Some hints for efficient searching of the databases:


When you go to the introductory page of each database, you have the choice to consider the information

3 ways:



“Surnames”, or



If you already know your Sisson line back to a particular immigrant, click on “Descendants”.

This will take you to the information on the immigrant couple (the first generation) and from

there you can click on their child in your line, and continue down the line as far as reported.


On the other hand, maybe you know your line from yourself backwards in time. Maybe you know

your own grandparents’ names, or great-grandparents, or further back, but then there’s a brick wall.


So how do you find your George Sisson, or William Sisson, or Elizabeth Sisson, or Mary Sisson,

among the hundreds in the index?


An efficient method is to start by writing down your own name with your birthdate and place. Then,

write down the names, birthdates and places, marriage dates and places, and death dates and places (if applicable)

of your parents. Then, go on back the line where your Sisson ancestor connects in, and continue

writing the names, dates, and places, as far as you know.


Now, click on the “Surnames” section of one of the online databases. Instead of searching for

“Sisson” (there are thousands!), search for one of the less common surnames of one of the spouses

in your line, as far back in time as possible. There will be many fewer names to choose from, and

it will be much easier to see if parts of your line have already been reported.


When new names are inserted into the middle of a database, the reference numbers of many of those

already in the database will change. If you make a bookmark to your line, it may not go to the right URL

for your person anymore. Search for a less common surname of a spouse, as outlined above, to find

the new URL.


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