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Drury and Alden

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Captain William Alden 1669-1729 had an active seagoing career. He was master of the ship Katharine of Boston in May 1698, master of the Friendship bound for Nevis in May 1702, master of the Content of Boston in November 1704 and January 1708/9, and pilot of the Chester to Port Royal in 1710 [note from Esther Mott]. In May 1712, he was on and perhaps commanded the brig St. John Battis from Annapolis [NEHGR 30:41]. Alden was also master of the Swallow of Boston, a plantation-built (built in the colonies) sloop of 20 tons and a crew of 4, that hauled things like rum, tobacco, cider, molasses, sundries, and steel shot to at least Annapolis Royal and Barbados in years including 1711 and 1714 [note from Larry McGrath]. He mastered the Prosperous of Boston, of the same size and crew, on a run to Annapolis Royal in 1717 [English Shipping Records, 1686-1756]. We also know that he was a juror in North Carolina in 1722, where brother-in-law and hat-maker Thomas Betterley c1690-1729 of Boston spent considerable time, so one assumes that he and Thomas ended up there due to the captain's position onboard ship [North Carolina Court Records 2:464, 2:466, 2:467].

Captain Alden is buried at Kings Chapel Burial Ground in Boston, though I haven't located his marker. I did locate that of his wife, Mary (Drury) Alden 1672-1727. Also her grandparents Hugh George Dury c1617-1689 and Lydia (Rice) Drury 1628-1675 right beside hers. 

King's Chapel in Boston

Hugh & Lydia Drury (center left) & Mary Alden (center right)

Hugh Drury owned the Blue Bell Tavern along with a Mr. Alleric at the northwest corner of Batterymarch Street and Liberty Square in Boston. It was inherited by Mary (Drury) Alden, and in 1692 came to be known as the Castle Tavern. It is said that it was no longer an inn by 1707, but Mary's daughter Elizabeth (Alden) Betterley did receive an outdoor liquor license to operate on Sudbury Street in 1741 [Records of Boston Selectmen 1736-1742] after having been denied the same in 1734 [Records of Boston Selectmen 1716-1736].

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