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Dana's Page

Dana's Page
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Dana's Main Genealogy Page


"Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least."-- Goethe
"I'm sure genealogy qualifies as things that matter most. Doesn't it?"-- DGVT ;-)


For more details about my family lines please see these web pages please check out my on-line database at RootsWeb's World Connect Site


Be sure and use the search engine...there is more here than it appears :)

Poplar Springs, Church & Cemetery, MS

Smith County, MS

Simpson County, MS

Bookmarks Index Page

COOK Burials In Texas

Whynot, Lauderdale County, MS

COOK Texas Census

Texas C. S. A. Unit data

Family history of John Lee COOK


Cook Marriages in Texas

Misc. VA Fortune inf.



Peck genealogy

Montgomery genealogy

A Stone genealogy

Treasure Maps Genealogy Web site has many on-line courses, articles and tips. Includes: An old handwriting course, US Census guide, Getting started on your family history, Learn how to do tombstone rubbings, Test your genealogy IQ and an eight part mini course where you can do your genealogy in your pajamas. Treasure Maps also has a monthly genealogy e-mail newsletter, which has been published since 1995.

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