Mt. Moriah Cemetery

Mt. Moriah Cemetery
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Mt. Moriah Cemetery,
Morris County, Texas

Five miles north of Omaha on US 259, then turn left onto CR 3340. At 2.2 miles this road turns sharply left again. Go another 1.3 miles and turn right on CR 3336 at Mt. Moriah sign. According to my friend Connie, in 1998 this road went through a pasture and wasn't very well kept. In 2004 we found a paved road through the pasture.


Quoting from Morris County Texas Cemeteries Northern
Section by Cass County Genealogy Society:

"This cemetery was almost lost, but members of the Mt. Moriah Church
started a clean up and restore project of the cemetery a few years ago.
They wanted to save a portion of their heritage.
The cemetery is in a remote area; it has three acres and
it is believed to have at least 120 graves. Some of these are not marked.
 The church was apparently started sometime between 1846-1850,
 the cemetery was probably started about the same time."


Dedicated to Mr. Forrest Clair for his generosity of time and patience
with 3 genealogy friends who braved the cold to visit this cemetery.
Thanks for showing us the way :)
P.S. we did not see your bonnet wearing "girlfriend."
To my friends Lynn and Connie: Thanks for a wonderful day!

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Known Burials

Name Birth date Death date Spouse
MCALPIN, Thomas Jefferson April 10, 1842 September 22, 1899 LAY, Nannie (note: Nannie is buried in the Naples Cemetery)
KIMMEL, Pressia 16-MAR-1842 24-OCT-1927 John 
KIMMEL, John 14-SEP-1843 (only date)   Pressia
KIMMEL, Dolley C. 09-SEP-1881 22-MAY-1882 daughter of John and Pressia
TIGERT, J. W. 24-AUG-1862 26-APR-1887  
TIGERT, James O. 14-MAY-1872 25-FEB-1900  
TIGERT, John T. 22-AUG-1835 24-MAR-1906 Charity M.
TIGERT, Charity M. 25-FEB-1835 06-JUL-1912 John T.
MOTLEY, Randy I. 21-NOV-1958 16-SEP-1999 Wanda

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