton, Madison Co., New York.

Phebe/Phoebe Elizabeth Sisson and her husband Dr. Andrew King Fuller moved to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 1 Sep 1889. They moved back to Newburgh, New York, in 1895, and to Scranton, Pennsylvania, in 1896, and to Rondout, New York, in 1918.

Phoebe married (MRIN:1442) Dr. Andrew King FULLER-23723 in Jun 1876 in Rondout, New York.

Dr Andrew King Fuller preached at the Wurts Street Baptist Church, Rondout, New York.

They had the following children.

  7305 F i
Ada FULLER-23724 was born in 1885 in Rondout, New York. She died before 1985.

Ada Fuller lived in Kingston, New York, and taught Latin.
  7306 F ii
Paula Elizabeth FULLER-23725 was born in 1887 in Rondout, New York. She died before 1987.
Paula married (MRIN:8903) Frederick P. SMITH-23726. Frederick was born about 1887. He died before 1987.
+ 7307 F iii Maud FULLER-23727 was born on 5 Aug 1889. She died in Nov 1971.
+ 7308 F iv Winifred FULLER-23730 was born in Apr 1894. She died before 1994.

5000. Alexander P. SISSON-79 (William B. , Pardon , John , John , John , John , Richard ) was born in Jun 1849 in Newport, Newport Co., Rhode Island.

This Alexander P. Sisson is probably the Alexander P. Sisson, 30, listed in the June 1880 Newport, Rhode Island, census. He was a grocer and had a wife Cora L., 28, and three children: William H., 6; Louis J., 5; and Etta W., 3. The census indicates that Cora was born in Pennyslvania, William in Rhode Island, Louis in New York, and Etta in Rhode Island. See David Martin's Town Records, Newport, RI, p 314, 448.

Alexander married (MRIN:9606) Cornelia L. WOOD-26058 on 7 Mar 1871 in Newport, Newport Co., Rhode Island. Cornelia was born about 1862.

They had the following children.

  7309 M i
Louis James SISSON-26059 was born about 1875 in Newport, Newport Co., Rhode Island.
Louis married (MRIN:9607) Marian Louise RYDER-26061.
  7310 F ii
Annette Wood SISSON-26060 was born about 1877 in Newport, Newport Co., Rhode Island.
Annette married (MRIN:9608) Herbert Charles BARNETT-26062.

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