Misc. VA Fortune inf.

Misc. VA Fortune inf.
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Misc. VA Fortune inf.

The Virginia Genealogist Vol 5, 1961 page 82
Amherst County, Virginia 1800 Tax List
FORTUNE, Eddy 1-1
FORTUNE, Zachariah 1-0
FORTUNE, Nicholas 1-0
FORTUNE, Thomas 1-7-6-1
FORTUNE, Benjamin 2-1

page 116
Albemarle County, Virginia 1800 tax list
FORTUNE, Wm Jr 1-1-1-0 FORTUNE, Williamson and son John 2-3-2-0 FORTUNE, Wm Sr 1-2-3-0 FORTUNE, Pleasant 1-0

Vol. 6 1962 British Mercantile Claims
page 149
John FORTUNE, deceased, Albemarle 17.6.9 by account Albemarle store, Henderson, McCall and company. [p.4]
John FORTUNE, Senr., Albemarle 36.17.10 by accounty, Albemarle store, Henderson, McCall and Company. [p.4]
page 154
John FORTUNE, deceased, Albemarle 45.9.01/2 by bond, George Keppen and Company. [p.26] He died in Albemarle before the war and left no estate of any kind. He had been emplyed as an overseer some time before his death. After relinquishing his former pursuit he followed the business of a waterman which was his occupation at the time of his death.
John FORTUNE, Senr. Albemarle 65.5.31/2 by account and 11.3.4 by accounty, George Keppen and Company [p.27] He died in Albemarle about 1789 and left a good estate which has been distributed among his children.


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