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1634 JOHN ELKIN (no age) Arrival Maryland; passenger on the Ark or the Dove, the ships of George Calvert, 1st Lord Baltimore.

1634 JOHN ELKIN, Jamestown, Merchant; no additional data. Aren't they the same person?

"Cavaliers & Pioneers"; Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents & Grants, by Nell Marion Nugent, Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, 1979.

1623-1666; Vol. I, Patent Book No. 3, Page 242

1653 May; Capt. Nathaniel Hurd, 250 acres at Queen Hith, on North side of James River, beginning at a small creek which divides this from land of Mr. Burham, decsd, along marked trees of land of Capt. Flint, decsd, to head of Run dividing land between Mr. Nowells and Mr. Hurd etc.

Same date and page. Transfer of five persons: Anne Gamon, Kath. Dearing(or Deaning), SAMPSON ALKIN, Richard Howell, George Blower.

PATENT BOOK No. 4, Page 364

1657 Feb. 10; Darcy Oatley, 350 acres, James City Co. On N. side of James River beginning at the main swamp and running along Edward Kinge (or Knight) marked trees, etc. Transfer of seven persons: Darcy Oatley, Jno. Bayly, Wm. Stronge, Xph. Wingfield, RALPH ELKIN, Math. Wms.(Williams), Phillip Gapper. Assigned unto Thomas Hollyday and renewed in his name.

p. 402; Yorke County, VA.; 1661 January 13th:
RALPH ELKIN, 30 acres, Yorke Co., VA. SW on the Great Horse Path, SE on land of Goodman Jones, NE on Stephen Garner, NW on George Wyatt and old Farr: transfer of Peter Nicholls.

PATENT BOOK 5, page 462, Gloster Co., VA. 1665 June 20th:

Mr. Richard Young, Sr. 1700 acres Gloster Co., 900 acres part of Waire Parish, beginning at marked tree of Thomas Todd on west side of Cow Creek on the head of Waire Parish upon the North River in said Bay, beginning at mouth of Back Creek running WNW until it meets said 900 acres &c. The said 1700 acres found to be within the bounds of 2400 acres granted to Edmond Dawber, 28 Nov 1642, and by his heir, sold to said Young and John Price, both of LONDON, 17 June 1659, said Price dying, said Young, survivor, received the whole patent, due for transfer of 34 persons: Isaack Stephens, William Lannaman, Jonathan Thouroughgood, Humphry Buckley, Thomas Jones, Jno. Nelson, Job Sutton, Margtt. Kate(or Kale), Thomas Bayly, Jno. Aiden(or Hiden), Edw. Smith, James Simmons, Tho. Greene, Rich. Mannering, Jno. Beals(or Bearts), James Goodwin, William Smith, RALPH ELKINS, Jonathan Mott, Ann Harper, Mary Harper, James Nelson, Augustine Skiner, Wm. Ayhurt, Gabriell Norton, Jno. Hay, 8 negroes. (It appears those transported were from LONDON as well.)

PATENT BOOK, 2, 1666/1695, BOOK 6, pp. 211/212:

1673 November 4th,: Jno. Prosser and Tho. Pannell, 5200 JOHN ASHTON, Will probated Stafford County, 26 Jan. 1682(83), and willed land he inherited from Col. Peter Ashton to James Ashton, their brother. He was formerly of Lowth (Louth). John Ashton's wife's name was Elizabeth and Capt. John Ashton, probably a son. JAMES ASHTON, died, Stafford County, formerly of Kirby-Underwood, Lincolnshire. His Will, dated 18 Aug. 1686 (87), names RICHARD ELKINS, John Ashton, son of Charles Ashton, Justice of Peace, and Col. Peter Ashton, Sheriff of Northumberland Co.,, VA. James Ashton had Godchildren: RICHARD ELKIN, Sarah Mattershead, Miss Rosier, daughter of John Rosier, and Elizabeth Sebastian, and willed RICHARD ELKINS 100 acres of his land. The Estate "Chatterton" King George, VA., now belongs to a Tayloe family.

STAFFORD COUNTY ORDER BOOK, abstracted by Sam & Ruth Sparacio:

p.57, Court held 28 Oct. 166, #339. MARY ELKING & THOMAS NETHAWAY gave their depositions in a court case involving a horse belonging to Robert Osburne. Was she wife of RALPH ELKINS?

1681 Nov. 8th; RALPH ELKIN purchased from Major Ashton, 150 acres of land in the Parish of St. Pauls, Stafford Co., Virginia, the plantation on which William Burton now lives.

1698-STAFFORD CO. DEED BOOK; John Waugh, clerk of Stafford Co. bought 70 acres from John Elkin...land to John Elkin by request of Samuel BOLT (Boll,sic) who bought it from James Ashton, bounded easterly with tract formerly belonging to Ralph Elkin.

1702 STAFFORD CO., DB W-2, p. 140, John Waugh bought 170 acres from John Elkin on 11 May 1702

1705 CHARLES CITY CO., Charles Evans, 176 acres Charles City Co., 1May 1705, p.661. Transportation of 4 persons: RICHARD ELKINS, Thomas Totty, Elizabeth Pratt, Joshua Pritchett. Is he son of Ralph or a new immigrant? Could he be the Richard of Halifax Co. Records 1750 to 1753?

1715 ELIZABETH, CITY CO.; EMANUEL ELKIN witnessed marriage of Anthony Williams to Rebecca Armstead. Benjamin Elkins of Culpepper Co., 1787 has a son named Emanuel. Is there a relationship?

ABSTRACTS OF ORDER BOOK OF STAFFORD COUNTY, VA 1664-1668; 1689-1690; abstracted by Ruth and Sam Sparacio

p.33-Court held 9ber (October?) 1666, page 57: Deposition regarding dispute of a horse made by Thomas Nethaway and MARY ELKING. Was she wife of RALPH ELKIN.

p.59-Court held Xber 12th Anno 1689, page 8: RALPH ELKIN petition that he be released from paying levys or public duties as he is now "sick and weak and past his labours". Granted.

p.84-Court held 7th April 1760, page 49: RALPH ELKINS again asks discharge from bond and Securityship and was released due to being "very antient, sick and weak".

p.104-Court held 9 July 1690, page 76. RICHARD ELKIN was summoned by sheriff to this Court to bring security and enter into bond concerning the Estate of David Thomas dcsd, his Father, RALPH ELKIN being lately dead......purchased by deed 150 acres of land from Major James Ashton. The said RALPH ELKINS by his "last will and testament dated the 26th day of May, 1690" (now lost) gave this land to his sons, RICHARD and NATHANIEL ELKIN. The said RICHARD ELKINS by indenture, 10 April 1726 sold this property to John Fitzhugh.

Page 242: 10 May 1726, RICHARD ELKINS, Jr., son, also by indenture, conveys this same property to John Fitzhugh. STAFFORD CO.,VA Deed BK. 1722/28.,p.313

1698 June 4, SAMUEL BOLT(Boll? sic) bequeathed land (100 acres) to JOHN ELKINS, son of RALPH ELKIN.

Abstracts from Stafford Co.,VA, Deed Book 1722-1728;page 422; Deed Bk. pg. 313: by Geo. Ha. Sa. King, Fredericksburg, VA.

Indenture 7 June 1726 it is stated that "Samuel Bolt (sic) who by his last will and Testament bequeathed the said Land (100 acres) to JOHN ELKIN son of RALPH ELKIN, the said JOHN ELKIN the 4th day of June 1698 conveyed the same to John Waugh, who on the 11th of May 1702 sells the same to George Procter, Sr. and George Procter, Jr., and William Procter, his sons...." the sons, then lease this 100 acres to John Fitzhugh.
Note:Was Samuel Bolt the father-in-law of John Elkin? Is this where the later named "Samuel Elkins" get the name, Samuel? NOTE:This Deed Book 1722/1728 is said to be in the Huntington Library in California.!!


pg. 64: ELKINS, RICHARD (son of Ralph) married by 12 January 1695 Mary Williams, daughter of Evan and Christian Williams; they have a son JAMES ELKINS, a minor, who is to be educated. DB #2, p. 87; DB #6, p,.37.

pg. 175: Benjamin Rush (16??-1766) of Westmoreland, King George, and Prince William counties of Virginia, and Bute County, North Carolina, married in the spring of 1717 Amy (surname unknown), widow of James Elkins (16??-1717), son of Richard and Mary (Williams) Elkins (q.V.),

p. 64. James Elkins' plantation of 250 acres fell into King George County upon its formation in 1721.
COB #7,p.99,218; DB #2, p. 87; DB #6, p.37; DB#7,p.191; WB#3, p. 317; King George County COB #1, p. 78,350 and DB #1-A,p.225, 294; OPR.,P.104.


1694 Jan. 12; p.47-Deed of Gift: James Elkins, son of Richard Elkins and his wife, Mary (Williams) Elkins, is willed by Mrs. Christian Williams of St. Mary's Parish in Richmond Co., "5 cows, a good feather bed and furniture and two brass kettles, one to hold about 13 gallons, 2 iron pots, 1 bell, mettle spice mortar and pestle, 5 pewter dishes, 2 horses and 2000 lbs. tobacco in cask" to be paid for aforesaid grandchild, (James Elkins) schooling when he comes to age of 23 yrs. Deed of Gift signed with her mark. 1726 ORDER BOOK, KING GEORGE CO., pg. 309; "On motion of Benjamin Rush, it is ordered that he be appointed guardian of JOSEPH ELKIN."

KING GEORGE CO., DEEDS, BK. I, pt. II, pg. 400, Deed of Sale: 5 Oct. 1727 Grantor-John I Owen, wife, Elinor (Gallop) Owen. Grantee-Nathaniel Ellkins of King George Co., carpenter Parcell of land bounded upon line of Major John Fitzhugh, Thomas Grigsby and Edward Brumstead. Signed in the presence of Richard RE Ellkins,Jr. and Jos. Crouch.

1735 KING GEORGE COUNTY DEEDS: At a County Court, Deed of Lease and Release Recorded, 6 Feb. 1735 for Indenture between James Brissee, #2?, wife Elinor, Richard Elkins and Mary, his wife and Robert Duncom and Ann, his wife, daughters and Coheirs of Robert Gollop decd. of one part and by George James of the other part by deed of lease and release.....land granted unto Bryan Foley and Robert Gollop, Father of Elinor, Mary and Ann,...24 Feb. 1714/15. Note: Husband of Elinor, 1727 was John I Owen.

KING GEORGE CO.,VA., Court Order Bk. I; pg. 164 Upon the petition of Richard Elkings and Mary, his wife, for the said Mary's part of her Father's estate. It is ordered that John Owens pay him the sum of seventeen pounds, sixteen shillings and eight parts with 105 fs.(pounds sterling?)

KING GEORGE DEED ABSTRACTS: 1735/1752; DB 3., PP.144/148:

9 MAY 1746, In a land dispute between George Mouton and Samuel Donne, Mr. Thomas Monteith and Mr. Richard Elkins give oath: "Thomas Montiethaged fifty two years..Richard Elkins aged forty seven.. (1746-47=1699)!! Birth Year.


6 Dec. 1723; p. 1.,Wm. Lampton,dcd., bond for Richard Ellkins,
6 July, 1727; p. 10., Henry Gallop, dcd., bond for John Owen, Rich. R. Roper, Nathaniel Ellkins.
5 June 1730; p. 27., JOHN ELKINS, dcd. Bond for ELIZABETH ELKINS, administrator of all the goods and chattels.
(Was she Elizabeth Bolt, daughter of Samuel Bolt?)
1 Feb. 1733; p. 34., NATHANIEL ELKINS dcd.; REBECCA ELKINS, and James Jones, Letters of Administration to administer estate of Nathaniel Elkins. (Rebecca later md. William Summerton)


William Summerton of county of King George and Parish of Brunswick made his will 13th Nov. 1741. Presented into court 2 March 1743 (1744) by Rebecca Summerton his Executrix and admitted to record.
Known Children of Nathaniel and Rebecca Elkin:
l. NATHANIEL: King George Co., Will Bk. pg. 217, mentions land his father, Nathaniel had left him.
2. JEREMIAH: Rebecca Summerton deeds land to her son, Deed Bk. #7, p. 181
3. ZACHARIAH: Rebecca Summerton deeds to her son, Deed Bk. #6, 5 Aug,. 1780
4. LETTICE TERIL, Nathaniel, Jr. mentioned her in his will.
6 Aug. 1778, the Will of William Johnston was admitted to probate by the county court by his son, George
p. 723: #4 Son, Robert Stringfellow (1736-1815) was indented on 1 April 1748 to serve JOHN ELKINS, being then "aged 11 years on 17th September last." Robert eventually moved to Fauquier county and resided at "Liberty Hill" where he died 13 February 1815. His will was proved at Fauquier Court 25 April 1815. Note: The Richard is #2, born 1699. Here we learn he was a Carpenter by trade.

KING GEORGE CO. INVENTORY, abstracted by Torrance: p. 138:

1751 RICHARD ELKIN (#2) died. Widow, Mary apptd. Administrator
1751-JOHN ELKIN died, Widow, Elizabeth apptd. Administrator. Court Order BK:3 p.2. 3 May 1751. Securities, William Stringfellow and John Crouch. Inv. recorded, Bk-2, p. 82/84, 7 June 1751. (was he brother to Richard #2. and son of Richard #1.?)

AMELIA COUNTY COURT ORDER BOOK, 1735-1746, by G.J. McConnaughey

1745, May 17, p. 314-B, Ordered road be cleared from head of Little Roanoke River along the ridge between Briery Creek & Buffelloe River to Rutlidge's ford over Appomattox River. The group included RALPH ELKIN.
p.316-A, "Case Edward Booker, Jr. vs. Ralph Elkin dismissed, being agreed."
Amelia is out of Prince George and Brunswick Counties.

A Robert Elkins was b. in 1745, in Brunswick Co.; d. Mar. 1822 in Winchester, Clark Co., KY; m. 1768 Sarah Reardon, b. 1749, d. 1823 in Clark Co., KY
1779 "Orange County Virginia Families"- Early Ministers: Robert Elkins, March, 1799.
1782 LAND TAX BOOK, Montgomery Co., Robert Elkins.
1787 Fayette Co., KY, Tax List, Robert Elkins. The same?

KING GEORGE CO DEED BOOK #4. PP. 115/116; 5 Sept. 1771, in an indenture there is a map showing the residences of Mary Elkins and Martha Elkins. Was Martha the widow of William of Stafford Co. recorded as mother of David bn. 1742, Overwharton Parish?

1779 Oct.2: Indenture between JOHN ELKIN of the County of Caroline, planter and LUCY, his wife, of the one part and William Price of the County aforesaid, planter, and of the other Elkins conveys for 40 pounds current money of Virginia, tract of land in County of King George containing 129 acres more or less, which said land was by Deed duly proved and recorded given and conveyed by the said JOHN ELKINS,, and by his Mother, MARY ELKINS. Is he son of Richard #2.?

1753-p.96: Martha Elkins is a witness to the will of Thomas Armstrong.
P.330/332:1 Oct. 1772, Will of Stephen Hansford of King George Co. leave to my loving wife Elizabeth, the use of all my estate during her natural life......names grandson, Stephen Hansford eldest son of "my son Alexander Hansford and Ann, his wife, also grandson William Hansford,daughter 10 acres, New Kent County, Virginia, between the main run of Mattapony and Rapp. River.
Transfer of 104 persons: Jno. Greene, Peter Himon, Mary Pym, JANE DRURY, Simon Radford, Grace Hutchinson, Wm. Sampson, Tho. Dutton, JNO. ELKIN, Francis Ticknor, Moses Ticknor, Francis King, Ezekiah Grigg, Jno Peters, Sarah Hull, Tho. Cuff, Tho Upton, Joane Thomas, Jno Cushin, Jno Duke, Alexander Frizell, Peter Smith, Resititute Jennings, Robt Yeomans, Mary Richards, Jno Franklin, Edith Staple, Tobiah Richards, Humphrey Lyddington, Jno Thomas, Wm Knight, Simon Williams, Mary Franklin, Jeremiah Pybourne, Tho Adams, George Dixon, Daniell Oneale, Ann Butcher, Sarah Turner, Wm. Patchell, Wm Shippey, Jno Smith, Rich Duke, RALPH ELKIN, Jno. Gale, Tho Churnell, Mary Simpkin, Patrick Lidumes, Hugh Douding, Abigall Leviston, Jno. Temple, Sam Broudribb, Ralph Eddleston, Jonas Arbuckle, Wm. Thomas, Tho. Butler, Jno. Lucie, Wm. Durrant, Simon Wilsford, Wm. Bush, Thos. Nicholson, Jno. Seegood, Geo. Cooper, Dorothy Reading, Marg. Emett, Neale Cobley, Jno. Morrison, Thos Jonson, Austin Cobham, Jno Clarke, Thos. Vickers, Jno. Whittworth, Ric Serrey, Thos. Lambert, Wm. Franklin, Wm. Cocke, Jno. Jonson, Joanne Pitts, Thos. Preston, Ed Noble, Wm. Baker, Jno. Gray, Ralph Peck, Jno. Edwards, Elinor Williams, Ann Wood, Rose Whitehead, Hen. Neidum, Thos. Hia, Edw. May, Thos. Osborne, Rich Turner, Ann Stevens, Susanna Marshall, Anthony Jeffordson, Jno Lewis, Arden Gardiner, Margaret Middleton, Alice Simpson, Thos. Bradborne, Jno. Sinkler and 3 negroes.

Virginia State Archives microfilm Book #1. 1653/1671 (Books missing 1671 to 1691)
Book #2. 1691-1699 Index: pp. 258, 300, 355: entries are for transactions by Samuel Earle I; details not noted here.
1664 Nov.15, p. 317: JOHN ASHTON, Captain, 783 acres, North Beaver Dams, Alltopin Creek, South Nauritox Path for transfer of 16 persons. Names recorded under this patent.
1667 Oct.30: That land sold and recorded to Stephen Howard
1665 May 30: p. 324, Northall to Ashton
1665 Nov.15: p. 281, 500 acres to Mrs. Anne Broadhurst by Peter Ashton.

Col. Peter Ashton, patented land 1658. He was a member of the House of Burgesses for Charles City Co., 1661.The will of Colonel Peter Ashton, dated 1669, willed to James Ashton, his brother, of Kirby Underwood County, Lincolnshire and to John Ashton, his brother of Lowell, Lincolnshire, his estate on the Potomac River. He was probably of the Ashton family of Spalding, Lincolnshire, England, and was descended from the Ashtons' of "Chadderton" Lancashire, England. John Ashton, Haberdasher on Rustall St., Covent Garden, London was a cousin to Col. Peter Ashton.

p.109-Court held 9 Sept.1690, page 83: RICHARD ELKIN, the son of RALPH ELKIN, late of this County dcsd made petition for a Probate of the last Will & Testament of his Father, he being executor. Petition granted. Ordered that George Lodge, Joseph Sumner, and John Grigsby shall appraise the estate of Ralph Elkin deced.
p.135-Court held 14 Nov. 1690: RICHARD BRYANT, complained that RALPH ELKIN, dcsd, did order his son RICHARD ELKIN to pay one good steer for his care medicines and attention of him in his last illness which Richard Elkins refuses to pay...prays judgement; ordered that Richard Elkin shall pay the steer or five hundred pounds of tobacco...

pg.69; Grigsby of Stafford County, VA
John Grigsby removed to Stafford previous to August 18, 1686, for James Ashton of Stafford, in his will of that date, leaves RICHARD ELKIN100 acres adjoining upon John Grigsby of "the 1/4 dividend" (10 V. 292).

James Ashton was brother of John Ashton of Stafford whose will was made in 1675,sworn to 6 day, 7 month, 1682, and probated January 26, 1682-83. (Sweeney, p. 88)....brother, James Ashton to be exr. but after his death to my cousin John Ashton of Russell St., at the Adam and Eve in London.
On September 9, 1690, John Grigsby was one of the appraisers of the estate of RALPH ELKIN, father of Richard Elkin, (45 V. 21). He (Grigsby) may have been related to the Ashtons and Elkins.

"GENEALOGIES OF VIRGINIA FAMILIES" Vol. I and Vol IV; indexed by Judith McGhan by Baltimore Publishing Co. page 86:"The Will of Richard Bryan (Book Z, p. 227) dated April 5, 1703.
Probate recorded May 15, 1704, Richard Bryant,, bequeathed to his son, Nathaniel Bryant "all my land I now enjoy in Virginia, his mother to live wholly upon the plantation where I now live;" to daughter, ELIZABETH ELKIN, 400 Lb. tobacco, RICHARD ELKIN to give my grandson (under 6) RICHARD ELKIN a mare,...The above mentioned Nathaniel Bryantin his nuncupatative will made March 21, 1732-3, gave unto Mrs. Mary Amees (Meese) all of his estate (M-p. 100). She was the only daughter of John Grigsby.also mentions daughter, Ann, daus. Sylent and Susannah (both under 16), stepson Wm. Redman, and wife Ann.
pg.87 "They all lived in that part of Stafford County lying on the Rappahannock above Muddy Creek which, on the election of King George, became a part of that county and remained so until 1777."
18 Jan. 1747 (1748), The Will of Richard Bryan, (son of Richard Bryan) presented to King George County Court and recorded by Richard Bryan his executor. Wife is "Beth" Bryan.

STAFFORD COUNTY DEED Bk., 1722-1728, pg. 234:
RICHARD ELKINS of Hanover Parish, King George County, son of RALPH ELKINS of Stafford county, who on 8 Nov.1681

KING GEORGE CO. DEED BOOK I-A, 1729-1735, pg. 225-226
Between JOSEPH ELKINS, planter, and James Jones, bricklayer. Ellkins sells 250 acres of land, parish of Brunswick: 100 acres part now in tenure by Richard Elkins and 150 acres occupied by Benjamin Rush. signed JOSEPH ELLIKINS. Patent date 9 Feb. 1663 unto Francis Haile & William Heabert.
pg. 226, Recorded 1 Sept. 1732. The right of dower of Amy, now wife of Benjamin Rush also widow and relict of James Elkins,dcsd., father of the said Joseph Elkins, granted to Richard Ellkins, father of James, by the Curtesy of England for and during the term of his natural life etc. Witnesses:John Skinner, Richard Owens, Richard Griffis, Wm. x Owens.

at Court held 2d Mar. 1738, an indenture made James Jones, brick layer, sold land surveyed by John Savage..down line to a Swamp with Fountain from a Spring on the Land there RICHARD ELKINS, SENR. DECED FORMERLY LIVED. He died between 1732 and 1738.
NOTE: Joseph Elkins not found again in Virginia, but is on the 1755 Cumberland Co., N. C. tax list.

ABSTRACTS-NORTH CAROLINA of the Minutes of Court Pleas and Quarter Sessions for Cumberland Co., N. C.: Vol. I, Oct. 1755/Jan 1779
DEED: p. 65, 1760 Jan. 17 Joseph Elkins to Elizabeth Inman, wife of Robert Inman, and children begotten of her body by him the said Elkins, acknowledged by said Joseph Elkins. Not allowed to be recorded.
DEED OF GIFT: p. 70, 1760 Aug.21
Joseph Elkins to Elizabeth Inman, and her children, Priscilla, Nancy, Alisce, Pettylittis (sic) and Molly of a tract of land in South Carolina at South Fork of Linches Creek at the mouth of hanging rock; also, a negro wench named Diana; also divers other things. Proved by Wm. Ainsworth. Elizabeth Inman is said to have been daughter of Joseph.
(This might make an interesting story)!

WILLS OF RICHMOND CO.,VA 1699/1800 p.48, by Robert K. Headley, Jr.
7 Dec. 1720 RICHARD ELKINS, age 51, (bn. 1669) and another witness heard Robert Gallop declare....his 2 daughters, Eleanor and (Tolis-Phyllis) should have all land at Deep Run, this county...to be equally divided. This nuncupative will was apparently contested and reversed.

Thomas Monteith married by 1737 Phillis Gallop, daughter of Robert Gallop. They had four children. Will of Thomas Monteith was recorded 6 Mar. 1746 (1747), King George Co. Court. By 1755 the widow, Phillis (Gallop) Monteith, married BENJAMIN ELKINS.
RICHARD ELKINS #2, son of Richard #1, of King George County married by 1735 Mary Gallop, one of the four daughters of Robert Gallop, who died 20 May 1720, leaving a nuncupative will which failed to take effect as to his landed estate. Daughters are Phyllis, Elinor, Mary, and Ann.
Johnston. In it he named his wife, Lettice, a daughter unnamed. He appointed Zachariah Elkins as guardian to a son, William. (The "Teril" name must be for a second husband).

PRINCE WILLIAM CO. VA, DEED Bk. B, pp.180/181:
1733 Nov.23; George Mason of Parish of Durham in Charles Co., province of Virginia leases to RALPH ELKIN of the Parish of Brunswick, King George Co., planter, 150 acres of land lying at the head of Dogue Creek and Parish of Truro, commonly known by name of Chappell land....for term of the natural lives of said RALPH ELLKIN, FRANCES, his wife, and NATHANIEL, their son..... Elkins to pay yearly rent of 600 pounds of tobacco in casque. Witness: James Baxter and Jere Bronaugh,signed George Mason.
NOTE: This is the Ralph Elkins and son, Nathaniel, who settle in the area that becomes Henry Co., VA.

1745 June 4;"I, Maxfield Brown, in Parish of Hanover, County of King George..." bequeaths each of his five daughters Five Shillings, viz: Elizabeth Triplett, FRANCES ELKINS, Martha Whiting, and Sibella Lightburn. "unto my two sons Newman Brown and George Brown all and every part of my estate...." Recorded July 5, 1745.

MARRIAGES OF RICHMOND COUNTY: BROWN, WILLIAM (16??-1699) married by 7 December, 1693, Frances Moss, elder daughter of William Moss, Sr. (1632-1685) of Rappahannock County: she m(2) James Ingo (1680-1725) (q.v.). The will of William Brown, proved 7 June 1699, was recorded is now missing WB#1. William Brown was the eldest of the three sons of William Brown, Sr. who died testate in Rappahannock County in 1677; his land on Chingateaque Creek in Sittenburn Parish (now King George County was devised to his sons William, John and Maxfield Brown. COB#2,p.409; COB#6, p.112; DB#2,p.1-2; WB#2,p.9; Sweeny,p.57,117.
Deed Book III, 1743-1752, pg. 151-152
1746 Oct. 3 between George Lampton and Richard Elkins #2, Parish of Brunswick and wife Mary, and to include son, Richard #3.

LANCASTER COUNTY COURT ORDER Book No. 1, pg. 9, 1652 A certificate was granted to a Dame Elizabeth Lunsford for the transportation of several persons, including Robert Stringfellow.
In 1721 a William Stringfellow, Locksmith, is found in King George County Records. He died intestate in 1746 leaving issue by his wife, Sarah, seven sons. (Was she a sister to Richard and John Elkins?).
The King George Court of 4th March 1747/8 ordered his estate be divided and allot David Seale his part (husband of the widow) and the remainder to Richard Elkin. Why?
p.722: #3 son, James Stringfellow (1734-1805). Indenture dated 1 April 1748 states he is aged 13 on 24th November, last; he was bound to serve RICHARD ELKINS, carpenter. James Stringfellow died in the county of Culpepper in the 72nd year of his age, (1806).

Ann Tutt, daughter Alice Hansford, and the other fifth part to be equally divided between my two granddaughters Mary Ann Armstrong and LUCY ELKINS (wife of John Elkin, son of Richard and Mary?)

MONTGOMERY CO., VA. Deed and Will Book, B, 1773/1797, p.177. 18 Aug. 1791; Will recorded for ARCHIBALD ELKINS, born 1756. DAR Patriot Index V-1, p.217
Abstract of Will: Heirs, wife, Margaret,sons John, Abasalom and David. Daughters, Elizabeth md. Barnett Farmer, Mary, and Lydia.
Family History "Emern Altizer & His Descendants", p.125, Chapter on Elkins Family, states David never married and died 1791.
BK No. 21-1780-1804:
1797, November 26th. Abstract, Will of NATHANIEL ELKIN: Gives to his brother, Jeremiah Elkin, all wearing apparel and five pounds. Gives to his sister, Lettice Terl five pounds current money. Gives to his nephew Benjamin Elkin, three tracts of land in King George County, that he now lives on, a tract that Alexander Acres now lives on and 75 acres "which descended to me by the death of my father, Nathaniel Elkin. Also, all residue of real and personal estate.

KING GEORGE CO. WILL BOOK 2., P. 346: 1804 July 5, Will of JEREMIAH ELKIN, names wife, Mary, children, John, Nathaniel, Elizabeth and Jeremiah.
So, Jeremiah #1 has a son Benjamin, Benjamin #1. has a son Benjamin, and Jeremiah #2. has a son Benjamin.
Ann Tutt, daughter Alice Hansford, and the other fifth part to be equally divided between my two granddaughters Mary Ann Armstrongand LUCY ELKINS (wife of John Elkin, son of Richard and Mary?)

MONTGOMERY CO., VA. Deed and Will Book, B, 1773/1797, p.177. 18 Aug. 1791; Will recorded for ARCHIBALD ELKINS, born 1756. DAR Patriot Index V-1, p.217
Abstract of Will: Heirs, wife, Margaret,sons John, Abasalom and David. Daughters, Elizabeth md. Barnett Farmer, Mary, and Lydia.
Family History "Emern Altizer & His Descendants", p.125, Chapter on Elkins Family, states David never married and died 1791. BK No. 21-1780-1804:
1797, November 26th. Abstract, Will of NATHANIEL ELKIN: Gives to his brother, Jeremiah Elkin, all wearing apparel and five pounds. Gives to his sister, Lettice Terl five pounds current money. Gives to his nephew Benjamin Elkin, three tracts of land in King George County, that he now lives on, a tract that Alexander Acres now lives on and 75 acres "which descended to me by the death of my father, Nathaniel Elkin. Also, all residue of real and personal estate.

KING GEORGE CO. WILL BOOK 2., P. 346: 1804 July 5, Will of JEREMIAH ELKIN, names wife, Mary, children, John, Nathaniel, Elizabeth and Jeremiah.

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