We have raised a large sum of money for
of the Sisson families in England.

And we hope to add to it.

If you feel moved to make a contribution, please mail a check marked "Sisson Research Fund" and made out to David S. Martin, who is one of the chief organizers of the 1998 and 2000 Sisson Gatherings. Mail it to him at 4709 Blagdon Terrace, Washington DC 20011

All donations will be acknowledged by US Mail. If we do not need all the donations, they will be returned prorated.

I found two researchers to recommend to the Sisson Gathering in June 2000. Both give references who all send glowing reports of their work. Probably no one knows all the specific sources of information about the two founding Sisson couples. The more records we can gather and cite carefully now, the less we will need to spend from our research fund to go in order to prepare for the new research.

So please help. If you have ever conducted any English research for any 17th century Sisson family, please let us know what you've found.

Please send your list of specifics to the Sisson List at SISSON-L@ROOTSWEB.COM so that all of us Sisson researchers can read it. Thank you very much.