"If I were not so old, I would be dead." - Emil P. Ekblad, my grandpa, circa 1945

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About my projects

I use this site to share my four genealogical projects. My own family, the family of my current wife, the family of my first wife, and the family of my daughter-in-law. I use Family Tree Maker™ to organize my data. I even have a cousin that uses it to organize her cattle pedigrees, so you know that it's flexible. This site was created as the primary way to share my research, and I'm glad that you found me. Take a look at my various surname pages. I'll be completing more as I have time. There is a link to my GEDCOM data on most of these pages. If I don't have a link for a surname, then click on the Loren, Mary Jo, Denise, and Amber links to view the data.

Read about how my son led a crew that cleaned up an old cemetery for his Eagle Scout project 

Why I do it

I've always been facinated by history, cemeteries, and old family stories. I loved listening to my dad talk to Uncle Chuck or Great Uncle Eddie in German. I never knew what they were saying, but it didn't matter.

Charles A., Anna C. (Bartels), Frederick E., & Carl F. DahlingMy interest in genealogy was stirred in the mid-70's when Mom showed me a picture of Dad's family. I had never known Grandpa Dahling, since he died in 1954, well before I was born. I sat and stared at his picture at length, wishing I could go back in time to meet him. After the birth of my second son in 1983, I was forever hooked.

The emotion experienced when stumbling upon the grave or birth record of an ancestor is indescribable. Each of us has the right to know our ancestors. Some do not care, but I have known some to be moved to tears. I regret that some of my family have died before I could share these discoveries, but I've rejoiced when my work was able to brighten someone's life shortly before death came knocking.

I hope that this site will reflect my respect for history and for appreciating my ancestors as more than just names and dates. I want to keep our memory of them alive and thank them for giving us life. If any single link in our ancestral chain was missed, there would be someone else here in our place. What makes us uniquely us would never have been.

About sources and sharing data

I've obtained my data from both primary and secondary sources. I've been the sole researcher for some of these families, but I've also relied greatly on the work of many others. To them I owe a debt of gratitude. I have been unable to prove all of this data due to monetary and temporal constraints. Please remember that when you use this info. It should be treated as clues, not proof. I will be happy to explain my sources upon request, and I encourage you to confirm what you find here if you are in a position to do so. I have been very careful to avoid posting information that is without merit. I do not accept things on faith. Faith is reserved for God, not history or science. Still, mistakes happen.

Please contact me if you can add anything to this information, especially if you can find mistakes, add prior generations to my ancestry, or answer any of my questions. If you feel that anything you find here is copyrighted, please let me know so I can address it. Know that I am happy to share everything I have. That is what family is all about.

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