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Dana's Scrapbooking Page

aka RWWCDana & ScrapCrazyD

Using drywall tape

Bailey Plantation Texas

Bryan Beach Texas

Bryan Beach Texas 2

Butt Wave


Edward and Emma Thomas



Keeper of the Stars

Keeper of the Stars 2

Mable Thomas


Mom and Dad


Schuerman Wedding

Schuerman Wedding (with flash)

TNT Watermelons


Wilminton 2

Wilminton 3


Zoo 2

Zoo 3

Zoo 4

Zoo 5

Valentine Queen to Scrappin' Queen :)

TNT & Bepaw need help with a title on this one

Bemaw's Garden

Chyanne -- Heaven must be missing an Angel *inspired by august_jellybean at twopeas!*

Cousins every size and shape

Frecklepress book for Brittany

handmade paper -- need ideas for what to do with it :)

Uncle Joe and Aunt Joann

JDT's Overalls

Prayer for my family

TNT and JDT riding horse

TNT and Ken Laughter

Turner Falls (click backbutton to return) Winner of 2nd place layout contest at my local scrapbooking store! Go figure!

drywall tape examples:





Thanks Beary Much Card with Instructions



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For Fun

You are Hermafix! Often seen as the standard in
the scrapbooking world, you're very versatile
and always ready to lend a practical and
general purpose hand.

What kind of scrapbooking adhesive are you?

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You are a super scrapbooker. You enjoy your hobby and the tools it offers to complete your tasks. You enjoy trying new things and being involved
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What kind of scrapbooker are you?

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