Photograph of Thomas Payton Rubottom's 81st Birthday

Photograph of Thomas Payton Rubottom's
81st Birthday Party
1908, Greenville, Missouri

Donated by Sylvia H. Reuwer

This photograph was graciously donated by Sylvia H. Reuwer, niece of Thomas William Rubottom. The late Mr. Rubottom was responsible for much of the early research on the Rubottom family.

The picture was taken on Thomas Payton Rubottom's eighty first birthday. The picture was made on the Thomas Payton Rubottom Farm. Thomas William Rubottom identified those in the picture as follows:

Birthday Picture

Back row, left to right:
Sally Rubottom, wife of Ben Rubottom, Mrs. Alex Stephens, Addie Rubottom, Alex Stephens, Kewen Rubottom, holding daughter, Ora, Thomas Newton Rubottom, wife Mattie (Boyd) Rubottom, Mrs. William Smith, William Huston Rubottom, William Smith, Mrs. Lena Glanville Rubottom, wife of William Huston Rubottom, holding daughter Bessie Iola Rubottom, Mrs Carrol Bennett, Mrs. Nancy Edwards Rubottom, Robert Lee Rubottom, Richard M. Rubottom, Mrs. Cecelia Young Rubottom, Thomas Payton Rubottom, Ezekiel Rubottom kneeling in front row. Zede McGhee holding his daughter.

Children from left to right:
Clarence Rubottom, Raymond Rubottom The three girls are Phoebe Edward's daughters, Iris Lee Rubottom, Robert Rubottom, Ira R.Rubottom, Thomas William Rubottom, Ira Rubottom, Stella Rubottom, Gladys Rubottom, next two is unknown, standing tall girl is Blanch Rubottom, daughter of Charles Rubottom, deceased. Standing, Leslie Smith, kneeling, Dorsey and Claud Rubottom, Boy standing is unknown, two girls standing are daughters of Zede McGhee.

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