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Cass County, Texas Genealogical Society Page -- Publications




NOTE: Books with on-line indices are listed with the title linked to the index.

For orders to Cass County Genealogical Society

Shipping and handling add $2.50 for first volume, and $1.00 for each additional volume in same order.

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Updated Jan 17, 2003

Cass County marriage books for sale:
Cass County Marriages 1847-1899 $25.00
Cass County Marriages 1900-1924 $ 20.00
Cass County Marriages 1925-1950 $20.00

The Scribe on Flat Creek Cass County, Texas Vol. 1 & 2
These two books have been donated by the author. Rita B. Turner has written
these two books on J. R. Glaze History at Union Hill. Proceeds will be given
to the Atlanta Public Library.
Softbound $15.00 each
Volume 1 -- Only 1 book left
Volume 2 -- Only 5 books left

Obituaries with Cass County Connections 1983, 1984, 1985, and 1986
Available after January 1st 2003
Softbound $25.00 332 pages

Obituaries with Cass County Connections 1862-1923
The oldest obituaries available in a new book available January 1st, 2003.
Much work has gone into this book to find the oldest obituaries in this
county or with ties to Cass County. Obits from Alliance Standard, Linden,
TX; Atlanta Democrat, Atlanta, TX; Cass County Sun, Linden, TX; Citizens
Journal, Atlanta, TX; Church minutes, Atlanta, TX
Softbound $25.00 324 pages

Brownson/Brunson: England to the Colonies & Westward by Patricia Kelton, 356 pages $35.00

The Cusseta, Cass County Day Book 1860-1861 click here for index
There are many familiar names that were in the Cusseta area at that time showing what they purchased and charged. $25.00+S/H (see details below). Softbound 225 pages 2988 names.

Cass County Marriage Index 1847 - 1899: Male and Female Index 294 pages, $25.00.

Index To Death Records for Cass County Contains Index of death records included in the Volume 1 of the death records in the Cass County Courthouse from 1902 to Aug. 1982. Alphabetical, 285 pages, 14,286 surnames, $25.00.

Cenus Index for Cass County- Covers 1860. 1870, 1880. Alphabetical listing shows census page numbers, lists post offices in 1860 and lists Precincts in 1870 & 1880. Softbound 182 pages, $20.00.

A History of Queen City, Texas. By John D. Hanes. Index added by CCGS. Contains both a name index and a place index, 127 Pages.$15.00.

Marriage & Death Notices, Cass County, Texas 1883-1939. By Juanita Cawthon. Contains notices from the Cass County Sun in Linden, TX only. Every name index, 179 pages. $15.00

People of Cass County: Atlanta, Queen City, Texas. Place and every name index added. Soft bound, 272 pages. $25.00.

Volume 2 Records of Cass County People, Queen City, Cass County, Texas. Every name index, soft bound, 100 pages. $10.00.

Cass County Records of 1890. Includes Tax Rolls, Probate Minutes, Marriages, Veterans Census, Registered Probate Births, and Original Grantees. 201 pages, indexed, soft bound 20.00.

Pedigrees. Volume 1 and Pedigrees Supplement to Volume 1. Soft bound. Both volumes combined into ONE publication, indexed, 180 charts. $15.00.

Pedigrees. Volume 2. Soft bound, surname indexed, 430 pages. $30.00.

Pedigrees Vol 3: Soft bound, surname indexed, 326 pages, $30.00.

1880 Census of Sulphur Township, Miller County, Arkansas. Indexed, soft bound. $2.50.

Spirit of ‘76: Queen City, Texas 1876-1976. Soft bound, 236 pages, every name index. Over 3,300 names in index. $20.00.

History of Cass County People. includes every name index (10,000 names), Soft bound, 279 pages. $25.00 here for a surname index to this book. NOTE: this is NOT the every name index.

RECIPES of PIONEER WOMEN & Their Relations Treasured old Cass County Recipes. Includes old family pictures, 150 pages.$10.00.

CASS COUNTY COUSINS compiled by Audrey Cook Rankin, from articles printed in the Atlanta Citizens Journal. This series contains history of Cass County.. Every name index, soft bound, $25.00 Ea.

VOL I: includes articles from 1972 through 1980, 294 pages.
VOL II: includes articles from 1981 through 1996, 349 pages.

Obituaries with Cass County Connections: obituaries from local East Texas newspapers. Each with an every name index. Softbound, price is $25.00 each.

1987 thru 1989- ? pages for index
1990 thru 1991- 272 pages
1992 thru 1993- 311 pages for index
1994 thru 1995- 395 pages
1996 thru 1997- 373 pages
1998 & 1999- 379 pages
2000 thru 2001- 324 pages
for index
A supplement to the Cemetery Books.

Aunt Ethel McDaniel's Scrapbook: A collection of obituaries and 50th Wedding Anniversaries from the BEE and The MONITOR Newspapers. Soft bound with every name index, 422 pages, price is $25.00