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Our Pilgrim fathers

William Mullins, wife Alice, and children Joseph and Priscilla arrived on the Mayflower with the other Pilgrims in 1620. They were not Separatists, as were William Brewster, William Bradford, John Carver and many of the others. They were instead among those recruited to accompany those that had fled to Holland a decade earlier for religious freedom. That first winter, nearly half of the 102 passengers died, including William in February and Alice and Joseph in April. William dictated a will on his deathbed, the first will in America. Burials were made on the top of Coles Hill at night. The ground was leveled and corn was planted to disguise the number of dead from the natives in hopes of preventing an attack. As bones washed out of the ground over the years, they were collected and protected until eventually placed in a sarcophagus on Coles Hill.

Forefather's Monument in Plymouth, said to be a prototype of the Statue of Liberty

sarcophagus on Cole's Hill

Priscilla Mulllins, born circa 1603, was taken in by the Brewster family and went on to marry John Alden 1599-1687, the ship's cooper, and they moved to Duxbury. She died after 1650 but before John died in 1687 and is most likely buried there in the Standish Burial Ground, where John was later laid to rest. Two Mullins siblings, William and Sarah, were married by 1620 and stayed in England. William later emigrated, married for a second time in Boston, and died in Braintree in 1672. Sarah married a Mr. Blunden.

English roots

William Mullins was born about 1572, the son of John Mullyns (d.1584) and Joane Bridger (d.1609). A resident of Dorking in County Surrey since at least 1595, he purchased a house in 1612 which he sold in 1619. Since 1622, it has been divided into the four tenements known today as Nos. 58-61 West Street. This is the only known home of a Pilgrim father still in existence in England. William and his brother John were shoemakers, a business inherited from their father. There is some question whether Alice was actually the second wife of William, and therefore not the mother of all four children.

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