Excerpts from Recollections of An Old Soldier by Capt David Perry (1741-1826)

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Recollections of Capt. David Perry


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NOTE: David Perry (not Parry) wrote Recollections (not Reflections) of an Old Soldier. Read article...
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Near-death experience of David Perry (1762) 
An account of a pre-Revolutionary War vision and other extrardinary sights seen when,
as a young Sergeant just turned 21, David Perry contracted the deadly "nervous fever" -- typhus --
and "went through the excruciating pains of the separating of soul and body..." *

The Admonition of Capt. David Perry (1819) 
The An Account of the Battle of Plattsburgh and Lake Champlain, 1814.
The date was 11 September 1814 -- an "ever-memorable" day of victory and great rejoicing for Americans,
a day never to be forgotten when "the Lord stood by us and put our enemies to flight in a marvellous manner." *
The date 9-11 was remembered by Americans then for much different reasons than today,
though the victory of 9-11-1814 and circumstances surrounding it would be well to remember.

"Captain David Perry: Provincial Soldier, American Patriot"  

"FACT OR FICTION: References to Capt. David Perry's Words" 
by D.G. Jones

Some of David Perry's Descendants: Biographies and Biographical Information 
transcribed, edited, and annotated by D.G. Jones

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[Source: Recollections of an Old Soldier: The Life of Captain David Perry. Electronic edition, D.G. Jones, ed. © 1998.]

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