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Some Descendants of David Sloan SISSON

(Robert, William, Bryan, Caleb, Stanley, Ludlow Branham, David Sloan)

In 1890 the family of David Sloan Sisson gathered. A descendant, Dave Price, has sent a picture of the assembly . Dave says "The older man, seated second from left, with white beard and mustache and hat, is David Sloan Sisson. The older woman seated in the center of the picture, is his wife, Sarah Magdalene (Coon) Sisson. My great-aunt Lois told me that David Sloan and his brother James Madison married sisters in the COON family. [The picture] is a copy of a photo my great-aunt Lois (Price) Fainter has on her bedroom dresser. Aunt Lois says that her mother Callie Amanda Sisson (daughter of David Sloan Sisson) is the tall woman with a hat, standing second from left. Standing on the far left is Callie's sister Alice. Aunt Lois says that the man standing fourth from left is her uncle John."

Lois was sure only of these five identifications of the people in the photo. Dave say's "I'll look forward to hearing from the clan to see if anybody else knows [who the others are]." His address is [email protected]

Dave also sent a picture which shows Callie Amanda SISSON and her brothers "Uncle Billy" on left and "Uncle Robert" who Lois says was younger and had red hair. Their full names were William Morris Sisson (on left) and Robert Oscar Sisson.

Lois says that her "Grandpa Sisson [David Sloan Sisson] ran a general store in Floyd. He used to go to Roanoke for supplies. Grandpa Sisson deserted from the Confederate Army during the Civil War. Her mother told her that soldiers, looking for deserters, would come by and ask the children where their father was. The children would point and say, 'He's up there in the mountains.' "

"[Dave's] cousin Price Hodges researched the 'deserter' story with the National Archives and found that David Sloan Sisson was indeed listed as missing from his unit. Price writes, 'Lois told me John Thomas Price joined the army of the Confederate States of America, Co. G,, 57th Virginia Infantry, and that David Sloan Sisson joined the CSA, Co. I, 54th Virginia infantry.' John Thomas Price was the father of Walter Edward Price who married Callie Amanda Sisson.

"Callie Amanda was courted by two gentlemen, Walter Edward Price and Lewis Reed. She married Walter Edward and when the preacher asked 'If anyone thinks that these two should not be joined ... speak now or forever hold your peace.' Lewis Reed spoke up and argued strongly that she should marry him instead. Many years later, after Walter Edward Price died (in 1937), Lewis asked Callie to marry him. She did, on 18 Sep 1948 in Lynchburg, Va. She lived with Lewis in Check, Floyd Co., Va. Callie changed her name to Callie 'Maye' because she didn't like Callie Amanda.

"Callie is buried in the cemetery of High Bridge Presbyterian Church, Natural Bridge, Franklin Co, Virginia. She lies next to her first husband Walter Edward Price. In the same area is buried her daughter Irma Bly Price (Hodges Apperson)."