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Rubottom and Allied Families

Rubottom & Allied Families

Family History Research

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This page is devoted to publishing research about Rubottom and Allied Families.   It is possible only because of the sharing of numerous interested researchers from across the United States.  I offer my most sincere thanks to everyone who has sent me information and who will contribute to the expansion of these pages. In 1993 I published a book called Rubottom Reminiscin' that traced the descendants of Thomas and Phebe Dixon Rubottom.  Since that time, I have continued to research this fascinating family and have gathered much new information.  My intention was eventually to republish the book. But with the growing popularity of the Internet, this seems a much better way to share information with a large number of persons.

My hope is that every interested Rubottom researcher will contribute information that can be shared with others.  If would like to add your Rubottom or allied family information to these pages, please contact Danene Vincent at [email protected]
I look forward to hearing from you.

This site continues to be under construction! I will continue to add Rubottom and Allied Families information a bit at a time. In the meantime, please enjoy!



Rubottom Reminiscin' by Danene Brown Vincent.  This book was published in 1993.  All but Chapters 6 & 7 are included on this site.  Author's updates have been included and are so noted.

In December 2000, I released the 2nd edition of Rubottom Reminiscin'. If you desire more information on the book, please e-mail me.

Descendants of Thomas and Phebe Dixon Rubottom on the Rootsweb WorldConnect Site You will need to use your back key to return to this site!
Rubottom Family Coat of Arms
The Robotham Family in Wales
The Old Stamping Grounds -- Written by Ben Dixon, 1934
The Research of the late Thomas W. Rubottom of Houston, TX


Items of General Interest



Bible Records
Cemetery Listings
Deeds & Land Patents
Military Records 



Allen Dixon [email protected]Rubottom / Dixon Researcher
Joan Louise Rubottom Brenon [email protected]Thomas > Ezekiel > Thomas Peyton > William Huston > Jesse Marvin > Joan Louise Rubottom Brenon
Nancy Ann Rubottom Caddell [email protected]Thomas > Ezekiel > Lafayette > Richard Milton > Herbert Avery > Paul Clinton > Nancy Ann
Carline Harp Doyle [email protected]
Thomas > Ezekiel > Thomas Peyton > Thomas Newton > Patrick Peyton
Mary Jane Hennon[email protected] Thomas > Ezekiel > Thomas Peyton > Mary Penelope (Neppa)
Vikki Flanigan[email protected] Dixon Researcher (Seeking information on William (age 12 in 1907) and Isaac Dixon guardian, Mother Mary Still Dixon)
Michael Gompert [email protected] Thomas > Simon > Zeno > Pleasant L. > Zeno W. > Ell A
Mary Jane Hennon[email protected] Thomas > Ezekiel > Thomas Peyton > Mary Penelope (Neppa)
Marv Miller[email protected] Thomas > Simon > Thomas
Carol Nation [email protected]Thomas > Simon > William > John Milton > Alfred Vestal > Claude Milton > Mary Margaret > Carol
Robin Olson [email protected]Thomas > Simon > George > Levi > Charles > Farlow
Alayne Rubottom Preciado [email protected]Thomas > Ezekiel > Lafayette > Benjamin H. > Robert Eli > Alayne
Sylvia H. Reuwer [email protected]Thomas > Ezekiel > Thomas Peyton > William Huston > Essie Edith > Sylvia Lee Holland
Patricia Rowbotham [email protected]Searching for family of Buckley Holmes Rowbotham (b. 1801, ENG, lived in Johnson Co., AR)
Dick and Diana Rubottom [email protected] Thomas > Ezekiel > Lafayette > Benjamin H. > Ira Richard > Ira Richard "Dick", Jr.
Don Rubottom [email protected] Thomas > Ezekiel > Lafayette > Ezekiel C. > George W. > Donald Julian > Donald Jay
Ernest (Ernie) Luther Rubottom, III [email protected] Thomas > Simon > Zeno > Pleasant L. > Clarence Leroy > Ernest Luther, I > Ernest Luther II > Ernest Luther III
Keith Allen Rubottom [email protected] Thomas > Simon > Joseph > William Freeling > Lee > Freeling > Wilburn Lee > Allen Lee > Keith Allen
Lee Rubottom [email protected] Thomas > Simon > Zeno > Plezant Luther
Virginia Rubottom Skinner [email protected]>Thomas > Ezekiel > Lafayette > Richard M. > Simon Terrell > Virginia
Walter Richard Stephens[email protected] Thomas > Ezekiel > Thomas Peyton > Mary Penelope (Neppa)
Danene Vincent [email protected]
(Home Page)
Thomas > Simon > John > Samuel > Frances
Robert Wilkinson [email protected] Dixon Researcher
Henry Dixon > William > George > Caleb > Amy

If you would like to be added as a researcher, please e-mail me at [email protected].


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