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Descendants of Capt. Sylvanus Perry (1743-1821).




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Descendants of Capt Sylvanus Perry

Name Index


Catherine b.1861 - of Maine, Broome, NY
Esther b.1809 - of Eaton, Madison, New York


Sarah OR Sabra? b.1753 -


Susannah Chase b.1848 - Willsborough, , NY


Rachel b.1880 -


Rebecca b.1744 - Rehoboth, Bristol, MA


Cora b.1867 - of Chenango, Broome, New York
Dewritt b.1863 - of Chenango, Broome, New York
Franklin b.1857 - of Chenango, Broome, New York
Nathan W. b.1824 - , , Vermont
Pluma b.1869 - of Chenango, Broome, New York
Robert Wilson b.1859 - Glen Castle, , New York


Abilena b.1771 - of Killingly, Windham, Connecticut
Eliza OR Elizabeth W. b.1811 - Putnam, Windham, Conn.


Jesse b.1775 -


Lucy B. b.1812 - Woodstock, Windham, Connecticut


Waity b.1817 - of Maine, Broome, NY


Elnora A. b.1850 - , , New York


[Unknown] -
Alanson Thayre b.1819 -
Eva Adele b.1866 -


John Jr? b.1780 -
Rebecca Bailey OR Bralay b.1763 - Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts


Hattie A. b.1861 -


Jane Elizabeth -


William b.1798 - of Killingly, Windham, Conn.


Lucretia b.1782 - of Rome, Oneida, New York


Hester Ann b.1822 -


Ellen b.1852 - of Maine, Broome, NY


Benjamin m.1871 - Worcester, Worcester, Massachusetts


Ann Jane m.1876 -


Helena Aurelia b.1853 - of Putnam, Windham, Connecticut


Elijah b.1762 -
Elizabeth m.1821 - Providence, , RI


Sarah Elizabeth b.1887 -


Albert Eugene b.1848 -


Abby or Abba S. b.1847 - , , Connecticut
Abby W. or M. b.1846 - of Maine, Broome, NY
Abigail b.1772 - Killingly, Windham, Connecticut
Adeline A. b.1843 - , , Connecticut
Albert S. b.1840 - of Maine, Broome, NY
Anna b.1799 - Killingly, Windham, Connecticut
Anson b.1770 - Killingly, Windham, Connecticut
Bessie L. b.1876 - of Maine, Broome, NY
Caroline Dorcas b.1840 - Putnam, Windham, Connecticut
Charles Eugene b.1855 - Lee, Oneida, NY
Charlotte b.1796 - Thompson, Windham, Connecticut
David b.1802 - Rome, Oneida, New York
David B. b.1811 - Killingly, Windham, Connecticut
Delacy L. b.1849 - of Maine, Broome, NY
Earl Leslie b.1885 -
Edward C. M.D. b.1866 - of Avon, , NY
Edward DeWolf b.1880 - Portland, , Maine
Edward Samuel b.1847 - Richmondville, Oneida, NY
Effie Almeda b.1875 - of Putnam, Windham, Connecticut
Elisha b.1836 - Killingly, Windham, Connecticut
Eliza OR Elizabeth b.1809 - Rome, Oneida, New York
Elizabeth b.1781 - Killingly, Windham, Connecticut
Ellen Truesdell b.1837 - , , Connecticut
Ernest D. b.1875 - of Barker, Broome, New York
Frances A. b.1844 - of Maine, Broome, NY
Freddie O. b.1872 - of Barker, Broome, New York
Genevieve or Jennie V. b.1874 - of Barker, Broome, New York
George b.1809 - Killingly, Windham, Connecticut
George b.1839 - of Eaton, Madison, New York
George Adelbert b.1845 - Richmondville, Schoharie, NY
George Edmond b.1884 - of Putnam, Windham, Connecticut
George Gary b.1825 - Rome, Oneida, New York
Gertie E. b.1877 - of Maine, Broome, NY
Grace Helena b.1879 - of Putnam, Windham, Connecticut
Helen Elizabeth b.1850 - Richmondville, , NY
Henry Nelson b.1821 - Rome, Oneida, New York
James Arthur b.1887 - of Putnam, Windham, Connecticut
James Edmond b.1851 - Putnam, Windham, Connecticut
Jane R. or Jane K. b.1838 - , , Connecticut
John Hale b.1855 - Putnam, Windham, Connecticut
Keziah b.1785 - Killingly, Windham, Connecticut
Keziah b.1807 - Killingly, Windham, Connecticut
Leland Grandvil b.1880 - of Maine, Broome, NY
Louisa or Maria Louise b.1856 - of Maine, Broome, New York
Lucius b.1853 - of Maine, Broome, NY
Lucy b.1801 - Killingly, Windham, Connecticut
Lucy D. or Lucy L. b.1853 - , , Connecticut
Luther M. or Martin Luther b.1850 - , , Connecticut
Martha Ann b.1842 - Putnam, Windham, Connecticut
Mary Eliza b.1838 - Killingly, Windham, Connecticut
Minnie I. b.1872 - of Maine, Broome, NY
Nebraska b.1855 - of Maine, Broome, NY
Orren D. ?? -
Otis b.1794 - Killingly, Windham, Connecticut
Phoebe b.1775 - Killingly, Windham, Connecticut
Ralph Barton b.1876 - Poultney, Rutland, Vermont
Rebecca b.1800 - Killingly, Windham, Conn.
Rebecca b.1804 - Killingly, Windham, Connecticut
Rosalia (twin) b.1858 - Lee, , NY
Rosalilie (Rosalthe) (twin) b.1858 - Lee, , NY
Sophronia b.1815 - Rome, Oneida, New York
Sylvanus Capt. b.1743 - Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts
Sylvanus ? b.1786 - Killingly, Windham, Connecticut
Sylvanus b.1798 - Killingly, Windham, Conn.
Sylvanus b.1814 - Killingly, Windham, Connecticut
Walter b.1877 - of Barker, Broome, New York
William b.1851 - , , Connecticut
William Bliss b.1780 - Killingly, Windham, Connecticut
William Bliss b.1819 - Rome, Oneida, New York
William F. b.1817 - Killingly, Windham, Connecticut
William H. b.1842 - of Maine, Broome, NY
William Henry b.1853 - Richmondville, Oneida, NY


Frances Electa -


Helen Lull b.1867 -


(girl) ? -
Anson Perry -
Caroline -
Francis A. -
Hiram b.1798 -


Charlotte b.1838 - E Killingly, Windham, Connecticut
Delia Crosby b.1816 -
John b.1786 - Woodstock, Windsor, Connecticut
Sophia b.1835 - E Killingly, Windham, Connecticut


George (Walworth?) b.1785 - Spring Prairie, Walworth, Wisconsin


Charles Henry m.1866 - E Killingly, Windham, Connecticut

Surname List


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