Search Engines Discussed

Search Engines Discussed
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A friend sent this to me in e-mail. It didn't have an author or copy-right listed. I enjoyed the information so much that I wanted to share it so I made it into a web page. Please enjoy. Thanks Ray!


Search Engines- How to find any type of information on the Web
Internet Guides: The Teaching Library Instruction and Guides to the Internet,
What are Meta-Search Engines? When to use and not use them?
Search Engine Watch: News, Tips and More About Search Engines
How To Use Meta Tags
Learn to Search the Net, SEEKHELP.COM
Welcome to Media Metrix


AOL NetFind - AOL NetFind (keyword: NetFind or click on the toolbar) is the most accessible search engine for AOL Members. It is relatively simple cup a tea search engine and the default for AOL members. Basically NetFind is really is EXCITE underneath the covers, but with AOL favors added.

Excite -This search engine stands out from the rest with excellent, customizable search opinion for advavced queries.

Yahoo! - The largest directory on the Web, YAHOO! has brabded itself as more then a directory since its 1994 Net debut. Currently, the Web "portal" offers an online service (with MCI), chat, news, classifieds, e-mail, and more.

AltaVista: Main Page - This search engine one of the most popular search engines on the web (next to yahoo). WOW, what a search engine it is. Using spiders (no Halloween joke) some of which crawl the wed daily, Alta Vista indexes almost every word of every site it visits- perhaps as many as 50 million sites. DO TAKE THE TIME TO LEARN IT, however or stick to something less complex like Netfind.

HotBot - Hotbot is from WIRED magazine (AOL Keyword: WIRED), and as you might expect, it's the most graphical search engine of them all. A useful feature here lets users search specifically for audio and video and images online.

Infoseek -Combines a powerful search engine (such as Lycos and Alta Vista) with a very large Web directory (such as Yahoo!).

Lycos Home Page - Lycos offers two powerfyl engines levels of seaching: basic and custom. An excellant search engine and very good laid out.

Welcome to Magellan! - This is my the same folks who bring you Excite, is yet another combination site, with both a Web directory and a search engine.
Magellan's special claim to fame is the fact that you can screen out adult-orientad sites with the Green Light feature (see box check on search).

LookSmart - exploring World - Similar in desigh at Yahoo!, this site also offers a directory of Web sites. Its simple, straight-forward layout may be easier to navigate tham those of its competitors.

Ask Jeeves and Ask Jeeves for Kids - Just as the question and click "Ask!"


Galaxy - Search Made Simple. - home
Thunderstone Home Page
PlanetSearch - Your Web. Your Way.
Starting Point (TM)
Welcome to Open Text
The Mining Co.
Switchboard: The Internet Directory
Merlin's Search Engines


There are some search engines that save you alot of time and get more results then the single engines above. These are MegaSearch sites. These engines use one or more of the above engines that integrate the results. Here are some I found.

All-in-One Search Page
Welcome to the All-in-One Search Page! Over 400 of

the Internet's best search engines, databases, indexes, and directories in a single site. The ALL-IN-ONE starting point for Internet searching! - TWELVE SEARCH ENGINES IN ONE - Is a buffet for 12 search engines in one. Why have one when you could use 12 at once. Hey it useful.
800home - HomeWiz - Is another free service from

Meta Search Engine [] 1 Blink - http://www. Mulit -Engine Search fine it here.

2Q (QuickQuest)tm 2Q QuickQuest - Everyone of the search engines are here and you could individually pick them and also information listings. Great place to start any search.

Cyber 411: advanced search engine for business and entertainment
Cyber411 -

Welcome to Dogpile, the Friendly Multi-Engine Search Tool - No you not looking for your Lost dog here. As the link states it Multi Engine Search. That uses some of the search engines above to find what you are looking for. Flycatcher -

MetaSearch at Highway 61 Highway 61 - Two new features have been added to Highway 61! First, your search parameters will now be saved to a "cookie" so next time you stop by your patience level, etc., will already be set to what you used on your last search. Also, you can now choose to have links sent to new windows.

Search The Internet with The Internet Sleuth
Internet Sleuth--
The Internet Sleuth is a bit different from the other search engines you might have used. While Alta Vista or Lycos attempt to index the entire Web The Sleuth maintains an index of searchable databases, most of which can be searched directly from The Sleuth, simplifying the search for information.

Fax Numbers - Mamma: The Mother of all Search Engines - http://www. In 1996 we got the idea to provide a smart meta search tool for content retrieval on the World Wide Web. Since then we have expanded our vision to include new research tools and play a role as a free content aggregator for Web users. We hope you enjoy Mamma and find it a useful time saving mechanism in your research.

MetaCrawler  - This is one of the first and best of its kind, and it performs extremely fast searches. Metacrawler feed off the databases of the major search engines. the results are then delivered to the user as one complete listing. : the search engine and database navigation interface/guide - (beta version 3.0), is a breakthrough navigation service designed to help Internet users conveniently search the World Wide Web. enhances the existing capabilities of current versions of Netscape Navigator. This free service was developed to offer efficient point and click access to search engines, newsgroups and thousands of hard-to-reach databases. provides a single interface for both parallel and nonparallel methods of searching multiple sites.

WebCrawler - fine engine simliar to Megacrawler.

Inference Find! -- Home Page and Resource Center -This is another "metacrawler", excellant groups results into relevant subjects headings.

Northern Light Search - Unlike search directories, this site uses Web "crawlers" or "spiders" (like Excite) to tour the NeMetaCrawler.t for new sites. Northern Light's numerous filtering options make it exceedingly easy to focus your seaches.

Deja News - The Discussion network. Various search including various adults sites.

News Index This what it is. A News Search Engine Index for current stories.

Snap:Search Results - Very Nice search engine. Mostly like a home page similar to MSN, Netscape, AOL.COM.

Awesome Library - K-12 Education Directory
CompaniesOnline Search
Debriefing meta search engine: fast and accurate!
Disney's Internet Guide
Education World® Where Educators Go To Learn
EuroSeek (tm) - English
Home - The Fathead Search Engine
Forum One: The Web's Search Engine / Guide to Online Discussion Forums / Messag
GO Network --Start Here--
GOVBOT - Government search engine
Guide to Computer Vendors
MetaSearch at Highway 61
Registration Plus
Jayde Online Directory - Search Engine and Site Submission Directory
JumpCity Home
KidsClick! Web Search
FindLaw - LawCrawler
Nerd World Search Media Internet Subject Index
The Net One, Corp.
Business Seek
PlanetK-12 - Your Web. Your Way.
Centraal's RealNames Resolver
SavvySearch: Search once, find everything!
SearchKing, where your vote counts
Starting Point Home
SearchHound - If SearchHound Can't Sniff it Out, It Plain Doesn't Exist!
What's New Too!

Browsers Home Pages

Welcome to Netscape - This is Netscape Home Page. Could us this in replace of AOL.COM.

MSN.COM - This Micosoft Net Home Page. Could be Use in place of AOL.COM.

Looking For Something to Read, or Listen to Music

Electronic Newsstand--The Ultimate Magazine Source This site is for any magazine you wish to purchased online. It is great. and Easy

MusicSearch: The Internet's Music-Only Search Site Welcome to the Internet's Music-Only Search Site, MusicSearch ...celebrating over 2 years being the 100% free, music-only resource on the Web! MusicSearch makes finding music content fast and simple! When looking for music on the Internet, this is the only place you will ever need to

Free E-Mail Accounts, Check other engines for more

There are a number of new free E-mail accounds popping up. Perfect for setting up throwaway E-mail addresses to use in public postings or sending love letters to your online mate without the wife knowing. These are great and kept the spammers away from you.

Welcome to Juno's Web site -Juno- http://
Welcome to AltaVista Email -AltaVista Email -
Welcome to AmExMail -AmExMail - http://www. amexmail. com
Welcome to Bigfoot - BigFoot - http://www. bigfoot. com
Free Stamp - Real e-mail accounts, for free! -Free Stamp -
Hotmail - The World's FREE Web-Based Email - Hotmail -
Welcome to MailCity! -MailCity -
NET@DDRESS - Free E-Mail For Everybody! -Net@ddress -
RocketMail - your free web-based e-mail -RocketMail -
Switchboard.Free Stuff -Switchboard - http://www.
Welcome to Yahoo! Mail - Yahoo Mail -
Gordons Free Email Site -Gordon Free Mail -


Your Net Connection is a mess. Yesterday 100,000 Kbps fast today oops 28Kbps. Why waste your time trying to fix what's beyond your control, check out these sites for the internet traffic report(s).

Internet Traffic Report The Internet Traffic Report

Internet Weather Report Internet Weather Report -
Internet Traffic Report - Home Page MCI Internet'Traffic Report -

Welcome to NetStat.Net NetStat -

The Internet Weather Report (IWR)(TM) MIDS Internet Weather Report -

WorldCom MAE Information WorldCom MAE Information -

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