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Have you compiled and published a book or several books about the ELKINS' surname? If you have please send the information requested below to DARLENE for posting on this website.


Carol Stultz, C. G. [email protected] Once Upon A Mine!, $26.00
This publication tells of early mining in Sullivan County, IN. Also of four terrible mine disasters giving the names of the miners that lost their lives. It is also a history and genealogy of the Richards-Woolley-Buckley families that came to Sullivan County, IN in the 1860's and began coal mines in the area. All these families come from England to America, some settling in Illinois also. Also the story of Clement Richards that later comes into Vigo County from Sullivan County. He and his wife lost their lives on "The Empress of Ireland". A ship wreck on the St. Lawrence River, as they were going home to visit their family in England. Their sons continued the mining business in the Vigo County area and later, Clement's nephew, Herbert I. Woolley come with his family to Vigo. John & Jane (Lester) Buckley resided in Alma, Illinois and he was in mining also. John's brother settled in Sullivan County, IN. John and Jane's daughter, Amelia, married Herbert I. Woolley. Herbert's mother was a sister to Clement Richards. All above were closely related. A MUST to have if you are researching Sullivan in the late 19th and early 20th Century!
Carol Stultz, C. G. [email protected] Jackson County, Indiana Marriages With Supplements, 3 Volume set, 1816-1920. Contains over 5,000 additions to the brides and grooms, some from the earliest to the latest marriages, giving parents, ages, birthdates, death dates and cemeteries in many cases. Price $55.00
Carol Stultz, C. G. [email protected] Bartholomew County, Indiana Marriages 1821-1920, 2 Volume set, with bride and groom listed alphabetical. OPrice $35.00
Carol Stultz, C. G. [email protected] Bartholomew County, Indiana Marriage Supplement, 2 Volume. Marriages 1882-1920 has father, mother and age of the bride and groom (volume 1). Volume 2, alphabetical index, part I, gives father and bride and groom; part II gives mother and bride and groom. 17,000 entries. From supplements of WPA. Price $35.00
Carol Stultz, C. G. [email protected] The Chapman Family. Edward Chapman of Ipswich, Mass. Includes the well know Saint Johnny Appleseed. Through correspondence, stories written in the 1930's and 40's, news items and tradition, we bring Johnny to you. His father, Nathaniel, was a Captain in the Revolution. Indexed, 219 pps. Price $28.00
Carol Stultz, C. G. [email protected] The Buckley Family. From England to American - wills, obits, censuses, news items from England. Through English Research, tells of two brothers that come to US in the mid-19th century. Two volume set. Volume I, 131 pps; Volume II, 131 pps. Price $35.00
Carol Stultz, C. G. [email protected] A Couple Collier Families. Two groups of Colliers' follow the same pattern of migration into Pulaski and Rockcastle Counties, KY then to Southern Indiana. Several move west. Both progenitors, Richard Collier and Eld. Stephen Collier, their descendants inter-marry into the Elkins, Stogdill, Deckard, Acton families. 360 pps. Indexed with two genealogies. Price $30.00
Carol Stultz, C. G. [email protected] The Elkins Research Workbook. Research on the Elkins' families from Virginia to Kentucky and then into Southern Indiana. Two volume. Information includes chronology of Elkins in Virginia from 1600's to 1800's. Taken from written and physical research by compiler. Includes censuses, marriages, cemetery records, land records, correspondence. Information on the North Carolina Elkins (early) included. Price $38.00
Carol Stultz, C. G. [email protected] Jackson County, Indiana WPA Death Records, 1882-1920. An alphabetical listing containing 202 pages. Price $20.00
Carol Stultz, C. G. [email protected] Census Publications. All census publications are formatted with an all name index and assigned computer numbers. The actual census is listed as the Assistant Marshall had taken it and the numbers line up numerically. Some books are set up in 2 volumes and others are one volume with index in the back of the book.
1850 Jackson County IN Census, Price $16.00
1860 Jackson County IN Census, Price $16.00
1850-1860 Brown County IN Census, Price $30.00
1850 Daviess County IN Census, Price $16.00
1850 Lawrence County IN Census, Price $16.00
1850 Monroe County IN Census, Price $16.00
1810 Pulaski and Rockcastle County KY Census, Price $10.00
Carol Stultz, C. G. [email protected] The Indiana State Soldiers Home - Lafayette Indiana, 1787-1980. This book is of the veterans that resided at this home that had severed in the World Wars, Civil and Spanish American. It dates from 1878 to 1980, giving name, company they served along with date left (this could mean time of death or other). This also has the women that served along with widows of the soldiers. 227 pages. Price $24.00
Carol Stultz, C. G. [email protected] I do research within my own library which I have a vast amount of source material. On microfilm, censuses, WPA births, deaths and marriages along with supplements for many counties; CD disks on the social security, early marriages of Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Ohio, Georgia, Michigan; Census indexes for 1840 Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois and Ohio; some genealogies. My library has a few histories of counties, files of early court records, etc., of several southern counties. Always send a pedigree or family group sheet on the ancestor you wish me to search. Price per surname $35.00
Carolyne J. Stultz
217N SR 75
Danville IN 46122-8734
phone: (317) 539-4029
email: [email protected]

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