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Descendants of Richard (1608-1684) and Mary (d. 1692) SISSON of Rhode Island Richard SISSON

Second Generation

2. George SISSON-3 (Richard ) was born about 1645. He died on 7 Sep 1718 in Portsmouth, Newport Co., Rhode Island.

George Sisson may have been born in England, perhaps in Burton, Latimer, Northam, England, or in Portsmouth, RI, or in Dartmouth, Plymouth Colony. According to a letter from Dorothy Dey reprinted in the Sisson Newsletter, v.2 no.2, Charles Edward Banks, in his "Topical Dictionary of 2885 English Emigrants to New England, 1620 to 1650," "George Sisson came from Burton, Latimer parish, in Northamptonshire, England, clear up on the Scottish border...."

Extracted mainly from John L. Martin's "The Sisson Family" part 1, page 5:
George was a farmer. In 1667 he went with his father to Dartmouth, Plymouth Colony, but later he returned to Portsmouth, Rhode Island. The following data comes from the records of the colony of Rhode Island:
On 5 June 1671, he served on a Grand Jury.  At the same date he and others were appointed to view the damage done to the Indians by horses and hogs. On November 28, 1673, George was admitted as a freeman at Portsmouth. On 7 April 1677, he traded his sister Anne's husband Peleg Tripp 32 acres in Portsmouth including houses, orchards, fencing, &c., for 3/8 share of some property in Dartmouth, Mass.  Carol Sisson Regehr quotes Carl Bridenbaugh's "Fat Mutton and Liberty of Conscience: Society in Rhode Island, 1636-1690" (published by Brown University Press, 1974): about 1681, George Sisson, a Portsmouth farmer, was paid in land by John Cooke for "the makeing of forty seven Rods of good Suffitient Stone wall." [p. 35]On 19 May 1683, he sold to Isaac Lawton, for L100, a quarter share in some Dartmouth property. On 16 August (or November) 1684, George was on a jury investigating the death of an Indian who "died at the walnut tree." The verdict was that the Indian had "murdered himself." On July 14, 1687 he was sworn in as Constable of Portsmouth. On June 24, 1687 he was appointed Administrator of his brother John's widow Mary's estate. George was a deputy to the [Massachusetts?] colonial assembly in 1690, 1702, 1705 & 1707, and was a Justice of the Peace in 1703. He was a town councilman in Portsmouth in 1695, 1696, and 1697. He was commissioned to attend the General Assembly in Providence June 19, 1696. Sources:  GENEALOGICAL DICTIONARY OF RHODE ISLAND, by John Osborne Austin, Page 181; "Early Records of the Town of Portsmouth."

The Sisson Newsletter, v 6 #3 p 17, quotes Mary Jo Sisson: "Mintwater Brook": George Sisson (second generation) was granted land on the East Main Road (Portsmouth, Rhode Island) where standing to this day (1976) is the old Sisson house, referred to as 'the Richard Sisson house.' Flowing through this property is the Mintwater Brook. Source: Herbert H Hall, III, descendant of Richard Sisson (1st generation), living in Portsmouth. The original Richard Sisson, who early settled at Mintwater Brook." Source: History of Newport County, RI. 3rd: "The original homestead of Richard and Mary Sisson, at Portsmouth, is now known as the Mintwater Brook Farm." Source: Biography of Nathaniel Sisson, a descendant of the Unidilla, NY, Sissons, who migrated to Ohio. "The homestead farm was given to Richard (3rd generation) the eldest son, and has descended to the present time from father to son. It lies in the town of Portsmouth, RI, on Rhode Island." Source: "Luther Sisson of Easton, Mass., His Ancestry and Descendants," compiled and printed by Arthur A. Wood, Slocum, RI, 1909. See notes for Richard Sisson, George's father.

A transcription of George's will: To eldest son Richard, "about 80 acres in northerly part of farm where I dwell, also 17 acres near 'Solentary Hole,' and all lands owned in Warwick." To son George, "farm now possessed by him at Touisset Neck, Swanzey." To son Thomas, "land at Newport, now possessed by him." To son John, land and housing in Tiverton, he paying L70 as follows: To daughters Elizabeth Clarke, Anne Weeden, Hope Sanford, Ruth Tew and Abigail Tew, L10 each and L20 to granddaughter Jane Sisson, daughter of John, when she is eighteen. To son James, remainder of lands in Portsmouth, with all buildings, fencing and orchards, &c., "only excepting the burial place, to be kept well fenced by my son James Sisson, his heirs and assigns forever, which is hereby preserved for my posterity and any other of my relatives for a burying place," &c. To son James, also old negro man Abraham and Lucy his wife, twenty sheep, two great tables, two great forms, cupboard, yoke, chains, &c. "My grindstone I give equally between my sons Richard Sisson and James Sisson, for the improvement of them and theirs." To five daughters, equally, silver money and plate, and to each a feather bed, &c. To granddaughter Sarah Clarke, a feather bed and L10. Rest of movables to daughters.

The inventory of George's estate showed his property was worth L441, 18s, 8d (with subsequent addition of L10, 5s.) [Note:  In 1669, L440 was worth roughly $135,000 in late 20th century money. Each pound was worth approximately $307.] George owned wearing apparel valued at L8/11s/, armour worth L2, plate at 8s per ounce L8/12s/2d, silver money L13/12s/6d, Bills of Public Credit L69/8s/6d, books, 4 cows, half of 5 steers, 3 yearlings, and 2 calves, 2 mares, colt, 93 sheep and lambs, half of 4 swine and 4 shoats, geese, turkeys and fowls, small table, 12 chairs, woolen wheel, cradle, churn, cheese motes, pewter, iron and brass ware, &c.  Source:  GENEALOGICAL DICTIONARY OF RHODE ISLAND, by John Osborne Austin, Page 181. Source:  EARLY AMERICAN HOMES, October, 1996, page 31.

Mary Jo (Sisson) March sent this list of house furnishings in the Mintwater Brook House as listed in his will: 2 great tables, 2 great forms(?), "my standing cupboard," 6 feather beds & boulsters, "Rest of moveables equally to five daughters." books and spectacles, small table, 12 chairs, woolen wheel (spinning wheel?), cradle, pewter, earthen, brass, [and] iron ware, tongs, andirons, linen and flannel sheets, table linen. (Source:  The Will & Inventory of George Sisson(2), 1718).)

SOURCES: Sisson wills; Lawton genealogy; Austin's "Genealogical Dictionary of RI; Tiverton and Portsmouth Vital Records," p. 95; Arnold, v.4, pp.48, 106, 107; "Historical and Genealogical Miscellany of Early Settlers of New Jersey" by Stillwell, v.5, 1932.

George married (MRIN:2) Sarah LAWTON-9, daughter of Thomas LAWTON-409 and Elizabeth SALISBURY-11058 (MRIN:8), on 1 Aug 1667 in Portsmouth, Newport Co., Rhode Island. Sarah was born in Apr 1644/1645 in Porstmouth, Newport Co., Rhode Island. She died on 5 Jul 1718 in Portsmouth, Newport Co., Rhode Island.

Sarah Lawton is reported in the Ancestral File as born 1 April 1647 in Canfield, Bedfordshire, England (FN 9CQD-XS). Mary Jo Sisson March has researched the Lawton family for years, and reports that Sarah did not have a brother named either Thomas or Josiah. Her father was Thomas, and she had a son named Thomas. Sarah's father Thomas named his children in his will. Sarah's half-brother Isaac married Mary Sisson, Sarah's sister-in-law, her husband George's sister. Mary died in childbirth. Isaac then married Elizabeth Tallman, who became the mother of his children. He married third Naomi (Hunt) Lawton, a Lawton widow.

"A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, Before 1692", by James Savage, gives Sarah's death date as 17 July 1718.

For information on Lawton Valley in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, go to

They had the following children.

+ 8 F i Elizabeth SISSON-15 was born on 18 Aug 1669. She died before 1752.
  9 F ii
Mary SISSON-17 was born on 18 Oct 1670 in Portsmouth, Newport Co., Rhode Island. She died in 1698 in Portsmouth, Newport Co., Rhode Island.

This Mary Sisson has been confused with her aunt Mary who married Isaac Lawton. This Mary was probably not married. She has also been confused with a Mary Sisson of Virginia who married Nathaniel Pope, among others.
+ 10 F iii Ann SISSON-19 was born on 17 Dec 1672. She died on 19 Mar 1749.
+ 11 F iv Hope SISSON-21 was born on 24 Dec 1674. She died on 21 Jan 1752.
+ 12 M v Richard SISSON-23 was born on 10 Sep 1676. He died in 1752.
+ 13 F vi Ruth SISSON-25 was born on 5 May 1680. She died in 1775.
+ 14 M vii George SISSON Jr.-27 was born on 23 May 1683. He died in 1775.
+ 15 F viii Abigail SISSON-30 was born on 23 Mar 1684/1685. She died on 30 Aug 1723.
+ 16 M ix Thomas SISSON-32 was born on 10 Sep 1686. He died in Jul 1775.
+ 17 M x John SISSON-4629 was born on 26 Jun 1688. He died in 1784.
+ 18 M xi James SISSON-35 was born on 26 Jul 1690. He died on 14 Oct 1776.

3. Anne SISSON-4 (Richard ) was born about 1647/1648. She died after 1718 in Dartmouth, Bristol Co., Massachusetts.

Anne married (MRIN:3) Peleg TRIPP-10, son of John TRIPP-23495 and Mary PAINE-23494 (MRIN:10), in 1665/1667 in Portsmouth, Newport Co., Rhode Island. Peleg was born in 1642 in Portsmouth, Newport Co., Rhode Island. He died on 13 Jan 1714/1715 in Portsmouth, Newport Co., Rhode Island.

Peleg Tripp's will was made in 1713 and proved 8 Feb 1714. He was a deputy at Portsmouth.  The line of descent from Peleg Tripp and Ann Sisson to Warren Gamaliel Harding, 29th President of the United States, is as follows:
1) Job Tripp m. Elizabeth Sweet
2) Isaac Tripp m. Sarah Sweet
3) William Tripp m. Sarah Slocum
4) Phoebe Tripp (August 17, 1767 - November 2, 1844) m. Amos Harding (March 1764 - July 10, 1839) on August 21, 1784.
5) George Tryon Harding m. Elizabeth Madison
6) Charles Alexander Harding m. Nancy Ann Crawford
7) George Tryon Harding II (June 12, 1844 in Blooming Grove, OH, - November 23, 19280 m. Phoebe Elizabeth Dickerson (Dec. 21, 1843 in North Bloomfield, OH, - May 20, 1920)
8) Warren Gamaliel Harding (Nov. 2, 1865, Blooming Grove, OH - August 2, 1923 San Francisco, CA) m. Florence Mabel Kling (b. August 15, 1860 in Marion OH, d. November 21, 1924) on July 8, 1891.
Warren G. Harding was the 29th president of the United States.

They had the following children.

  19 M i
John TRIPP-37 was born in 1667 in Portsmouth, Newport Co., Rhode Island. He died on 9 Mar 1686/1687 in Portsmouth, Newport Co., Rhode Island.
John married (MRIN:39) Elizabeth Sarah MOTT-3147 on 9 Mar 1686/1687. Elizabeth was born on 11 Oct 1657.
  20 F ii
Priscilla TRIPP-459 was born about 1669 in Portsmouth, Newport Co., Rhode Island. She died in 1713.
Priscilla married (MRIN:358) ROGERS-23493.
+ 21 F iii Mehitable TRIPP-415 was born on 6 Jan 1668/1669. She died after 1736.
  22 F iv
Sarah TRIPP-2629 was born about 1671 in Portsmouth, Newport Co., Rhode Island.
Sarah married (MRIN:1434) Thomas ROGERS-3118. Thomas was born about 1669.
+ 23 M v Job TRIPP-456 was born about 1673. He died on 3 Sep 1751.
+ 24 M vi Peleg TRIPP-454 was born about 1677. He died before Jul 1746.
+ 25 F vii Mary TRIPP-452 was born about 1677. She died on 30 Jun 1729.
+ 26 F viii Anne TRIPP-2627 was born about 1679. She died on 22 Aug 1736.
  27 M ix
Richard TRIPP-2626 was born about 1683 in Portsmouth, Newport Co., Rhode Island.
Richard married (MRIN:1430) Phebe PECKHAM-3234. Phebe was born about 1682.
Richard also married ( 2:MRIN:1431) Ellen LEWIS-23496 on 28 Nov 1728 in Portsmouth, Newport Co., Rhode Island.
Richard also married ( 3:MRIN:1432) Ann BROWNELL-23497 on 9 Oct 1739. Ann was born about 1716.

4. Elizabeth SISSON-5 (Richard ) was born on 8 Apr 1650. She died in 1740 in Dartmouth, Bristol Co., Massachusetts.

John L. Martin's "The Sisson Family" Part 1, page 4: "On October 17th, 1692, Elizabeth Allen, wife of Caleb Allen of Sandwich, receipts to her brother James Sisson of Dartmouth for legacy by her mother Mary Sisson. The witnesses were Nat Huddleston and Deliverance Smith. Deliverance Smith married Mary Tripp, daughter of Peleg Tripp and Anne Sisson."

Elizabeth married (MRIN:4) Caleb ALLEN-11, son of George ALLEN-12083 and Hannah CALIB-11889 (MRIN:11), on 28 Apr 1670 in Dartmouth, Bristol Co., Massachusetts. Caleb was born on 24 Jun 1648 in Sandwich, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts.

Source for marriage: Religious Society of Friends, Sandwich Monthly Meeting, v. 60, 1646-1761, FHL Microfilm #1331 (:62) Caleb Allen and Elizabeth Sison were married [also (2:1249)] [Sandwich] 28: 2mo: 1670.
Ed Cooper has extensive information on the descendants of Caleb and Elizabeth (Sisson) Allen. See this site

They had the following children.

+ 28 M i Richard ALLEN-2625 was born on 8 Oct 1673. He died in 1731.
  29 F ii
Mary ALLEN-2624 was born on 29 Feb 1676 in Barnstable Co., Massachusetts.
+ 30 M iii George ALLEN-2623 was born on 19 May 1678. He died in 1728.
  31 F iv
Hannah ALLEN-417 was born on 5 Nov 1680 in Barnstable Co., Massachusetts.
  32 M v
Caleb ALLEN-416 was born on 20 Mar 1683 in Barnstable Co., Massachusetts.
  33 F vi
Elizabeth ALLEN-411 was born on 3 Dec 1685 in Barnstable Co., Massachusetts.
  34 M vii
James ALLEN-413 was born on 17 Jun 1689 in Barnstable Co., Massachusetts.

5. James SISSON-7 (Richard ) was born on 2 Nov 1652 in Portsmouth, Newport Co., Rhode Island. He died in Dec 1734 in Dartmouth, Bristol Co., Massachusetts.

James Sisson was born about 1656 (not 1652 as elsewhere reported). He was admitted as a freeman in Westport, Plymouth Colony (later Massachusetts Bay Colony) in 1684. He was a farmer, a constable in 1686, surveyor of highways in 1685, and a selectman in 1689. He was (according to a biography of a descendant, Albert Elverton Sisson, "a collector of taxes for the Massachusetts town in which he lived [Westport], and suffered imprisonment because he would not collect the Church of England tax. "His will is dated June 15, and was proved December 1734. At that time his inventory was 172 pounds, 18 shillings, 1 penny. His son Jonathan was executor of his will which names sons Richard, James, Thomas & Jonathan and daughters Sarah, Rebecca, Content, Mary & Hannah. James had a Confirmatory Deed in Dartmouth from William Bradford dated 13 Nov 1694. Rhode Island Vital Records, page 540 says that James and Lydia had 12 children. The Sisson Newsletter reports only 10. SOURCES: Sisson Newsletter v1, no2, page 1; Portsmouth VRs. Arnold pp 40 and 96; Tiverton VRs. Arnold pp 4-48; Mayflower Index 1932. Gen Soc of Mayflower Descendants; Dartmouth VRs.

From "American Series of Popular Biographies, MASS. edition", published by Graves Steinbarger 91901), p. 970: "James Sisson who took the freeman's oath in the town of Dartmouth, (Mass.), March 24, 1686. Was executor of his father's will, which was proved in 1684."

In the records of the Common Burial Ground at Newport, R.I., buried along with James Sisson and his wife Lydia is "Bathsheba, wife of James, d 25 Nov. 1740 in 36 y". Also listed is "Elizabeth, dau. of James, d. 22 Aug 1774, in 49 y."

James married (MRIN:6) Lydia HATHAWAY-12, daughter of Arthur HATHAWAY-11752 and Sarah COOKE-11749 (MRIN:12), in 1680 in Portsmouth, Newport Co., Rhode Island. Lydia was born in 1662/1663 in Dartmouth, Bristol Co., Massachusetts. She died on 23 Jun 1714 in Newport, Newport Co., Rhode Island. She was buried in Newport Common Burial Ground.

Lydia Hathaway's mother Sarah Cook was a Mayflower descendant.

They had the following children.

+ 35 M i Richard SISSON-1054 was born on 9 Feb 1681/1682. He died on 9 Oct 1744.
  36 F ii
Mary SISSON-1484 was born on 26 Feb 1684/1685 in Dartmouth, Bristol Co., Massachusetts.
+ 37 F iii Sarah SISSON-2668 was born about 1687. She died before 6 Sep 1753.
+ 38 M iv Jonathan SISSON-2645 was born in 1689. He died in 1775.
  39 M v
Philip SISSON-1039 was born in 1691 in Dartmouth, Bristol Co., Massachusetts. He died in 1730 in Dartmouth, Bristol Co., Massachusetts.

Philip was a cordwwainer, i.e. a shoemaker. He was not married and left his estate by will to his brother Thomas. Source: Wills 14:364-67, Taunton, Mass.
  40 M vi
Thomas SISSON-11120 was born in 1692 in Dartmouth, Bristol Co., Massachusetts. He died before 1702.
+ 41 F vii Content SISSON-3117 was born in 1694. She died before 1734.
  42 F viii
Hannah SISSON-2652 was born in 1698 in Dartmouth, Bristol Co., Massachusetts. She died before 1706.
+ 43 M ix James SISSON Jr.-2648 was born about 1700. He died after 1774.
  44 F x
Rebecca SISSON-2630 was born in 1700 in Dartmouth, Bristol Co., Massachusetts. She died in 1728.
Rebecca married (MRIN:1435) John WEST-4379, son of Stephen WEST-11791 and Mercy COOK-11751 (MRIN:2190), on 24 Mar 1728. John was born about 1700.
  45 M xi
Thomas SISSON-3116 was born in 1702 in Dartmouth, Bristol Co., Massachusetts.

This is probably the Thomas Sisson who received an earmark of "two half-pennies before the near ear" June 5, 1749. Source: "Early Records of the Town of Portsmouth" page 328.
Thomas married (MRIN:1440) Rebecca-2658. Rebecca was born about 1705.
  46 M xii
John SISSON-11220 was born in 1702.
  47 F xiii
Hannah SISSON-13862 was born about 1706 in Dartmouth, Bristol Co., Massachusetts.

7. John SISSON-8 (Richard ) was born about 1658 in Dartmouth, Bristol Co., Massachusetts. He died on 24 Jun 1687 in Newport, Newport Co., Rhode Island.

John Sisson was taxed 18 shillings in 1680.  He served on a jury in 1680 and on a grand jury in 1682.

John married (MRIN:7) Mary-14 about 1681 in Newport, Newport Co., Rhode Island. Mary was born in 1662 in Rhode Island. She died in 1687 in Newport, Newport Co., Rhode Island.

Mary (Mrs. John) Sisson's estate was worth 187/11/6 [pounds, shillings, and pence].  Her will was administered by her brother-in-law George Sisson. She died after her husband but in the same year.

They had the following children.

+ 48 M i John SISSON Jr-2669 died before 10 Dec 1759.
  49 F ii
Mary SISSON-2682 was born in Newport, Newport Co., Rhode Island. She died on 13 Jan 1714 in Newport, Newport Co., Rhode Island.

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