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Information submitted by Kimberly Elkins Moore
© Kimberly Elkins Moore

William ELKINS b. c1800 married Elizabeth HARRISON, b. c1810. Both of their parents are unknown. William ELKINS may be a son of Benjamin ELKINS. William is found on the 1830 Fauquier Census (Virginia), on the 1840 Census (Virginia) he is found in the Leeds District on the same page as Benjamin ELKINS and on the 1850 Census (Virginia), he is found in the Ashby District.

Their Descendants:

I Sarah Ann ELKINS b. 1828 in Fauquier County, married Joseph M. Elkins (s/o of David ELKINS and Mary PEDIGO who was probably another one of Benjamins' children) died 10 Nov 1862, both are buried at a cemetary near the present day Oasis Winery.

A. James William ELKINS b 30 Jun 1850? Rappahannock County, married Mary Jane RUTHERFORD b. 1835, d/o William and Jemima MAHONEY RUTHERFORD 31 August 1873 Rappahannock County.
1. Martha Elkins b. 17 Oct 1881 Fauquier County
2. Everard M. Elkins b. 19 Nov 1883 Fauquier County
3. Walter M. Elkins b. 18 April 1892 Fauquier County

B. Mary Blanche ELKINS b. 1866 Fauquier County, married William Leonard LEWIS b. 1834 Prince George MD s/o Annie LEWIS on 12 Mar 1889 in Rappahannock County.

C. George Robert ELKINS b.unknown married Catherine TURNER 24 July 1879 in Warren County. George and Catherine lived on farms located Marshall, Delaplane, Lucketts and Leesburg and then went to Poolesville MD. George was an avid farmer and was unfortunately killed in his barn when a cow gored him.

1. Mary E. ELKINS b. 1 Apr 1881, died c. 1890, buried at the Winery cemetary
2. Flora ELKINS, died 10 Mar 1966, lived at Boyds, Montgomery Cty, MD. Married Harry SHRY, remarried Hunt HITT
a Beulah SHRY married Kingston PICKERELL. Kingston was head of railroad security at the Potomac Yards in Alexandria, Va.
#a Edward PICKERELL, never married
#b Paxton PICKERELL, married
#c Joan PICKERELL, married and now deceased.
3. Texanna ELKINS, m. Benjamin PAXTON d 9 Apr 1953, Poolesville, MD, buried at Monocacy Cemetary, Beallsville, Montgomery Cty, MD
4. Ada Clarence ELKINS, never married, buried at Darnestown Presbyterian Church Cemetary.
5. Joseph Milton ELKINS, never married, d 30 Mar 1934, buried at Monocacy Cemetary. Lived at Poolesville MD and on farm on Martinsburg Road near White's Ferry, Montgomery County, MD
6. James Polk ELKINS b. 1 Apr 1893 d. May 1970. married Helen Estelle FAWLEY b.12 Oct 1895, d. 27 Apr 1976. lived near White's Ferry, moved to Buckeyetown, MD, then to Laytonsville, MD then to Washington, DC, then to Washington Grove MD, spent their last years in Gaithersburg, MD
a. Pauline Virginia ELKINS, married (1) Armstead CURTIS
#a Robert Russell Curtis
##a Jeffrey Curtis
Remarried Howard CARTER of Darnestown, MD, operated a milk truck and was sextant of the Darnestown Presbyterian Cemetary.
b. Oscar Milton ELKINS b. 18 Sep 1915, at Poolesville, MD on the White Farm off Club Hollow Road, married Frona Lorraine ZITO of Utah
#a Shanna Lee ELKINS b. 10 Dec 1944, married Raymond Nathan ZUFELT.
#b Joseph Milton ELKINS, married Linda SMITH of Utah. Served in WWII in Utah, worked for Anaconda Copper, died with cancer.
c. Margaret Catherine ELKINS b. 28 Oct 1917, d. Sep 1970, married Ray Frank BOSWELL
#a James Elkins BOSWELL, married with daughter
#b Larry BOSWELL, married with three children
d. Elizabeth Eloise ELKINS b. 27 Apr 1919, never married, lives in a nursing home in Mt. Airy, MD.
e. Mary Madeline ELKINS b. 10 Sep 1923, married Nathan Myrell MILLER, Sr. b. 25 Aug 1918
#a Nathan M. MILLER, Jr. b. 25 Nov 1942, married Dana Sue McCLUNG in June 1964, live in Upstate NY
##a Nathan M. MILLER, III b. 8 Feb 1965
##b Thomas Michael MILLER b. 23 Feb 1948, single, lives in Alexandria, Va. Research Historian for the City of Alexandria, past Curator of the Lee-Fendall House Museum in Alexandria.
##c Catherine Ann MILLER b. 7 Mar 1959, married Jerry DOROSHENO on 16 Oct 1976, reside in Upstate NY at Earlville.
###a Jessica Lynn DOROSHENO b. 6 May 1978
###b. Joshua Michael DOROSHENO b. 21 Apr 1979
###c Jonathan Myrell DOROSHENO b. 25 Oct 1981
###d David Jones DOROSHENO

Joseph Milton ELKINS, who was married to Sarah ELKINS, served with the 49th Regiment, Company E. Flint Hill Rifleman. He bravely fought and was wounded at the Battle of Antietam at the fierce fighting at the Dunkard Church. He was allowed to slip through the Yankee lines and came home, where he died from his injuries two months later. He wrote many letters home to his wife during his service to the Confederacy:

July 21, 1861 (just after the First Battle of Manassas)
Dear Wife, I take this opportunity of writing you these few lines to inform you that I am well at this present time and when these few lines come to hand they may find you enjoying the same health. We had another great battle Sunday, it commenced at 6 o'clock and ended at 6 o'clock, it was the hardest battle that was ever fought in America. They had 10 to our 1--we conquered them, we lost about 800 in killed and wounded. The Yankees lost about 5,000 and we took 1,300 prisoners and 125 horses, baggage wagons and 64 pieces of cannon besides a great many other things. I was not in the battle, but could hear the report of the cannons which was very plain and we were in site of the battlefield, it was a sad and dreary day. I never had spent such a sabbath in my life before I have seen the horror of war. I had to stand sentinel at the hospital door where I could see all the wounded soldiers. I stood from Sunday 12 o'clock til Monday night-I had to be up all night to guard the wounded--it was the saddest thing I ever saw to hear the moans of the wounded and dying. I saw the surgeons operating on them, it made me shed tears to see how they suffered, some had to have both of their arms cut off and some their legs...I expect we will attack Washington City next. President Davis came here Sunday. He went out on the battlefield, he came round and looked at all the wounded soldiers and shed tears over them, he is pleasant and graceful in his manner--it seemed to put new vigor in his army to see him in their presence. I have heard and read a good deal about war but I have seen the horror at last. I never want to look into another hospital if I can help myself again...I am always thinking of you and the children. I hope I will return to you all again. I want you to raise them right if I should not get back. Nothing more at present, but remain your affectionate husband until death parts us.--Jos. M. Elkins

October 3, 1861--Camp Pickens
--Dearest-I seat myself down again to write you a few lines to inform you of my health. I feel better at present than I have since. I came back, I was fearful that I was going to have another spell but thank God if I feel as I do now. I cannot complain and when these few lines come to hand they will find you enjoying the same blessing of good health dear wife. I have written you twice and have not recieved no answer yet. You must write to me and let me hear from you and the children. I had almost thought that you had forgotten me by your not answering my letters. I sent one by mail and one by Col. Eastman, it would give me great satisfaction to hear from you. I sent 1 jar and 2 jugs up by Henry Yates to Flint Hill. You can send and get them, he had not room to bring the balance. There is nothing of importance. Both sides seem to be preparing for battle. President Davis has arrived here. I saw him myself. The railroad was thronged with soldiers to see him. You must write to me if they are furnishing you anything or not. We expect to get pay in a day or two and I will send it to you. Give my love to mother and all the children and tell them to be good boys. Captain Williams has resigned. I will say nothing about coming home for I don't (know) when I can come. You must not fail to write. You can send me an old quilt if you have a chance. I have nothing more at present but remain your husband til death--Joseph M. Elkins

October 17, 1861--Camp Pickens
--I have never been on duty but 3 or 4 times since I came back. Henry and James Ford has to wait on Newton Martin. He has the fever and is very low. There is a good many in our company sick at this time and none of us can come home....Give my love to Mother and all the children. I would like to see poor little Eddy. I want you to write to me how he is coming on and whether he is talking yet or not. It would be a great comfort to me to be at home with you all. I hope the Lord will protect and spare me through this 12 months and then I will see if I can't stay at home. I have drawn no wages yet but we are looking to be paid off every day. I think it is getting time they paid us. I wish you could send me some butter and some eggs if you have them and I would like to have some pickles and I have no appetite to eat anything much if you could put them in a box and get John to bring them to the railroad I could pay him for bringing it when I get the box....I will come as soon as possible if it is Gods will.

December 29, 1861--Camp Pickens
My dear Wife,
...I would have written you sooner but I waited to see what they have done with Henry (James H. Elkins) They are all in the guardhouse. They court martialed them but I don't know what they done with them yet but I will know in a few days. We have taken up our winter quarters up here. We have been building our huts here about 2 weeks and we are not done yet. ...We have been throwing up breast works for six weeks and ain't done yet. Give my love to Mother and the children....If I could be there to kiss you and poor little Eddy it would be a great deal of joy to me but it seemed that I can't get off even to gratify myself that much. Tell Bob (George Robert Elkins) and Billy (James William Elkins) that I have not forgotten them and I want them to be good boys. I have nothing more at present but remain your ever affectionate husband until death calls us to part and if it should be the Lord's will to separate us in this world, I hope we will meet again in heaven to part no more. from your husband, Joseph M. Elkins Don't let me fail to hear from you as soon as possible.

II Evaline ELKINS b. 1831 married George W. HEFIN in 1851. George was a close friend of Joseph Milton ELKINS and also served in the 49th Virginia Regiment.
A. Susan Ann HEFLIN b. 1852/3 married Daniel Dorsey HEFLIN 17 March 1872.
1. Samuel M. HEFLIN b. 17 Apr 1874 d. 28 Mar 1936
2. George Washington HEFLIN b. 18 Mar 1876, m. Hattie Sills 28 Dec 1898 in Warren County.
3. Cora A. HEFLIN b. 1879 married Edward William SHOWERS s/o George Washington ELKINS (Showers) and Sarah E.___ (see Eliza Jane's line), died 1940, is buried at Prospect Hills Cemetary, Front Royal, Va.
4. Amanda Edmonia HEFLIN b. 1881, married Ernest W. STROTHER 24 Dec 1902 Warren County.
5. Henry Clayton HEFLIN b. 1882, married Drury Letitia STROTHER 29 Dec 1903 in Warren County
6. Fannie M. HEFLIN b. 1883, married (1) Edward FLETCHER 19 Oct 1904 and (2) James Albert "Allie" SHOWERS, s/o George Washington Elkins (Showers) and Sarah E. ____ on 2 Feb 1911.
7. Mary Aylor HEFLIN b. Apr 1886 married George Washington SHOWERS 12 Mar 1903, s/o George Washington Elkins (Showers) and Sarah E.___.
8. Jackey HEFLIN b. Oct 1888, probably died young
9. Nora L. HEFLIN b. 1891, probably died young.
10. Richard H. HEFLIN b. 31 Oct 1893 married Bertha ESTES, died 28 Feb 1973
11. Taylor T. HEFLIN b 15 Jun 1895, married Eva J. ___, died 18 Oct 1965
12. Addie C. HEFLIN b. 7 Oct 1900, married Bedford J. SHOWERS, son of George Washington Elkins (Showers) and Sarah E.___ in 1922 in Warren County. Died 20 Mar 1967, buried Prospect Hills Cemetary, Front Royal, Va.
13, 14, 15, 16: Albert, Andrew, Maude, John W. Heflin, all believed to have died young.

B. Elizabeth Jane HEFLIN b. Nov 1854, Fauquier County, married James Walter RUTHERFORD, son of William and Jemima Mahoney Rutherford on 1 April 1875 in Fauquier County, Va.
1. James Walter RUTHERFORD, Jr. b. 1875
2. William E. RUTHERFORD b. 1877
3. George D. RUTHERFORD b. 14 Jul 1878 in Fauquier County.
C. Louise HEFLIN b. 1856
D. George W. HEFLIN b. 1858, married Mary E.____
1. Aurora J. HEFLIN b. 29 June 1885, Fauquier County
2. Carelton D. Heflin b. 30 Jul 1887, Fauquier County
3. Walter A. Heflin b. 18 Oct 1889, Fauquier County
4. Mary L. Heflin b. 23 Jan 1894, Fauquier County
5. R. D. Heflin b. 22 May 1896, Fauquier County
E. Georgeanna "Docia" HEFLIN b. 1863.

III Margaret Elizabeth ELKINS b. 1834 married Thomas Henry RUTHERFORD, a farmer, b. 1845 Rappahannock County, son of William and Jemima MAHONEY RUTHERFORD, on 30 April 1868 in Fauquier County. On her marriage record, she is listed as Elizabeth Margaret.
A. Henry Thomas RUTHERFORD b. May 1872 at Fiery Run, Hitch, Fauquier County Va., married Minnie EDWARDS in 1899, died 1902.
B. Anne B. "Annie" RUTHERFORD b. 28 May 1876 at Fiery Run, never married, died 4 May 1932
C. George S. RUTHERFORD b. 28 Jul 1878, never married, died 14 Aug 1934.

IV Eliza Jane ELKINS b. 1833 Fauquier County, d. 3 March 1903, buried at Linden, Va. Married 31 Dec 1865 to Phillip Henry SHOWERS b. 24 June 1843 in Jefferson County Va/WV, d 19 Feb 1937 at Afton, Nelson County, Va, buried at Lebanon Presbyterian Church on Route 250.
A: George Washington ELKINS (later took the name of SHOWERS) b. Dec 1858, died 1 Oct 1935, buried at Linden Va. Married Sarah Elizabeth ____.
1. George Washington SHOWERS b. c1883, married Mary Aylor HEFLIN 1908 in Warren County (d/o Susan and Daniel HEFLIN)
a. George Washington SHOWERS b. 22 Sep 1909 at Front Royal died 1960, married Lelia SHIFFLETT. Buried at Prospect Hills Cemetary, Front Royal, Va.
b. Winter SHOWERS b. 1911 d. 1920
c. Pearl G. SHOWERS b. c1912
d. Fannie M. SHOWERS b. c1913 Warren County, married Carl LOUK
e. Susie Lee SHOWERS b. 4 May 1913 at Linden, Warren County, Va.married Clifton Malcom KENDALL 18 Oct 1929 at Hagerstown MD. She died 20 May 1992, buried at Prospect Hills, Front Royal, Va.
f. Edith M. SHOWERS b. c1915
g. Eva SHOWERS b. c1916, married _____GROVE
i. Sarah SHOWERS, married ________WILLIAMS
j. Irene SHOWERS, married ________CORENTT

2. Edward W. "Ed" Showers b. 1880 d. 1952, married Cora A. Heflin in 1901 in Warren County. She is the d/o Susan and Daniel Heflin, d. 1940. Both are buried at Prospect Hill Cemetary at Front Royal, Va. (See Evaline's line)
a. Susan G. SHOWERS b. 1902, married James William KERNS (s/o Mary Ida Agnes ELKINS d/o John Harrison ELKINS and Barnett Grimsley KERNS
1. James A. KERNS b. 20 Oct 1924 d. Mar 1986 Front Royal married (1) Winifred SIRBAUGH
#a Sherry Lynn KERNS, married Ronnie BELL and (2) Kay GILLAR
2. Ruth Inez KERNS b. 1926, married Raymond Edward SANTMYERS, lives in Front Royal, Va.
a Ronnie SANTMYERS married Sharon DeHAVEN
#a Laura Gray SANTMYERS
b Nancy Jo SANTMYERS, lives in Richmond Va.
3. Lyle Edward KERNS b. 6 Aug 1930 d. 19 Dec 1992, Front Royal married Phyllis FOX #a Kim KERNS married Steve NOWELL
##a Steve NOWELL, Jr.
##b Ashley NOWELL
#b Tracy KERNS married Chuck RUTHERFORD
#c Heather KERNS
4. Barbara Ann KERNS married Jack P. STEPHENSON
#a Jack P. STEPHENSON, Jr., married Sandy, live in Winchester, Va.
#b Pam STEPHENSON, married George WISE, live in Alexandria, Va.
5. Bedford Lee KERNS married Barbara, they live in Maryland.
#a Kathy Kerns
#b Kerry Kerns
6. Catherine Juanita KERNS, married William David LUCAS
#a Deborah Sue Lucas, married (1) Bruce Hite, (2) David SEEKFORD, live in Front Royal, Va.
##a Christie Rae Hite
b. James G. SHOWERS b. 1905, died 1969 buried at Prospect Hill Cemetary, Front Royal, Va
c. Bedford Jesse SHOWERS b. 3 Mar 1908, married Minnie Belle MILLS on 4 Apr 1936 in Warren County, he died 21 Mar 1983, buried at Prospect Hill Cemetary, Front Royal, Va.
3. Walter H. SHOWERS b. Oct 1881, married El--- Ruth JOHNSON in 1910 in Warren County. Walter died in 1949 and is buried at Linden, Va.
4. Mary E. SHOWERS b. Oct 1883, married Daniel T. SMITH in 1910 in Warren Cty
5. Bedford J. SHOWERS b. 28 Jul 1887, married (1) Annie Roy FIGGINS and (2) Addie C. HEFLIN (d/o of Susan and Daniel HEFLIN). Bedford died 18 Jul 1974 and Addie d. 20 Mar 1967, both are buried at Prospect Hill Cemetary, Front Royal
6. James Albert "Allie" SHOWERS b. May 1890 married Fannie HEFLIN (d/o of Susan and Daniel HEFLIN) in 1911 in Front Royal.
7. Rosalie SHOWERS b. May 1893, married ____WENDELL
8. Dinetious "Dennis" SHOWERS b. 29 May 1895, died before 1950
9. James Henry SHOWERS b. 1897, married Sadie Ethel McWILLIAMS in 1921 in Warren County, he died in 1932 in Pennsylvania and is buried at Linden, Va.
10. John T. SHOWERS b. 29 Jun 1899, married Georgia DAWSON in 1924 in Warren County, he died 11 Dec 1976, buried Prospect Hill, Front Royal, Va.
11. Myrtle N. SHOWERS b. aft Jun 1900, married Oliver/Novell JOHNSON in 1917 in Warren County, Va., buried at Linden, Va.
12. Sarah F. SHOWERS b. c1902
B. Martha Ann SHOWERS b. 15 Dec 1867, married William Larkin SEALOCK in 1892 in Warren County, Va. She died 24 Dec 1934.
1. Janie SEALOCK b. 22 Feb 1894, married Charles "C.H." Henderson, died Jan 1928 buried at Prospect Hill Cemetary, Front Royal, Va.
C. Mary Jane SHOWERS b. 31 Oct 1870 died 8 Feb 1871, buried at Linden, Va.
D. James Henry Showers b. 18 Jul 1872, married Edna Catherine Kenney on 23 June 1898 in Front Royal, he died 30 May 1935. Edna died 1 Dec 1955.
1. Phillip Henry Showers b. 1901
2. John William Showers b. 1915
3. Benjamin Dicen Showers a.k.a. Luther B.D. Showers, b. 1909
4. Susie Lyle Showers b. 24 Apr 1898, died 29 April 1899
5. James Middleton Showers b. 25 Jul 1900 at Linden, Va. married Helen Brody HANBACK (d/o Robert Lee HANBECK and Lelia KENNEDY) on 27 Sep 1918 at Greenwood, Nelson County, Va.. James died 17 Dec 1952 and is buried at Lebanon Presbyterian Church on Route 250. Helen died 15 Sep 1982
a. Marjorie Daw SHOWERS married William WOOD
b. Helen Virginia SHOWERS married Clarence Lee DUDLEY
c. James Douglass SHOWERS b. 8 Apr 1924 at Greenwood, Nelson County, Va.
6. Polly Bernice SHOWERS b. 23 Mar 1903
7. Seletha Edna SHOWERS b. 8 Jan 1904 died 26 Jan 1904
8. Martha Virginia SHOWERS b. 31 Oct 1906
9. William B. SHOWERS b. 23 Oct 1911, died 26 June 1913
10. Norman Raleigh SHOWERS b. 8 Dec 1912, died 4 Feb 1913

VI James H. ELKINS b. 1840, d. 31 May or 1 June 1862. He enlisted in the 49th Regiment Company E. Flint Hill Rifleman. Henry Elkins left Camp Pickens (see letter above) and was arrested for desertion, however he remained with the 49th and fought at the Battle of Seven Pines in Henrico County along the Chickahominy River. The 49th suffered severe casualties during this engagement. Henry is probably buried in an unmarked grave along the River.

VII. John Harrison ELKINS b. Mar 1843 or 1846 in Fauquier County, Va. Married Elizabeth C. RUTHERFORD, d/o William RUTHERFORD and Jemima MAHONEY on 25 May 1865 at Black Rock in Rappahannock County, Va. He died after 1904. John served with Company A of the 43rd Battalion, Virginia Cavalry "Mosbys Rangers", during the War Between the States. He was paroled after the war was over at Winchester, Va in April of 1865. He applied for a Confederate Pension while living in Rappahannock County in 1902. He attended the reunion of the 43rd Battalion, Virginia Cavalry 14 Aug 1895 at Marshall, Va. It is thought he may be buried at Marshall, Va. He was described in his roster as 5'7", fair complexion, dark hair and hazel eyes. A. Henry "Bulger" ELKINS b. 6 Apr 1866, married Sarah Elizabeth___, died 14 Feb 1935, buried Willis Chapel, Huntly, Va.
1. Ethel Elkins b. 14 Jan 1894, married Harvey Williams, died Jan 1971, Front Royal.
a. Raymond Doolin Williams b. 15 Nov 1909 d. Jun 1966 Front Royal
b. James Williams
c. Edith Williams
d. Effie Williams
2. Della Blanche Elkins b. 22 Jan 1897 Rappahannock County, died 29 Dec 1961, married Grover Cleveland Mills, son of Jack and Harriet Mills.
a. Dorothy Irene Mills, married _____Smith
b. Kathleen Blanche Mills, married _____Williams
c. Gilbert Cleveland Mills, b. 24 Dec 1922, died 27 Apr 1992, Front Royal
d. Virginia Elizabeth Mills, married_____Kenny
e. Fannie Mable Mills, married ______Updike
f. Samuel Linberg Mills, married Louise Elizabeth Elkins d/o Robert Ridley Elkins and Bertha Mae Strother
g. David Lynwood Mills
h. Della Mae Mills, married ______Day.
3. George Elkins b. 4 May 1899 d. Dec 1979 Front Royal
4. John Henry Elkins b. 1 Aug 1902, married Lillie M.____, d. 7 Feb 1975, buried at Willis Chapel, Huntly, Va.
5. Elizabeth Ann Elkins b. 26 Apr 1906 married William Thomas Dawson b.19 Jan 1903 d. 3 Oct 1996 Front Royal.
a. George William Dawson b. 7 Apr 1927 d. 11 Apr 1991, Remington, Va
b. Albert Dawson b. 1 Nov 1928
c. John Welby Dawson b. 22 May 1930
d. Lola Elizabeth Dawson b. 14 Mar 1932
e. Archibald Taylor Dawson b. 1 Jun 1933
f. Marcia Paula Dawson b. 14 Jul 1935
g. Beryl Markham Dawson b. 19 Sep 1936
h. Erol Aron Dawson b. 12 Dec 1939
i. Paul Allen Dawson b. 28 Apr 1941
j. Richard Whitworth Dawson b. 11 Jun 1942, d. 11 Feb 1943
k. Margaret Dawson b. 3 Mar 1945, d. 3 Mar 1945
6. Robert E. Elkins b. 1910 d. 1950, buried at Willis Chapel, Huntly, Va.

B. John Henry Elkins b. 1867 Rappahannock County, married Laura Virginia Clegg b. 1873 Rappahannock County d/o Manly and Mary A. Clegg on 22 Mar 1899 in Rappahannock County at the Clegg Home. They made their home at Hitch, Va. John died 1947, Laura died 1959, both are buried at Willis Chapel, Huntly, Va.
1. Betty Mae Elkins b. 10 Sep 1895, married Phillip Andrew Jenkins b. 4 Feb 1902, d. 4 Feb 1955. Betty died 19 Apr 1979.
a. Phillip M. Jenkins b. 20 Dec 1923, married Irene Crisman, d. 6 Oct 1986
b. Kathleen Hilda Jenkins b. 24 Aug 1925, married Harry Cecil Richardson b. 8 Jun 1925, d. 27 Sep 1987
#a Harry Cecil Richardson, Jr. b. 10 Aug 1945
#b Gary Lynn Richardson b. 2 Nov 1947
c. Frank James Jenkins b. 22 Jan 1926 d. 11 Sep 1981, married Priscilla Alma Messall b. 31 Aug 1924 on 16 Oct 1948.
#a Timmy Frank Jenkins b. 21 July 1951 d. 15 Nov 1969
#b Juliann Marie Jenkins b. 21 Jul 1951, m. John Dixon on 4 Feb 1973
##a Jennifer Lee Dixon b. 6 May 1974
##b Amy Marie Dixon b. 3 Aug 1975
#c Marlenia Dee Jenkins b. 12 Dec 1954
#d Stephanie Louise Jenkins b. 29 Nov 1957
#e Linda Lou Jenkins b. 19 Oct 1963 married Mike Farmer in Nov 1982
#f Tina Christine Jenkins b. 13 Mar 1969
d. Doris Lane Jenkins b. 22 Sep 1927, married Arthur M. Smith
#a Larry Wayne Smith b. 6 Jan 1953
#b Carl Way Smith (adopted)
#c Robert Lynn Smith b. 18 Oct 1951, d. 18 Dec 1987, married to Sue___
##a Rebecca Lane Smith b. 18 April 1982
e. Gene D. Jenkins b. 5 Dec 1931, married to Ann Chadwell
#a Deborah Jean Jenkins b. 6 Oct 1955, married Joseph William Barrick, b. 2 Mar 1953
##a William Joe Barrick b. 17 Jun 1972
##b Kelly Jo Barrick b. 10 Jan 1983
#b Dennis Lynn Jenkins b. 4 Feb 1957
#c Donna Kay Jenkins b. 15 Mar 1958, married Carl Lee Brown II
##a Carl Lee Brown III b. 15 Mar 1978
##b Pamela Louise Brown b. 4 Jul 1986
##c Jennifer Ann Brown b. 29 Oct 1987

2. Thomas William Elkins b. 15 Mar 1900 Rappahannock County, married Jessie Mae Jewell b. 18 May 1912 Rappahannock County, d/o Charles Henry Jewell and Ophelia Martin on 20 Jun 1928 in Rappahannock County. Thomas died 3 Jul 1953 in Alexandria, Va, Jessie died Nov 198_ in Arlington, Va. Both are buried at Willis Chapel in Huntly, Va. They made their home in the Orleans, Va area before moving to Alexandria
a. James Thomas Elkins b. 4 Oct 1930 d. at Arlington, Va. married Barbara Jean Dunn, b 27 Jun 1938
#a Laura Jean Elkins b. 7 Jan 1955, married Samuel Drummond Cole II. Samuel died 10 Jun 1981.
##a Shawn Michael Cole b. 22 Jun 1972
##b Samuel Drummond Cole b. 9 Dec 1979
##c Brandon Lee Cole b. 21 Sep 1981
#b James Thomas Elkins b. 8 Apr 1956
#c Kenneth Lee Elkins b. 30 Jul 1957
#d Charles Russell Elkins b.27 Jul 1960
#e Karen Elizabeth Elkins b. 14 Nov 1966
#f Robert Keith Elkins b. 14 Nov 1966
#g Lisa Marie Elkins married James Thomas Arthur
b. Lelia Ann Elkins b. 3 Mar 1932, married Donald Lee Embrey
#a Donald Lee Embrey, Jr. b. 20 Nov 1957
#b Richard Brian Embrey b. 12 Nov 1960
c. Albert Lee Elkins b. 15 Dec 1933 Fauquier County, Va., married Sandra Jean Fulwider b. 20 Sep 1938 Lexington, Rockbridge County, Va., d/o Graves McClung Fulwider and Ruby Elizabeth Harris on 21 Jan 1955 in Rockville, MD.
#a Kimberly Ann Elkins b. 18 Nov 1959, Washington, D.C. ,married Quentin Edwin Cline b. 7 Apr 1952, Staunton, Augusta County, Va., s/o Quentin Garber Cline and Rebecca Grace Mongold on 29 Aug 1981, div 18 Nov 1994
##a Garrett Thurston Cline b. 2 Aug 1987 Harrisonburg, Rockingham County, Va.
##b Trevor Karsten Cline b. 8 Apr 1989, Harrisonburg, Rockingham County, Va. remarried Roy Wayne Hooker b. 6 May 1960 Tazewell County Va., s/o Ralph Aaron Hooker and Ruth McKinney d. Feb 1996 Charlottesville, Va. Buried Richlands, Va. remarried Carl Anthony Moore b. 16 Aug 1959 Anchorage, Alaska, s/o Carl Edward Moore and Eva Craft on 14 Feb 1997 d. Laura Elizabeth Elkins b. 8 Jan 1935 d. 31 Oct 1935, buried at Willis Chapel, Huntly, Va.
e. William Bradley Elkins b. 8 Aug 1937, married Nancy Bowen
#a William Bradley Elkins, Jr. b. 14 Aug 1956 #b Robert Craig Elkins b. 16 Jul 1957
#c Cheryl Mae Elkins b. 15 Sep 1960
#d Michael Allen Elkins b. 27 Nov 1962
#e Thomas William Elkins b. 1 Nov 1969 remarried Donna_____ b. 19 Aug 1944 d. 26 Jun 1994 at Stephenson Va buried at Willis Chapel, Huntly, Va. Remarried Geneva______
f. Edith Mae Elkins b. 6 Oct 1939, married James Russell Modlin b. 3 Dec 1942
#a Brian William Modlin b. 13 Mar 1966
#b James Russell Modlin, Jr. b. 27 Oct 1968
#c Edith Mae Modlin b. 3 Jan 1970
g. Arthur Drew Elkins b. 23 Dec 1940, married Betty Jo Scarboro b.10 Jan 1942
#a Diana Jo Elkins b. 31 Oct 1962, married Richard Warren Ware b. 30 Aug 1965
##a Richard Warren Ware, Jr. b. 20 Mar 1987
#b Deborah Ann Elkins b. 26 Sep 1963
h. Phyllis King Elkins b. 2 Feb 1942, married Kenneth Gladney Hollaway b. 18 Jan 1942.
#a Angela Elaine Hollaway b. 29 Aug 1963
#b Kenneth Wayne Hollaway b. 5 Oct 1965
i. Charles Raymond Elkins b. 18 Mar 1945, married Ruth Ann Habron
#a Sally Dale Elkins b. 12 May 1962, married Dennis Boyles
#b Charlene Rae Elkins b. 1 Jan 1964
##a John Charles Elkins b. 28 Oct 1983
#c Charles Raymond Elkins, Jr. b. 16 Feb 1967
#d Bradley Lloyd Elkins b. 12 Jun 1983
3. Charles Henry Elkins b. 16 Apr 1903, married Ada Rolliva Dawson b. 7 Aug 1911 d. 22 May 1995. Charles died 16 Aug 1977. Ada was the daughter of Catherine Elkins (d/o John Harrison Elkins) and Ben Dawson.
a. Josie Eleanor Elkins b. 2 July 1927, married Lester Warren Wright on 15 May 1954
#a Josie Ada Wright b 21 Jul 1955, married Ralph Settle
##a Lesley Ann Settle b. 4 Dec 1983
#b Charles Warren Wright b. 19 Jul 1956, married Diane Jane Campbell on 10 Aug 1975
##a Millissa Ann Wright b. 27 Jun 1962
#c Lester Warren Wright, Jr. b. 27 Jun 1962, married Patty Jo Bailey on 1 May 1981
##a Waylon Wright b. 21 Sep 1983
b. Earl Franklin Elkins b. 12 Apr 1929 d. 16 Jun 1988 at Remington, Va. married Bertha Mae Cloe b. 16 Sep 1928
#a Jo Ann Elkins b. 7 Aug 1955, married Mason Gray
##a Ronnie Gray
#b Charles Henry Elkins
##a Robert Elkins
##b Jennifer Elkins
#c Helen Marie Elkins, married Scotty Carter
##a Jason Carter
##b Christopher Carter
#d Lucy Ann Elkins
#e Joyce Ann Elkins
c. Elsie Mae Elkins b. 9 Jun 1932, married John Joseph Wright
#a John Joseph Wright b. 7 Jun 1955
#b Anna Wright b. 13 Jun 1967
##a Joseph Allen Wright b. 29 Jun 1986
d. Mary Lucille Elkins b. 25 Mar 1938, married _______Eline
#a Catherine Lucille Eline b. 6 Dec 1956, married James Samuel Embrey
##a James Samuel Embrey b. 27 Sep 1972
##b Christopher Russell Embrey b. 11 Jul 1977
#b Kenneth Lee Eline b. 9 Nov 1960, married Carolyn Sue Racer b. 25 Sep 1962 on 16 Jun 1984
#c Connie Marie Eline b. 3 Mar 1963, married Paul Thomas Payne b. 12 Dec 1959 on 18 Nov 1982 remarried Landon Harold Walker
#d Brenda Carol Walker b. 24 Mar 1967
e. Charles Henry Elkins, Jr. b. 26 Nov 1939, married Joyce Yager b. 14 Jun
#a Jerod Brent Elkins b. 6 Jan 1972
f. Mabel Ann Elkins b. 6 May 1944, married Truman Moore
g. John Henry Elkins b. 27 Sep 1945, married Bonnie Wade
#a Bradley Alane Elkins b. 9 Jul 1970
h. Allen Elane Elkins b. 5 Dec 1952
i. Joan Catherine Elkins b. 29 Oct 1954
#a David Lee Elkins b. 4 Oct 1976 married ____Mauce
#b Tanya Rosa Mauce b. 10 Feb 1983.

4. Bradley Elkins b. 1906, died young

5. Robert Ridley Elkins b. 22 Sep 1910 d. 13 Apr 1986, married Bertha Mae Strother b. 5 Apr 1917, d 28 Jan 1956
a. Robert Lynwood Elkins b. 7 Mar 1936, married Marrie Ann Clark b. 4 Aug 1938.
#a Victoria Lynn Elkins b. 10 Sep 1958
#b Robert Allen Elkins b. 26 Sep 1963
#c Robin Ann Elkins b. 24 Jul 1961
b. Louise Elizabeth Elkins b. 5 Nov 1938, married Samuel Linberg Mills (son of Grover Cleveland Mills and Della Blanche Elkins d/o Henry)
#a Danny L. Mills b. 1 Jan 1956
##a Christina Ann Mills b. 13 Sep 1977
#b Joyce Ann Mills b. 29 Jul 1957
c. Larry Stephen Elkins b. 11 Aug 1946, married Cecilia Lee (Elkins?) b. 15 Jul 1952
d. William Eugene Elkins "Billy" b. 1 Dec 1948, married Nancy Sloat
#a Christine Lynn Elkins b. 5 Sep 1969, married Early William Stanley
##a Earl William Stanley, Jr. b. 10 Sep 1985

6. John William Elkins b. 12 Dec 1912, died 5 Aug 1970, married Florence Gladys Hawkins b. 14 Jan 1914 on 28 Dec 1932
a. Jan Burton Elkins b. 11 Apr 1934, married Mary Sheckells 8 Sep 1956
#a Robert Burton Elkins b. 21 Mar 1962
#b Jeffrey Scott Elkins b. 18 Oct 1966
b. John William Elkins b. 10 Mar 1936, married Maria Berta Lila Diaz on 9 Aug 1974
#a Sonia Rebecca Elkins b. 30 Jul 1978
#b Charles Jonathon Elkins b. 22 Feb 1983
c. Gladys Annette Elkins b. 28 May 1937 married ____Friel
d. Barbara Jane Elkins b. 2 Aug 1939, married T. Robert Eader

This information is from the original family book compiled by Marrley Scott Brown, together with new information from published birth, death, marriage and census records, as well as information supplied by April Brown and Alley Blackford from Eliza Jane Elkins' line and from Thomas Michael Miller of the Joseph Elkins and Sarah Elkins line.

By Kimberly Elkins Moore Staunton, Virginia May 1999.

7. Laura Virginia Elkins b. 21 Apr 1914, married Roy Tester Williams b. 24 Oct 1923. Remarried Burt Austin Fidler
a. Bobby Lee Williams b. 21 Aug 1940, married Rachel Lorrine Wines 13 Mar 1959
#a Michael Lee Williams b. 22 Aug 1962
#b Ray Anthony Williams b. 13 Dec 1964
b. Earl Daniel Williams "Bubbles" b. 11 Oct 1942
c. George Davis Williams b. 6 Mar 1946, d. 10 Jul 1966
d. Margaret Ann Williams v. 27 Nov 1944, married Lawrence Chadwell on 6 Jan 1961
#a Penny Lynn Chadwell b. 20 Aug 1961, married John Phillip Kardis on 1 Jun 1984
#b Dora Lee Chadwell b. 24 May 1963, married Kevin McMichael on 27 Dec 1986
#c Edward Davis Chadwell b. 20 Sep 1968
e. Charles William Fidler b. 18 Jul 1949--Burt Fidler's child from a previous marriage., married Linda Louise Cameron on 3 Oct 1968
#a Charles Keithren Fidler b. 17 Aug 1969

8. Katie Mae Elkins b. 20 Jan 1917 d. 28 Mar 1989, buried at Willis Chapel married James Norwood Scott b. 23 Sept 1913, d. 10 Nov 1968 on 21 Sep 1939. Remarried George L. Partlow 1 Jul 1976
a. Helen Virginia Scott b. 24 Oct 1940, married Harry Russell Henry b. 21 May 1942 on 14 1963, divorced 3 Jan 1973. Remarried John William "J.W." Wine on 14 Feb 1988
#a. Tammy Lee Henry b. 30 Apr 1964
#b Harry Russell Henry, Jr. b. 2 Mar 1966
#c Brenda Lee Henry b. 8 Jan 1968
#d Mary Lee Henry b. 30 Aug 1971
b. James Norwood Scott, Jr. b. 9 Nov 1941, married Edna Mae Pritchett Fox
c. Marrley Mae Scott b. 23 Dec 1943, married Robert Arthur Wines on 2 Dec 1961, divorced 1973. Remarried Hughey Raymond Brown on 12 Jan 1976
#a Mark Anthony Wines b. 2 Nov 1962
#b Matthew Eric Wines b. 1 Jun 1972
d. Barbara Ann Scott b. 4 Feb 1951, married Charles Franklin Costello on 10 Feb 1968
#a Sandra Dee Costello b. 8 Aug 1969

John Harrison Elkins and Elizabeth Rutherford children continued:

C. Elizabeth A. Elkins b. ?1863 ( the ages given on marriage certificate are probably not correct) married Jacob A. Kerns s/o Marshall and Frances C. Kerns on 28 Dec 1886. This was Jacob's second marriage, was married to Alice Conner but she died.

D. Sallie Mae "Lottie" Elkins b. 1881 in Rappahannock County, married Benjamin F. Kerns, son of Jacob A. Kerns and Alice Conner (above)

E. George Elkins

F. James Elkins

G. Mary Ida Agnes Elkins b. 10 Nov 1879 in Rappahannock County, married Barnett Grimsley Kerns son of Marshall Kerns and --Jacob A. Kerns brother (above) on 17 Oct 1893. Mary Ida died 10 Nov 1955, buried at Prospect Hill Cemetary in Front Royal, Va.
1. James William Kerns b. 13 Sep 1896, d. 15 Apr 1967, Front Royal, married Susie Gray Showers d/o Edward William Showers and Cora A. Heflin (see Evaline's and Eliza Janes' lines above)
2. Edley Raymond Kerns b 4 Mar 1900, married Pearl _____, died 3 Mar 1974
3. Joseph Bedford Kerns b. 9 Mar 1902, married Ruby C____ b. 3 Aug 1902 d. 9 Nov 1977. Joseph died 14 Apr 1931
4. Ida Agnes Kerns b. 14 Feb 1914 d. 28 Nov 1917
5. Clara Kerns b. 27 Apr 1915, married _____Lovelace, and married Will Henry, not sure of marriage dates or order
a. Gertrude Henry
b. Louise Henry
c. Bradley Henry b. 17 Oct 1932, d. 15 Jul 1990, Laurel MD
d. Willey Henry b. 3 Dec 1933 d. Dec 1983, Front Royal, Va.
e. Gonkey Lovelace
6. Violet Blue Kerns b 8 May 1908, d 9 Sep 1945, married Roy Kendrick Pitcock b. 28 Apr 1908 d. 12 Sep 1945. in 1926. Violet and Roy were killed in a New York barrel factory explosion, where Violet had gone to take Roy his supper.
a. Aggie Pitcock b. 1928
b. Polly Pitcock
c. Dottie Pitcock
d. Sylvia Pitcock
e. Virginia Rose Pitcock
f. Kenny Pitcock
Polly Pitcock made her home with her grandmother and attended Warren County High School before returning to New York. Some of the children were placed in a orphanage. The children are believed to reside in New York and New Jersey.
7. Lottiemae Sallie Kerns, married Fred Campbell in 1925
a. Fred Campbell, Jr. married Bertie___, lives in the Chesapeake, Va. area
b. Joe Campbell
c. Adolph Campbell
d. Jean Campbell
e. Harriet Campbell
f. Clara Campbell
8. John Kerns b. 15 Jun 1920 married Fannie Martin d. Sep 1984, Warrenton, Va

H. Catherine Elkins married Ben Dawson
1. Mary Dawson
2. Ada Rolliva Dawson b. 7 Aug 1911, married Charles Henry Elkins, died 22 May 1995
3. Beulah Dawson
4. Haywood Dawson b. 7 Aug 1901 d Feb 1976 Front Royal, Va
5. Ben Dawson, Jr.
6. Lottie Dawson



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