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Abstracted from an unpublished manuscript contributed by Olive Elkin Story.


RALPH ELKIN SR. came to Stafford County, VA. in 1657, returning to England, he came back to Virginia in 1661 settling on 30 acres of land in Yorke Co., VA, Jan. 13, 1661. His wife believed tohave been Miss Ashton of England and Virginia.

James Ashton of Stafford Co., VA. Will dated 18 August 1686 proved 14 July 1686. James Ashton was justice of the peace of Stafford County, 1680-1690.

John Ashton, Haberdasher on Rustall St., Covent Garden, London, cousin to Col Peter Ashton, brother to James Ashton patented land 1658, dying in or before 1671. He was a member of the House of Burgesses for Charles City Co., VA in 1651. He was probably of the Ashton family of Spalding, Lincolnshire, England. He was descended from the Ashtons' of "Chadderton Lancashire, England.

John Ashton, his brother willed land he inherited from Col Peter Ashton to James Ashton, their brother. The will of Col Peter Ashton dated 1669 willed to James Ashton, his brother of Kirby Underwood County, Lincolnshire and to John Ashton his brother of Lowell, Lincolnshire, his estate on the Potomac River. John Ashton's wife's name was Elizabeth and Capt John Ashton, probably a son.

Major Ashton, a relative who sold 150 acres of land Nov. 8, 1681. James Ashton had Godchildren: Richard Elkin, Sarah Mattershead, Miss Rosier's daughter of John Rosier and Elizabeth Sebastian and willed Richard Elkin 100 acres of his land in his will Aug 18, 1686.

The Estate "Chatterton", King George, VA., now belonging to a Tayloe family.

1607 JOHN ELKINS, to Virginia Colony. AIS Search #1, 1607- to 1819, Entire USA, LDS microfishe. (from Barbara Martin Thompson (publisher of our first Elkins' quarterly, The Elkins Family Exchange Newsletter.

JOHN ELKIN, Merchant "Statutes at Large, Vol Page 83"

GC- (1609 Company of London, 2nd Colony((inhabitants of Bristol, Exeter & Plymouth))

1609 May 23rd: 7th James First (James Stuart, King of England) "Second Charter to Treasurer and Company of Virginia, John Elkin, Merchant. 2nd Colony, (Inhabitants of Bristol, Exeter, Plymouth.

1609 JOHN ELKINS to Virginia. Adventurer of the Virginia Company. S M Bemis, Three Charters of the Virginia Company of London. (1957, Page 33; Captain John Smith, Complete Works, (Edward Arber, Ed. 1895), Council of Virginia, A Declaration of the State of Virginia (Peter Force (1844) V.3, No. 3), page 25.

1623 JOANNE (JOHANNE) ELKYN, Adventurer of the Virginia Company. Susan M. Kingsbury, Ed., Records of the Virginia Company of Virginia, Vol 4 pp 305, 364.

1633 John Elkin (no age) Arrival Maryland

1634 John Elkins (no age)Arrival Maryland

1635 Octobris 24 - Aboard the Constance Clement Chamption bound for Virginia - SAMPSON ALKYNN yeres 24 (Ref: "Passengers to America", by: Michael Tepper, Gen. Publishing Co. 1977: Ship Passenger Lists From The New England Historical & Genealogical Society. (same but from Elkins Eagle Vol IV, No. 1 Mar 1989 page 20.)

SAMPSON ALKYNN/ALKIN/ELKIN, born 1611, arrives in VA., 1635: John C Hotten, The Original Lists of Persons of Quality, p 137; Passenger and Immigration Lists Index Tepper, Michael New World Emmigrants; Tepper, Michael, Passengers of America, Ship Passenger Lists from the New England Historical and Genealogical Society. "24 Oct 1635, aboard the "Constance Clement Campion bound to VA; SAMPSON ALKYNN, 24 years old.

1637 William Elkton (no age given)


1650 Nov 28th - LYON ALKIN/ELKIN, a supervisor for Nicholas Kirby died (where in VA?cs) from Richard Elkin taken from Virginia Settlers & English Adventurers LDS call #975-552cb.page 54:


1653 Sampson Alkin (no age) Arr: Virginia


"Cavaliers & Pioneers"

Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents & Grants, by Nell Marion Nugent, Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, 1979. Vol I, 1623-1666 Patent Book No. 3 Page 242

1653 Capt Nathaniel Hurd, 250 acres at Queen Hith, on No side of James River, beginning at a small creek which divides this from land of Mr. Burham, deceased, along marked trees of land of Capt. Flint, deceased, to head of run dividing land between Mr. Nowells and Mr. Hurd etc. Same date and page. Transfer of five persons: Anne Gamon, Kath. Dearing(or Deaning), SAMPSON ALKIN, Richard Howell, George Blower. May 1653, p 168.

1654 James Alkins (no age) Arr. Virginia (EE) "How did he get there? Where in Virginia did he arrive? What happened to him after he got there?

1657 Darcy Oatley, 350 acres, James City Co., 10 Feb 1657, page 168(250) On N. side of James River beginning at the main swamp and running along Edward Kinge (or Knight) marked trees, etc. Transport of seven persons: Darcy Oatley, Jno. Bayly, Wm. Stronge, Xph. Wingfield, RALPH ELKIN, Math. Wms. (Williams), Phillip Gapper. Assigned unto Thomas Hollyday and renewed in his name.

1661 January 13th (Page 402-Patent Book 4 Yorke County, VA) Ralph Elkin, 30 acres, Yorke Co., VA., pp. 318(437). SW on the Great Horse Path, SE on land of Goodman Jones, NE on Stephen Garner, NW on George Wyatt and old Farr: transfer of Peter Nicholls.

(GC--Note* a person could be transported for headright more than once without having returned to England): (From Elkins Eagle - Vol III No 3 Sep 1988, following: According to Casey (EE Vol II No p53-56) Ralph mrd c1661, Miss Ashton, daughter of James Ashton.

1664 (EE Vol III No 3)- Stafford Co VA created out of Westmoreland County, VA.

1665 June 20th (Pge 112 patent book 5 Gloster Co., VA. Mr. Richard Young, Sr. 1700 acres Gloster Co., 20 June 1665, 900 acres part of Waire Parish, beginning at marked tree of Thomas Todd on west side of Cow Creek on the head of Waire Parish upon the North River in said Bay, beginning at mouth of Back Creek running WNW until it meets said 900 acres &c. The said 1700 acres found to be within the bounds of 2400 acres granted to Edmond Dawber, 28 Nov 1642 and by his heir, sold to said Young and John Price, both of London, 17 June 1659, said Price dying, said Young survivor received the whole patent, due for transport of 34 persons: (HEAD-RIGHTS) Isaack Stephens, William Lannaman, Jonathan Thoroughgood, Humphry Buckley, Thomas Jones, Jno. Nelson, Job Sutton, Margtt. Kate (or Kale), Thomas Bayly, Jno. Bearts, James Goodwin, Wm Smith, RALPH ELKINS, Jonathan Mott, Ann Harper, Mary Harper, James Nelson, Augustine Skinerr, Wm. Ayhurt, Gabriell Norton, Jno. Hay, 3 negroes, Jno. Hiden, Edw. Smith, James Simmons, Tho. Green, Rich. Mannering. (a photo-copied page of this is within this publication, written under this is "Patent Book 5, page 112, showing patent of Richard Young for 1700 acres on North River adjoining Thomas Todd's lands. Richard Young was the second owner of the present Elmington lands.)

1665 June 20th cont: (EE, Vol III No 3) - Ralph Elkins, Gloucester Co, Waire Parish, VA etc. According to Josiah Granville Leach, Memorials of Reading, Howell, Yerkes, Watts, Latham & Elkins Families, (unpublished manuscript), Ralph Elkins moved to Westmoreland Co VA and gave Westmoreland County Order Books 1665-1667. If we knew more about this land (we need land descriptions) we might be able to locate him while he was there. County had already been created so it's not a case of him staying where he was, and the boundary changing.

1668 Ralph Elkins, Stafford County, VA, document (4530, witnessed 28 May 1668, recorded 1671). To Ralph Elkin from Gerrard Fowke by Ralph Elkin of the county of Stafford, Planter, land in Stafford Co, N John Mathewes, NW Jona Mottershead, Thos Humfrys.....Elkin paying yearly one ear of Indian Corne. (Magazine of Virginia Genealogist NOTE: We need Vol issue p#).

1669 RICHARD ELKIN, son of Ralph, born (per ROBERT GALLOP will, page 48)-GC

1671 Ralph Elkins sells to Enoch Kirby in Stafford County. Witnesses: William Scarlett, William Lovam

1673 (ED Vol III No 3 see above) - Nathaniel Elkin in New Kent County, VA Ralph Elkin in New Kent Co VA - (Need sources) see following:

1673 November 4th, (Vol 2 1666-1695 Patent Bk No. 6 pp 211- 212 - Jno. Pross and Tho. Pannell, 5200 acres, New Kent County, Virginia, between the main run of Mattapony and Rapp. River, 4 Nov 1673, page 489. Transport of 104 persons: Jno. Greene, Peter Himon, Mary Pym, JANE DRURY, Simon Radford, Grace Hutchinson, Wm. Sampson, Tho. Dutton, JNO. ELKIN, Francis Ticknor, Moses Ticknor, Francis King, Ezekiah Grigg, Jno Peters, Sarah Hull, Tho. Cuff, Tho Upton, Joane Thomas, Jno Cushin, Jno Duke, Alexander Frizell, Peter Smith, Resititute Jennings, Robt Yeomans, Mary Richards, Jno Franklin, Edith Staple, Tobiah Richards, Humphrey Lyddington, Jno Thomas, Wm Knight, Simon Williams, Mary Franklin, Jeremiah Pybourne, Tho Adams, George Dixon, Daniell Oneale, Ann Butcher, Sarah Turner, Wm. Patchell, Wm Shippey, Jno Smith, Rich Duke, RALPH ELKIN, Jno. Gale, Tho Churnell, Mary Simpkin, Patrick Lidumes, Hugh Douding, Abigall Leviston, Jno. Temple, Sam Broudribb, Ralph Eddleston, Jonas Arbuckle, Wm. Thomas Tho. Butler, Jno. Lucie, Wm. Durrant, Simon Wilsford, Wm. Bush, Thos. Nicholson, Jno. Seegood, Geo. Cooper, Dorothy Reading, Marg. Emett, Neale Cobley, Jno. Morrison, Thos Jonson, Austin Cobham, Jno Clarke, Thos Vickers, Jno. Whittworth, Ric Serrey, Thos. Lambert, Wm. Franklin, Wm. Cocke, Jno. Jonson, Joanne Pitts, Thos. Preston, Ed Noble, Wm. Baker, Jno. Gray, Ralph Peck, Jno. Edwards, Elinor Williams, Ann Wood, Rose Whitehead, Hen Neidum, Thos. Hia, Edw. May, Thos. Osborne, Rich Turner, Ann Stevens, Susanna Marshall, Anthony Jeffordson, Jno Lewis, Arden Gardiner, Margaret Middleton, Alice Simpson, Thos. Bradborne, Jno. Sinkler and 3 negroes. (Note* Also transported here is a JOHN SINKLER. A book has been published by a Louise E. Sinkler-1971, Haverford House, Wayne Co., PA. The book includes references to ELKIN. There is a copy in the Library of Congress: C S 71. S6167-1971. Letters with SASE to Haverford House have not been returned. If anyone gets to read this information GC would like to know what is written--GC (GC-- JANE DRURY--above, is this our ELKIN contact with the name DRURY??

1678-1693James Elkins, Henrico Co, VA, Order Book Page 3; James Elkins name appears in a list of

persons to decide on a boundary line of George Worsham and John Wilson. (Henrico, an original Shire was created in 1634). Question: Is this the James Elkin that arrived in 1654? If so, why does it take 34 years to hear from him?

1681 Nov. 8th RALPH ELKIN purchased from Major Ashton, 150 acres of land in the Parish of St. Pauls, Stafford Co. Virginia, the plantation on which William Burton now lives. Land was purchased Nov. 8th 1681. (It is be-lieved that RALPH ELKIN SR. may have married a Miss Ashton.

(EE Volume III, No 3 see above) - Ralph Elkins buys land in Stafford Co, VA, from his supposed father-in- law? (21 years after Ralph marries his daughter, James Ashton finally sells land to his son-in-law? Seems strange to me, the "Devil's advocate"?

1686 August - The Will of James Ashton of Stafford County, Virginia, Gentleman, dated August 1686, willed his God child RICHARD ELKIN, a heifer with a calf by side and 100 acres of land adjoining upon John Grigsby 1/4 divdt. (EE Vol III, No 3 Page 84 Sep 1988 cont:) - In 1686 Richard Elkins, Stafford Co, VA, God-child of James Ashton, Richard Elkins receives 100 acres of land?)

Another development: See EE Vol II No 3 p58; According to George F. Tyler, Tyler, Elkins & Allied Families, p 184 (who failed to give any reference for primary sources) says "Will of Richard Elkin living in Stafford Co, VA dated 1698". Question! Has anyone got a copy of this will?

1689 Ralph Elkins, Stafford Co., VA, old and sick is relieved from paying to court and from bond of security for estate of John Hobart (Order Book, need page #) this taken from EE Vol III No 3 page 85, Sept 1988.

1690 Sept. 6th - Stafford County, VA. RALPH ELKIN will probated Sept 6, 1690. (EE Vol III No 3 page 85, Sep 1988 - In Casey's book he states that Ralph Elkin died intestate, however from Jack Elkins, See Vol I, No 2 p54, He states will dated March 1690, probated Sept 1690, son Richard was administrator. "1690 will of Ralph Elkins, probated Sep 6th, Richard administers his estate. He gives his sons Richard and Nathaniel land with houses, horses, barns, etc." per Jack Elkins. We need to see this one!

1690 RALPH ELKIN, his son Richard administers his estate. He gives to sons Richard and Nathaniel, "lands with houses, horses, tobacco, barns, etc. (this reference copied from 1726 item - Stafford Co. Order Book-1722, pge 234 under sale of land by Richard Elkin Sr. to John Fitzhugh). (NOTE* It is believed by the author that RALPH ELKIN SR. also had sons Ralph Jr. and John, however I am only using the material which has a definite reference for). The author is Olive Elkin Story and records are in the Virginia State Library, 707 E. Franklin St., Richmond, VA.

(FURTHER NOTE* On Sept. 9, 1690, John Grigsby was one of the appraisers of the estate of RALPH ELKIN, father of Richard Elkin. "He may have been related to the Ashtons' and Elkins', for in Richard Bryant's will dated 1703, April 5, bequeathed to his son Nathaniel Bryant, "all my land which I now enjoy in Virginia, his mother to live wholly upon the plantation where I now live, to daughter ELIZABETH ELKIN, 400 # tobacco and RICHARD ELKIN to give to my grandson RICHARD ELKIN, a mare (Ref. Virginia Historic Genealogies, "by John Bennett Boddie", Gen. Publ. Co., Inc. Baltimore, 1965, pge 69. Contributed by: Barbara Thompson (EFEN).

1694/5 James Elkins, son of Richard Elkins and his wife, Mary (Williams) Elkins, Richmond Co., VA.

Will Book 2 p. 47 by deed of gift, 12 Jan. 1694/95, is willed by Mrs. Xpian Williams of St. Marys Parish in Richmond Co., 5 cows, a good feather bed and furniture and tow brass kittles, one to hold about 13 gallons, 2 iron pots, 1 bell mettle spice mortar and pestle, 5 pewter, dishes, 2 horses and 2000 pounds of tobacco in cask" to be paid for the aforesaid grandchild, (James Elkins) schooling when he comes to age of 23yrs. Mrs. Williams names James Elkins as her grandson and states he is the son of Richard Elkins and Mary. Mrs. Williams signed the Deed of Gift with her mark.

1695 29th Feb - NATT ELKINS listed in Boston Company - Per King Arthur's War, page 177 (No Author Given) this in Elkins Eagle Vol IV, No. 1, Mar 1989, Page 21 (Virginia Genealogy) Sent by Wilma Smith. (Carol, I believe she means "King Philips' War?)

1695 Richmond Co., VA. Richard Elkins married Mary Williams on Jan. 12, 1695-LDS Library Records. (Carol's Note* Due to the fact that this couple have a son James born and he inherits from his grandmother ((see above)), we assume that the LDS library have drawn the conclusion from the above also. (Probably married much earlier.)

1698 June 4th- RALPH ELKIN, son JOHN ELKIN -(GC - Stafford Co. VA Deed Book 1722-28 abstracted by G. H. King. page 313)

1698 Sept. 8th, "RICHARD ELKIN was living in Stafford County, Virginia in 1686. His will dated 18 Aug 1698 was proved in Stafford Co., VA 8 Sept 1686 (sic) note the proven will is earlier than the dated will-OOPS!? in the county court." (Elkins Eagle Vol III No 2, Page 59 Jun 1988 issue "Bits & Pieces from Olive Elkins Story, taken from George F Tyler's "Tyler, Elkins & Allied Families, page 184". Mr. Tyler failed to give the deed book number and page. His book is the only reference Olive had found of this. (See above 1686 re: Richard Elkins and "EE" comments.

1698, June 7 - Samuel Bolt bequeathed land(100 acres) to JOHN ELKIN, son of RALPH ELKIN." Could Samuel Bolt have been the father-in-law of John Elkin?? GC NOTE*GC--"Primogeniture the firstborn), heir-at-law> The first son could not be disinherited, and was not always included in the will. GC Here GC adds a marriage but no exact date but in this same format: From EE Vol IV, No 3; - Stafford County, VA. In Indenture 7 June 1726 it is stated that "Samuel Bolt" who by his last will and Testament bequeath'd the said land (100 ac) to John Elkin, s/o Ralph Elkin, the said John Elkin the 4th of June 1698 conveyed the same to John Waugh who on the 11 day of May, 1702 sells the same to George Procter Senr. . . . George Procter Junr and William Procter of St Paul's Parish, Stafford, lease this 100 acres to John Fitzhugh. (Virginia Land Records, p422).

169? "Marriages of Richmond Co. 1668-1853" by G. H. King -1964 page 175 - Benjamin Rush married AMY, widow of James Elkin, he is son of Richard and Mary Williams Elkin. From Benjamin Rush family history, her maiden name "AMY HARRISON. This is listed also as mrd at Richmond, see May 2, 1717.

1702 May 11th - JOHN WAUGH bought land from JOHN ELKIN as follows: Stafford County, VA. WILL BOOK - LIBER Z 1699- 1709 Page 140. Deed from JOHN WAUGH, Clerk of Stafford County, VA., in the Colony of Virginia for and in consideration of 9,000 pounds of tobacco sold unto GEORGE PROCTOR, SR., GEORGE PROCTOR, JR AND HIS SON WILLIAM PROCTOR, brother of said GEORGE PROCTOR JR., the son of said GEORGE PROCTOR SR. all and singular that tract or division of land....170 acres said land bought by me the said JOHN WAUGH, Clerk, of JOHN ELKIN of County of Stafford by Deed of Sale dated 4th of June 1698, acknowledge and recorded 8th of June 1698 and by his said acknowledgment and wife relinquishment (sic) of Dower in Stafford Co. Court Records may appear the said land coming to the said ELKIN by virtue of the Request of SAML BELL of this county(?) tract (?) which said SAMUEL BELL bought or purchased of JAMES ASHTON, late of this county, the said land it being bound as follows....on easterly with a tract of land formerly belonging to RALPH ELKINS....signed 11 May 1702. (From Elkins Eagle Vol III No. 2, Page 59 Jun 1988 from "Bits & Pieces" by oes.)

1703 4th of May - RICHARD BRYAN, Stafford Co. Will: Wife, ANN, executrix. Leaves to dau. ELIZABETH ELKIN 400# tobacco and to RICHARD ELKIN, JR. a mare. (Book Z p227) Elkins Eagle, Vol VI, No. 1 Page 22 Mar 1989, Virginia Chronology.

1705 2nd May - RICHARD ELKINS, Charles City Co., VA transported with THO. TOTTY, ELIZ. PRATT, JOSHUA PRICKETT, by CHARLES EVANS. Patent Book 9 Page 95. (Elkins Eagle Vol VI, No 1 see 1703)

1709 21 Dec - HENRY GALLOP, Richmond Co VA 109 ac. Adj line formerly BOLTS, now JAMES ELKINS, JOHN OWEN, EVAN WILLIAMS, now ELKINS. (Gertrude Gray, Northern Neck Land Grants 1694-1742l) in Elkins Eagle Vol IV, No. 1, see 1703)

1710 RALPH ELKINS born 1710 VA? (per Geri Cook EE Vol III, No 3, page 83).

1713 6th of Nov. - HENRY ELKINS, Northhampton Co., witness to Power of Attorney of JAMES LINDALL of Salem, Essex Cty, NL.E to BENJAMIN PICKMAN "Barbara cannot locate source" per Elkins Eagle Vol IV No 1 see 1703.

1715 EMMANUEL ELKIN, Elizabeth City Co., witnessed marriage of ANTHONY WILLIAMS & REBECCA ARMSTEAD. (from Elkins Unpublished Manuscript page 58, their source William & Mary Quarterly, Vol 1 Page 256. Elkins Eagle (See 1703)

1717 1st of May - James Elkin at Richmond Co., VA. died - his inventory of Estate from Wills of Richmond Co., VA., by Robert K Headley, Jr. 1983. Elkins Eagle (see 1703)

1717 2nd of May? - AMY ELKINS, Richmond Co. (the part that became King George Co), the widow of JAMES (Inv. above) married 2nd in 1717, BENJAMIN RUSH. This JAMES ELKINS is son of RICHARD & MARY (WILLIAMS) ELKINS, See above deed of gift from MRS. XPIAN (CHRISTIAN) WILLIAMS, grandmother of this JAMES.) AMY was formerly HARRISON. Elkins Eagle Vol IV, No 1 (see 1703)

1720 21 King George Co., VA. formed from Richmond & Westmoreland. JAMES ELKINS plantation of 250 ac then fell into King George Co. COB 7, p 99, 218. Deed Book 7 p191; WB3 p317; King George COB 1 p78, 3l50; Deed Book 1A, p225, 294; ORP p104.

1720 Dec 7th - Wills of Richmond Co., VA 1699-1800 by R. K. Headley, Jr. page 48 - Robert Gallop will proved 7 December 1720. RICHARD ELKIN age 51, and another witness heard Robert Gallop declare ......etc..... Indicates that RICHARD ELKIN was born c1669. Inventory Record.

Per EE Vol IV No 3 Page 82; "Monday, May 23, 1720, on this day, HENRY GALLOP age 67 and RICHARD ELKINS age 51 (bc1669) and WILLIAM BROWN age 56, at the request of ELEANOR GALLOP, widow and relict of ROBERT GALLOP, deceased, came personally before me and made oath that on Friday last, the 20th instant, they heard ROBERT GALLOP declare as his last will that his two daughters by name ELEANOR and TOLIS, should have all his land at Deep Run in this county to be equally divided to the .......... and soon after on the same day, departed this life and further saith not .....#. Robert K Headley, Jr. Wills of Richmond County, Virginia 1699- 1800, page 48.

1720 July 1st - Elizabeth City Co VA - Will Book 1721-1723, Page 9, will of WILLIAM SMELT of Hampton, EVAN ALKIN witnesses.

1721 TAX LIST of King George Co, VA - Poll List a NATHANIEL ELKINS AND BENJAMIN ELKINS. They would have been at least 21 years old here. By 1787 list, Nathaniel and Benjamin would have been at least 56 years old. (see 1787 tax lists).

1721 RICHARD ELKINS, King George Co., witness to deed between THOMAS RIDDLE & BENJAMIN RUSH. Deed Book 1, pp22,23 (Sparacia); from Elkins Eagle-(see 1703)

1722 James Elkine at King George Co., VA. died- that died 1717, now in King George records, has Additional inventory, as presented by BENJAMIN RUSH and AMY, his wife, admx of sd JAMES ELKINS. Record I, #1 pp 23,34, from WANDA KILLGORE printed in Elkins Eagle (see 1703)

1722 Dec 30th - BARNES ELKINS, estate inventory, shows an old kittle and trunk appraised to 1.4.0. Appraisers; CHARLES STUART, HENRY GALLAP, JOHN PRICE. Inventory ordered recorded 4 Jan 1722/3. (King George Co inventories pp. 23-24.) (per EE Vol III, No 3, Page 89-Sept 1988).

1722 JAMES ELKINE, inventory dated 1722 - Virginia Wills & Administrations 1632-1800) This is also from King George Co, VA.

1722 RICHARD ELKIN, Stafford Co. Sale of Land to JOHN FITZHUGH. OB1722, p234 (this per Jack Elkins from Elkins Eagle Vol II, No. 4 pg97.

1723 NATH. ELKIN, Stafford Co Rental Rolls. AIS Search Index (Barbara Martin Thompson).

RICHARD ELKIN, Stafford Co Rental Rolls. AIS Search Index, (Barbara Martin Thompson). Following same: Taken from the "Register of Overwharton Parish, Stafford County, Virginia 1723-1758 and Sundry Historical and Genealogical Notes" Compiled and published by: George Harrison Sanford King Fellow, American Society of Genealogists, Fredericksburg, VA, 1961":

1723 Richard Elkins 75 acres, Paid 72# for tobacco. Paid 4 years. Nathaniel Elkins, 75 acres, Paid 36# Tobacco for 2 years. Col. Wm Fitzhugh, 17,630 acres, Paid 5,016# Tabacco, due 242# tobacco. 600 acres paid in King George County, VA. for 1722. John Grigsby, 940 acres, Paid 224# Tobacco.

1724 2nd of May - NATHANIEL ELKINS, King George Co on jury. Will Book 2, page 217. Elkins Eagle (see 1703)

1724 NATHANIEL ELKINS, Stafford Co., VA., Overton Parish, 75 ac. 36# tobacco, paid 2yrs.

RICHARD ELKINS, Stafford Co., VA., 75 ac. 36# tobacco paid 4yrs. This from Wilma Smith, Source marked "Stafford County, Overton Parish 1723-1750, no author/pub or page nos. (Elkins Eagle See 1703)

1724 June 5 - King George County, VA - in an action upon the case brought by Walter Anderson against John Prince, clerk, a jury being in panneled and sworn to try the matter in issue, joyned, vis: RICHARD ELKIN, William Rowley, Abraham Kenyan, Rush Hutson, Rowland Thornton, James Kay, Richard Tutt, James Markham, John Price, NATHANIEL ELKIN, Francis Woffendale and William Brooks, who have heard the matter debated and the evidence withdrew and some time after returned the following verdict, vis: "we fine by the defendant, .28 currency for the plaintiff. Sep 1997 - taken from "History of The Anderson Family, usgenweb.com.

1724 August 14th - RICHARD ELLKINS, JNO. FARGUSON, HENRY (X) GALLOP, appraisers for estate of WILLM BRIDGES ordered recorded. (King Geo Co inventories pp42-43)

1725 April 2nd - RICHARD ELLKINS, JOHN FARGUSON, HENRY (X) GALLOP, appraiser sworn before JOSEPH STROTHER, appraisers of PATRICK MAGEE estate. Inventory returned by ELIZABETH MAGEE made 21 Jan 1724, presented to court 5 Feb 1724/5 admitted to record. (King George Co Inventories Book pp. 44-45).

1725 2 April - King George Co, VA. - NATHANIEL ELKINS buys land from JOHN OWENS. Deed Abstracts 1721-1735, Sparacio, Page 268,269. (Elkins Eagle see 1703)

1726 Order Book, King George Co., VA 1721-1734 pg 309 "On motion of Benjamin Rush, it is ordered that he be appointed guardian of JOSEPH ELKIN.

1726 It is stated that Richard Elkin married Elizabeth Bryant /Bryan of Virginia and had sons Richard Jr. and William. Richard Elkin died in 1726 leaving property to Richard Jr. (statement made by Olive Elkin Story in reference to the children of Ralph Elkin. CS-my assumption "It is more than likely Richard died at King George Co., VA. I have no idea where the date of death was assumed here. Need more data.CS

Richard Elkins' sons:

1. Richard Jr mrd Mary Gallop

2. William, mrd MARTHA

a. son DAVID bn 17 Feb 1742

b. dtr Margaret bn 7 Aug 1747 at Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co., VA.--information from CFI, Church of LDS records. (above from GC)

1726 Stafford County, VA - (See 1698 & 1702) - Samuel Bolt left 100 acres to JOHN ELKINS, son of RALPH. John Elkin sold the land to John Waugh in 1702. The Indenture is dated 7 June 1726 and recorded in Stafford County VA. (Nothing is mentioned regarding John Elkins residing in Stafford Co).

1726 10 April - RICHARD ELKINS SR., King George Co, Hanover Parish, sold to JOHN FITZHUGH, of St Paul's Parish, Stafford Co., 75 ac of the 150 ac which RALPH ELKINS, father of said RICHARD, purchased from MAJOR ASHTON IN 1661. Cavaliers & Pioneers, Nugent. Volume III, Page 95. (Elkins Eagle see 1703).

1726 RICHARD ELKINS, King George Co., guardian of WILLIAM LAMPTON. Deed Book 3 page 39. (Elkins Eagle, see 1703)

1726 RICHARD ELKINS died at King George Co., VA. (EE Vol IV No 3 page 83; "Olive Elkin Story, her unpublished manuscript, page 59 (is this a conclusion on the part of the author of the manuscript or was there documentation? cbh).

1727 21 June - King George Co., VA. - St. Pauls Parish Register, pge 23, MARGARET ELKINS and James Stevens married. by: David Stuart, Minister.

1727 October 7th - HENRY GALLOP, deceased, estate, inventory and appraisement, included three negroes, bill of Capt. SKINERS. Appraisers RICH'D BRYAN, WM ROWLEY, JERE BRONAUGH SR., Court 7th Oct 1727, JOHN OWEN returned the inventory, ordered recorded. HENRY GALLOP, Hanover Parish, King George Co. will made 6 July 1727. Executors; JOHN OWENS and ELONER OWENS (his now wife). Presented to court 6 July 1727 and recorded. Bond of JOHN OWEN, Executor, dated 6 July 1727 Bondsmen; RICHARD ROSSE, NATHANIEL ELKINS. (From the Elkins Eagle Vol III, No. 3, page 89. Ralpher's Quagmire - Deed Abstracts of King George County VA 1721-1735 by Ruth and Sam Sparacia (no pub. date shown.).

1727 NATHANIEL ELKINS, carpenter, King George Co. VA. is granted 32 ac by JOHN OWENS. RICHARD ELKINS JR. is a witness. Deed Abstracts 1721-1735, Sparacio, page 460 Elkins Eagle (1703) (Note here on RICHARD ELKINS JR: "Why did they call the witness Richard Elkins Jr in 1727 if the older Richard died in 1726? While we know Jr and Sr does not necessarily denote father/son, seldom was a man called Jr unless there was another man by the same name in the area. Another explanation would be three Richards' in King George 1727, but perish the thought! We have too many of the same name already.cbh - from EE Vol IV No 3 page 83.

1727 Elizabeth City County VA - EMANUEL ALKIN, legacy to wife, SUSANNA, whole estate and plantation adjacant to ANTHONY ARMISTEAD, St Paul's Parish Reg. page 23; from Elkins unpublished manuscript page 60.

1730 King George Co., VA., JNO. ELLKINS died (GC- JOHN ELKIN dies intestate--widow Elizabeth. Who were his children? Did he name a son RALPH? Was his wife Elizabeth Bolt, dau of Samuel Bolt? (Inventory Record)

1730 5th of June - JOHN ELKINS, King George Co, Administration of Estate of JOHN ELKINS, dec'd, granted to his widow, ELIZABETH. Order in Court 5 June 1730. Directed that estate be appraised. Done and recorded 7 Aug 1730. I, #2 page 82,84. From Wilma Smith and Wanda Kilgore. COB 1 Page 510. Elkins Eagle (See 1703)

1730 7th of August - JOHN ELLKINS, King George Co. Inventory and Appraisement. Will Abstracts, Sparacio, p142,143. (Elkins Eagle 1703) / from Virginia Wills & Adminstrations 1632-1800, on micro-film, C Stultz files.

1730 King George Co., VA. St. Pauls Parish Register, pg 25 PRISCILLA ELKINS and BENJAMIN SEBASTION are married February 16, 1730.

1730 5th or 6th November - King George County, VA - Indenture between William Lampton of Hanover, King George County, Planter, & John Grigsby and Ann his wife, of one part and James Jones of Parish of Hanover Parish of King George, Bricklayer of other part . . . . sell unto James Jones, 100 acres which William Lampton, late of King George County, deceased, formerly purchased of John Hopkins and Ann, his wife, by his Last Will & Testament, gave to his son Samuel Lampton & if he died before arrived age of 18 years then to be equally divided between his other three children (vis) above named William Lampton & Ann now the wife of the above named John Grigsby & Joshua Lampton which Samuel dying before he came to age of 18 years the said William & Ann Grigsby by virtue of their Father's will became seized of one full third part land being partly in King George County and partly in Stafford in Parish of Hanover & St Pauls . . . .bounded by lands of William Grigsby, son of John Grigsby, late of Stafford County, deceased & of Major John Fitzhugh and Richard Ross . . . for Thirty pounds current money of Virginia. Presence of Richard Bryan, William Lampton Thomas Vinvion, Richard Tutt, John Grigsby, Ann (herx mark) Grigsby, 6th November 1730 .. then came William Lampton, John Grigsby & Ann his wife being Solely examined confessed her free consent thereto .. Deeds of lease & release together with consideration mentioned recorded. Pp 108-110.

1732 King George County VA - RALPH ELKIN JR. married Francis ( ? ) and had son, Nathaniel (King George Co. they appear in a deed 1732) (EE Vol IV No 3 - mentioned in deed on that date, taken from Olive E Story, unpublished manuscript page 60, - Note* cannot verify this, see 1753 with the same data. -Barbara Martin Thompson).

1732 August 30 - King George Co Deed Book 1-A 1729-1735 "JOSEPH ELKIN RENTS to James Jones, land in the Parish of Brunswick and one section of land in tenure or occupation of RICHARD ELKIN, and one section in tenure or occupation of BENJAMIN RUSH adjoining SAMUEL FINCHER, GRACE STEWART, JOHN OWENS, EDWARD SUMMERSTON, CATERBY COCKE, NATHANIEL ELKINS, JR. AND JOSHUA LAMPTON.



We previously thought that this was a sale--Changed from sold to rented/ per "Elkins Eagle Vol III, No. 2 Page 59 "Bits & Pieces from Olive Elkin Story.

NOTE* GC Unable to find additional entries for this Joseph Elkin- In 1755 a JOSEPH ELKIN is in Cumberland Co., NC. In 1760 a deed of gift is recorded for Joseph Elkin to an Elizabeth Jarman. (Deed Bk 1 pg 345)

1733 February 5 - SUSANNA ALKIN/ALKINS, Legacy, friend Roscow Sweny, son of Marrit Sweny, all my personal estate. Executor & friend, Capt. Merritt Sweny. Dated Feb 1733, Recorded 19 December 1744. Wit: Jane Curle, Mary Hamilton, John Kerby. Book 1737-49 p194. Original Will. (Note: This Susanna is probably w/o Emanuel Elkins who died 1727 above. cbh)

1733 King George Co., VA. Nathaniel Elkins died: (Inventory Record), Rebecca Elkins administers his estate 1 Feb 1733. (per GC-Was she Rebecca Summerton? Is he the father of Ralph who has son named Nathaniel?

1733, 1st of Feb REPEAT: NATHANIEL ELKINS, King George Co., VA Bond of administrix, REBECCA ELKINS (he died age 50) dated 1 Feb 1733/34. JAMES JONES as security. Remains of Inventory in I #1, p166, was recorded 1 Mar 1733/34. Deed Abstracts 1732-1780, Sparacio (from Elkins Eagle again 1703)





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