ELKINS Genealogy Data, Goals and Objectives
Elkins Genealogy Data

Goals and Objectives

The goal for the Elkins Genealogy Data website is to become the most extensive genealogy and family history site for the Elkins surname on and off the worldwide web. We're already off to a great start because Elkins researchers, just like yourself, have already contributed a huge amount of information. There is much more information to be had, though. That's where you come in -- we need your help to make this work.

We are seeking any information about the Elkins surname, and variations, in regards to births, deaths, marriages, census, deed/land, wills/estate, obituaries, articles about people or places with the Elkins name, family histories and genealogies, guardianships, just to name a few items. The objectives are:

  • to collect, analyze and preserve information pertaining to the Elkins surname
  • to assemble in a central location public and private, published and unpublished information about the Elkins surname
  • the use of DNA testing as a tool to define Elkins' groups.

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