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Texas C. S. A. Unit data

Texas C. S. A. Unit data
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For those who have ancestors who served in Texas C. S. A. Units. I submit the following:


Soldiers' Roster (Vaughan) -

Transcribed from "Texas Confederate Soldiers 1861 -1865, Volume 1, Name Roster" Edited by Janet B. Hewett and Arranged by Joyce Lawrence; Broadfoot Publishing Company; Wilmington, NC; 1997; Document at Comanche, Texas Library (T 22 973.7 T355 V. 1)

Vaugh, Fredrick Cavalry, Ragsdale's Battalion, Company B

Vaugh, Jesse H. Cavalry, McCord's Frontier Regiment 2nd, Company A

Vaugham, F. G. 17th Infantry, Company K

Vaughan, A. N. 5th Infantry, Company K

Vaughan, A. R. Cavalry, Benavides' Regiment, Company B

Vaughan, A. R. 5th Infantry, Company K

Vaughan, Albert G. 6th Cavalry, Company G

Vaughan, J. Cavalry, Border's Regiment, Company H.

Vaughan, J. Marshal 2nd Cavalry, 1st, Company F, Sergeant

Vaughan, J. Marshall Cavalry, Morgan's Regiment, Company I, Sergeant

Vaughan, J. C. 7th Infantry, Company I

Vaughan, J. W. 7th Cavalry, Company I

Vaughan, J. W. 7th Infantry, Company I, Corporal

Vaughan, James 7th Cavalry, Company I

Vaughan, James Gransbury's Construction Brigade, Company B, Corporal

Vaughan, John 13th Cavalry, Company A

Vaughan, L. F. 19th Infantry, Company D, Sergeant

Vaughan, Murphy 32nd Cavalry, Company F

Vaughan, Patrick 19th Cavalry, Company H

Vaughan, Tac 4th Infantry, Company C

Vaughan, Thomas 6th Field Battery

Vaughan, W. H. Cavalry, Madison's Regiment, Company C

Vaughen, R. W. Cavalry, McCord's Frontier Regiment, Company I

Vaughn, A. J. Infantry, 1st Battalion, Company F

Vaughn, Charles Cavalry, 6th Battalion, Company B

Vaughn, David 23 Cavalry, Company B

Vaughn, Enoch 2nd Regiment, State Troops, Company C.

Vaughn, F. J. Cavarly, Good's Battalion, Company A

Vaughn, Felix 8th Cavarly, Company D

Vaughn, Francis M. 29th Cavalry, Company K

Vaughn, G. B. W. 8th Cavalry, Company A

Vaughn, George 2nd Cavalry, Company I

Vaughn, George G. 12th Infantry, Company H, Sergeant

Vaughn, Henry M. 28th Cavalry, Company I, Sergeant

Vaughn, J. Cavalry, Mann's Regiment, Company K

Vaughn, J. William 2nd Infantry, Company E

Vaughn, J. A. Conser.

Vaughn, J. B. 20th Infantry, Company E

Vaughn, J. W. Infantry, 3rd, State Troops, Company A

Vaughn, J. W. 9th (Young's Infantry, Company F

Vaughn, James 14th Infantry, Company H, Corporal

Vaughn, James L. 16th Infantry, Company C, 2nd Lieutenant

Vaughn, John 13th Cavalry, Company A

Vaughn, John 23rd Cavalry, Company B

Vaughn, John Cavalry, Hardeman's Regiment, Company E

Vaughn, Josiah 34th Cavalry, Company K

Vaughn, M. B. 28th Cavalry, Company I

Vaughn, Matthew B. 13th Cavalry, Company C, Corporal

Vaughn, Nathan 6th Infantry, Company F

Vaughn, Owen Cavalry, 6th Battalion, Company B

Vaughn, S. G. 28th Cavalry, Company I, Junior 2nd Lieutenant

Vaughn, Stephen G. 13th Cavalry, Company C, 1st Sergeant

Vaughn, T. H. 20th Infantry, Company D

Vaughn, T. J. Cavalry, Well's Regiment, Company K

Vaughn, T. M. Infantry, Currie's Company

Vaughn, T. S. Cavalry, 6th Battalion, Company B

Vaughn, Thomas 14th Cavalry, Company A

Vaughn, Thomas M. 1st Infantry, Company I

Vaughn, W. F. 26th Cavalry, Company H

Vaughn, W. L. 5th Cavalry, Company A

Vaughn, W. L. Cavalry, Ragsdale's Battalion, Company C

Vaughn, W. M. Cavalry, Hardeman's Regiment, Company G

Vaughn, W. W. 1st (Yager's) Cavalry, Company D

Vaughn, William 23rd Cavalry, Company B

Vaughn, William F. 13th Cavarly, Company A

Vaughn, William M. Cavalry, 6th Battalion, Company C

Vaughn, William R. 28th Cavalry, Company I, 1st Lieutenant

Vaughn, William S. 28th Cavalry, Company I

Vaughn, William W. Cavalry, 3rd (Yager's) Battalion, Company D

Vaughn, Word H. 13th Cavalry, Company C, Corporal

1 1

TEXAS C. S. A. Pensions

The following explains the Texas C. S. A. pension program. After the explanation the names of indigent veterans and their widows are listed.

Books that discuss the Texas pension program mention that the Texas pension was for Texas veterans and their widows and veterans from reciprocating states and their widows. It appears that most Confederate states established a pension program.

The following article was transcribed from:

"Confederate Research Sources: A Guide to Archive Collections"; By James C. Neagles. Document at Albuquerque, NM Library (R973.74 N338). Note that pages 157 to 161 list the Texas units.

Texas Pensions, pages 149-150

In 1881, Texas set aside 1,280 acres of land to be given to veterans or widows of veterans who were permanently disabled from wounds received in the service of either Texas or the Confederate States. In 1889, a pension law was enacted providing for cash awards to disabled veterans or their widows. Except for certain disabled persons, those who were under age sixty or had come to Texas after 1880 were not eligible. Any person who was disabled because of wounds received while in the Confederate forces for a period of at least three months, who had not deserted, and who was indigent was eligible. A widow who had married a qualifying veteran prior to 1 March 1866, who had been a Texas resident prior to 1 March 1880, and was indigent, was also eligible. "Indigency" was defined in the law as being "in actual want and destitute of property and means of subsistence."

In 1925, an amendment to the pension law enabled those who ad (sic) come to Texas before 1901 and widows born before 1861 to receive a pension. This amendment also blanketed in veterans of military actions against the Indians and Mexican raiders as well as those in state militia who saw active duty during the Civil War.

Applications and accompanying papers were submitted to the county judge, then to the county commissioners, and finally to the state Comptroller of Public Accounts for payment. The application asked questions concerning personal identification, occupation, military history, and county of residence. A widow's application also showed the husband's place and date of death, her own birthplace and age, and the date of her marriage.

In 1917, the law was amended again to provide payment for burial expenses provided the heirs filed within forty days of the pensioner's death. Such payments were made in the form of "Confederate Mortuary Warrants," and copies of those warrants were placed in the pension file. These warrants show the facts surrounding the of the pensioner, the relationship of the person who petitioned for the payment, and the name of the person in whose home the pensioner died.

Many .................


Two books list Texas Confederate Pensioners. (1) "Index to Texas CSA Pensions"; Transcribed by Virgil D. White; The National Historical Publishing Co.; Waynesboro, TN; 1989 (R973.7464 W588) Document at Albuquerque, NM Library. (2) "Index to Applications for Texas Confederated Pensions"; Compiled by John M. Kinney; Revised by Peggy Oakley (R929.3764 K55I) Document at Albuquerque, NM Library.

The following was transcribed from Virgil D. White's book. He lists the name of the applicant's husband while John M. Kinney's book did not. Virgil D. White apparently cross researched the pensions to get this additional information. For example, the applications for both James W. Vaughan (05104) and Miles Malone Vaughan (05097) identify the applicant by initials only -- James W. is J. W. and Miles Malone is M. M. Their full names are listed only in their widows' applications.

Application Pensioner Name County Husband's Name

Rejected Vaughan, Annie A. Bowie Josiah Judson

47907 Vaughan, Bramlett White Taylor

51060 Vaughan, Elizabeth Taylor Bramlett White

34174 Vaughan, Ella C. Parker Napolian Bonipart

43711 Vaughan, Ellanora J. Briscoe William Moten

52015 Vaughan, Eva L. Jefferson Voctor Eugene

20398 Vaughan, Felix G. Travis

Rejected Vaughan, Francis M. Grayson

Rejected Vaughan, G. L. Upshur

06451 Vaughan, H. J. (or I) Cass

16638 Vaughan, Hannibal Tinton Tarrant

24642 Vaughan, Hannibal Tinton (Mrs) Tarrant Hannibal Tinton

30050 Vaughan, Harriet E. Wise Hiram Blanton

22666 Vaughan, Hiram Blanton Wise

Rejected Vaughan, James P. Freestone

05104 Vaughan, James W. Comanche

22268 Vaughan, Lafayette C. Tarrant

37422 Vaughan, Laura A. Travis Felix G.

47927 Vaughan, Laura M. Wichita Thomas Robert

41642 Vaughan, Margaret C. Harrison John Wesley

20864 Vaughan, Mary C. Houston Stephen Goldstein

46087 Vaughan, Mary Louise Tarrant Lafayette C.

12067 Vaughan, Melvina T. Mills Miles Malone

05097 Vaughan, Miles Malone Comanche

25206 Vaughan, N. E. (Mrs.) Uvalde James Franklin

29924 Vaughan, N. J. (Mrs.) Rockwall Thomas Jefferson

51869 Vaughan, Nannie I. Grayson Samuel Alexander

18900 Vaughan, S. C. (Mrs.) Comanche James W.

49308 Vaughan, S. E. (Mrs.) Burnet Thomas Davis

Rejected Vaughan, S. M. (Mrs.) Cass H. I.

43891 Vaughan, Samuel Alexander Grayson

34374 Vaughan, Sarah Jane Comanche Richard B.

15569 Vaughan, Stephen Gordon Houston

42314 Vaughan, Susan Jane Grayson Francis Marion

25095 Vaughan, T. J. Cass

25835 Vaughan, Thomas Jefferson Denton

38979 Vaughan, William Moten Briscoe

42876 Vaughn, A. E. (Mrs.) Eastland William Clark

09338 Vaughn, Dan Tarrant

45461 Vaughn, E. Mariah Shelby Thomas Columbus

37661 Vaughn, Elizabeth Jackson James Abbot

33061 Vaughn, J. H. Smith

29123 Vaughn, James Abbott Wood

Rejected Vaughn, James B. Wise

03157 Vaughn, James Foley Navarro

33178 Vaughn, Jessie H. Angelina

51571 Vaughn, Jesse H. (Mrs.) Angelina Jesse H.

17876 Vaughn, Manda A. Hopkins J. H.

12297 Vaughn, Mary A. Cass

HOME Vaughn, Mary L. Travis Thomas Pinkney

12913 Vaughn, Melciger Britian Houston

41086 Vaughn, Melciger Britian (Mrs.) Houston Melciger Britian

12315 Vaughn, Melvina Comanche J. Madison

14276 Vaughn, Pascal Motley Hill

30041 Vaughn, Philoelara A. Collin Ebanezor H.

39824 Vaughn, Robert Henry Kerr

19938 Vaughn, Sarah A. Hill George Magnus

18627 Vaughn, Sophie Knox Pascal Motley

16159 Vaughn, Tabitha J. Navarro James Foley

18351 Vaughn, Thomas Columbus Shelby

13933 Vaughn, Thomas Pinkney Leon

32973 Vaughn, William Clark Eastland

John M. Kinney's book lists the following three entries differently. Kinney lists Francis M.'s application as accepted, Mariah's application as rejected, and H. M.'s application is NOT on Virgil D. White's list.

08096 Vaughan, Francis M. Grayson

Rejected Vaughn, Mariah No County listed

07148 Vaughn

1 1

Other Resources

Another resource that should be checked is "Their Last Full Measure, Texas Confederate Casualty Lists" complied by L. L. Kight; G. T. T. Publishing, 227 Varsity Circle, Arlington, Texas 76013-2429; 1997.

Mr. Kight compiled "a collection of casualty, hospital and prisoner of war lists from extant Texas newspapers during the period 1861 to 1865." The soldiers are listed by unit served, date of wound or killed, and battle fought.


A web site that lists Texas C. S. A. units is

Thanks to Don for submitting the above article!


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