Thanks Beary Much Card

Thanks Beary Much Card
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Thanks Beary Much Card Instructions

See photo of card (click photo for larger view):
inside with flash:


I'm going to TRY ;) and remember every tool and product used.



On the front I used Cock-A-Doodle Design, Inc.'s Page Frames and die-cuts, page protector cut to size, Gelly Roll pen XPGB#719, Miller Studio Inc. Mounting tape, Hermie, 81/2 x 11 card stock (cut down to fit frame), sticky dots, baby powder, paint brush, Fiskars® 12" trimmer and micro-tip sissors, one of those squares to remove adhesive...can't remember what they are called

Shaker pieces: Dress It Up (a Jesse James Company) miniature heart collector whipstitched, clear Rochaille beads, red beads.


Pop Dots, Cock-A-Doodle Design, Inc's die-cut, terrifically tacky tape, clear marbles, Gelly Roll pen XPGB#719, Fiskars® heart corner punch/rounder


stampcraft stamp 440D33, Dauber Duos DD-51 UM Blue, Gelly Roll pen 37359, Fiskars® heart corner punch/rounder



trim largest Cock-A-Doodle Design, Inc.'s Page Frame to 5 ½ inches. Making sure to trim equal amounts off each side. Trim card stock to length of largest frame. The paper will be creased to 5 ½ inches so that the 8 ½ inch by 11 inch paper will be folded in half. Hermie the large frame to what will be the front of the card(stock). Hermie die cuts and add to middle being careful they will be seen through the smaller frame. Add any written sentiments at this time.

Take the small size Cock-A-Doodle Design, Inc.'s Page Frame and Hermie the back (wrong side). Cut page protector to fit site of opening overlapping somewhat but not larger than the outside of the frame and add to the back side of the frame. Cut foam tape to fit the edges of the frame. Place it in the middle so it won't be seen easily when finished. Depending on the size of your embellishments inside the shaker you may need to make more layers of the foam tape. I used three rows. When the last row is on don't remove the protective paper. Use baby powder and a paint brush to brush the baby powder on the inside of the foam tape. This is to keep your embellishments from sticking to the tape when it's shaken. When you're done tap the frame on the side to remove extra powder. After all is removed a damp cloth will remove any left on page protector. Remove enough of the tape's protective paper that you will have a U shape of exposed adhesive. Place frame in the center of the large frame. Pull lightly to open the top and add your embellishments then pull the remainder of the tape's protective paper off. Keep upright so the embellishments stay inside.


Cut terrifically tacky tape to cover die cut and then add marbles. Attach to the left side of the opened card with pop dots. Write sentiment on right side of card. Use Fiskars® heart corner punch/rounder on right side of open card corners.


Stamp "hand made by" with blue dauber duo and sign name with Gelly Roll pen 37359. Since I made a boo-boo on the back I cut a piece of matching card stock and made a "tag" to go over the boo-boo. I used the Fiskars® heart corner punch/rounder to make it look like I intended to have a tag there. I filled in some of the hearts with the Gelly Roll pen 37359.

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