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Descendants of Captain David Perry (1741-1826).




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Descendants of Capt. David PERRY


1. Capt. David PERRY

CAPT. DAVID PERRY married Anna BLISS, daughter of John and Rebecca [Whitaker] BLISS of Rehoboth, MA, on 12 January 1764. His brother Capt. Sylvanus Perry married his wife's sister Rebecca Bliss also in Killingly, CT, five years later -- both David and Sylvanus having moved to Killingly around the same time. (See Killingly, CT, Church records, film #1451024 Item 2; also the Biographical History of Tolland and Windham Counties, CT.).
! Letter from Laurel says many Perrys were large and dark: hair, eyes, skin. But Ralph Barton Perry was small blonde and fair and was desc of both Ezra and his brother Edward Perry. David says in his journal that he was small at 16, when he went to enlist, and was told by some he wouldn't "pass muster" (he did). Letter says Anthony Perry (of Edmund?) desc in Utah, named Ken Perry--says his Perry's were large, blonde and blue eyed. Letter from Laurel 4/7/1961 says one Perry kin of Woodford, Vt. was 6'2"; the Easton Perry cousin's were 6'10".
BIRTH: Ref. 1 & 8 below. !BIR-PLACE: Ref 1. !CHR: Ref 2. !MARRIAGE: Ref 1 & 2. Birth is O.S. (Old Style) according to Carrie Perry, information from Ethel Perry Sevigny. !DEATH: REF 4 & 7. !DEATH-PLACE: Ref 1 & 4. !BUR-PLACE: Ref 10. !1st Lt. in American Revolution; soldier in French and Indian War; Capt. in N.H. militia. Trade: shoemaker and tanner. (Ref. 1,2 &5) !Christened at the Second Church of Rehoboth at Palmer's River. (Ref. 2) Refs. 4, 9 & 10 list death as 2 May 1826, source 7 lists 8 Dec 1827 (son's date?). Source 2 says they were married by Rev. Aaron Brown. !Source 4 lists Anna Bliss as 2nd wife with 1) Hannah Sherwin. This is incorrect. Hannah Sherwin md. a David Perry of Barnstable, Mass., b: 1 Apr 1728. He is Capt. David Perry's 2nd cousin, the grandfathers of these two David's being brothers (the other David Perry, who married Hannah Sherwin, is the son of John Jr., of John of Ezra). The land which was "old" Rehoboth now includes East Providence, RI, Seekonk (see Source 2), and Rehoboth -- that part which included the Palmer's River Settlements.
! 1 "Recollections of an Old Soldier" by Capt. David Perry (pub) 1822; 921.73 P429p in L.D.S. Family History Library, Published in 1822, Windsor
! 2 Commemorative Biographical Record of Tolland And Windham Counties, Conn., Vol. 1, pp. 522-524 and Vol. 2 p. 933.
! 3 Archive records (L.D.S.)
! 4 Ancestors of the Bingham Family of Utah, by Scoville and Holland; pp. 130-133 (numerous errors)
! 5 Plainfield N.H. Town Records, Vol. 1 pp. 481 & 506, film # 015,279. Check agiain for info. on his keeping a Sarah Rice?
! 6 Heads of Families, New Hampshire census 1790 p. 21 lists Perry (Perrey) household as containing 3 males over 16 yrs, 1 male under 16, and 4 females altogether
! 7 Film # 022,332, Item 7, R.I. Historical Society, "Some Descendants of Ezra Perry"
! 8 Conn. Vital Records, Norwich Part One, pp. 424-425
! 9 New Eng. Hist. & Gene. Reg. V 115 pp 86f, 191f, 268f; V 116 p 27f "Ezra Perry of Sandwich, Mass." articles by Brownson and McLean, Apr 1961-Jul 1962
! 10 Middletown Springs & Ira Cemetery Inscriptions, Rutland County, Vermont, transcribed Jun - July 1982 by Margaret R. Jenks, 12727 N. E. 116th Lane F8, Kirkland, Washington, 98033. US/CAN 974.37 V3j
! 11 1810 census in CORINTH, Orange County, Vt. just E-NE of Chelsea. p 427. Index lists David Perrey (note spelling) in Topsham but p. 427 comes after Topsham, with Corinth written in the margin. 1 male age 10-15, 1 male over 45, 1 female 26-44, 1 female over 45. Prob a daughter and grandson. Son Nathaniel listed directly after. 2 boys under age 9. 1 male and 1 female 26-44.
! 12 1800 prob. listed as David Berry! Check land 0,028,077. Recheck all 0,028,076 (vital recs)
! 13 1820 prob in Chelsea with Nathaniel G.'s family
! 14 Information from Ethyl Perry Sevingy: "In the Spring of 1758, age 16, enlisted for the French and Indian War. Was engaged in the battle of Ticonderoga Island of Orleans and at the capture of Quebec. 1775, enlisted in Revolutionary War from Killingly, Conn. as 2nd lt. of Co8, General Putnam commanding. Reenlisted 1776as 1st lt. in 4th battalion State Regiment of Conn. under Gens. Spencer and Wooster. In 1785, received captain's commission in N.H. militia signed Meeshick Ware Pres. (for at that time there was no gov.) and served 8 yrs." His book is listed in this source as titled "Life of Capt. David Perry, a soldier of the French and Indian War" "written by himself 1822." A letter from George Perry says East Providence Center, R.I. is Old Rehoboth but across the border from each other. As of 1963, David's grave had two markers, one erected by the State of Connecticut due to his military record and one erected by his family.
! 15 Discriptive and Biographical Record of Bristol County, Mass. 974.485 D3o p. 150 says "A little below the east and west road leading to the Upper Four Corners [in Dighton] a stone building was erected in 1822 by Capt. David Perry for a machine shop, which was subsequently used for a tack factory by various proprietors." Page 112 mentions the First Congregational Church in Rehoboth organized in 1721. The people built a church that year in the Palmer's River neighborhood. The society was incorporated in 1759 as the Second Precinct of Rehoboth. (David was christened in 1741.) Rehoboth was incorporated as a town separate from Seekonk (near East Providence R.I.) in 1645.
! 16 Film 22,366 it. 4[?] "Record of Baptisms in the Congregational Church in Rehoboth, Mass 1721-1814, copied 1928 by T. Calif, M.D.", p. 34, gives "1741 Oct 18 Eliakim (of Stoughton [written underneath]) Perry (m. Dec 18 1740 Sarah Joy of Rehoboth [written underneath]) & David his son. The same day his wife Sarah [either "renewed" or "received"] this covenant."


Other ID # 4W5N-VQ Anna sometimes listed as Anne. AF shows her as a descendant of Edward III of England.
!Birth also listed as 11 Apr. Anna BLISS was born 1 Apr 1739 or 1740 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Mass. (the municipal copy of her christening record says 1739, numerous other sources list 1740; this is currently under investigation. See FHL Film 22,366 it. 4[?] "Record of Baptisms in the Congregational Church in Rehoboth, Mass 1721-1814, copied 1928 by T. Calif, M.D." gives a baptism for an Anna daughter of John Bliss but the dated May 4 is listed in the middle of the 1739 entries. CHECK for her in 1740-41. For other sources: see Capt. David Perry: !BIRTH: ref 2,3 &9. !DEATH: refs 2 & 4. !DEATH-PLACE: refs 4 & 9 list Cornish, Sullivan, New Hampshire--Death listed as at Windsor, Windsor, Vermont in ref 9. Husband's memoir _Recollections of An Old Soldier_ pub there. After her husband's death in 1826, it is unknown with whom she resided. She died on 12 September 1835, reportedly ineither Cornish, Sullivan, New Hampshire or across the river in Windsor, Windsor, VT. Death and/or burial place given in sources varies and has not been conclusively documented; her grave has yet to be found, and such a search is difficult as there are many unmarked graves in the region. Hopefully research will eventually reveal more information.
!The Original archive record stated that David Perry married her sister Rebecca. But Rebecca md. Sylvanus Perry, David's brother.
NOTE: no pension records can be find for David or widow Anna as of 9/8/95 Checked 1830 censuses in Windsor Vt and Cornish NH for households with a female age 90-100. A Benjamin Smith only one in Cornish (1850 census for Cornish NH says his age 59 b: NH., wife Alma 54 b: Mass., Henry 17 b: VT, Lucy 10 VT, Martha 13 VT. 1830 census for Cornish, Sullivan, NH says p. 275 1 M 10-15, 1 M 15-20, 1 M 30-40, 1 M 60-70; 1 F 0-5, 1 F 15-20, 1 F 20-30, 1 F 30-40, 1 F 60-70, 1 F 90-100 In Plainfield 1830 (starts p 290), John Westgate and Phineas Spaulding families both have 1 F 90-100. In VT, none in Windsor, but 1 in Woodstock, p. 60; 1 in Reading p 51; 2 in Weathersfield p 39 (where a David son of David and Nancy died); and 3 in Hartland p 24; none in Royalton

4. Anna PERRY

Sources: see father Capt. David Perry refs 1, 2 & 9.
2) letter from George A. Perry to Charles Albert Perry 1898 says a Dau. anna
born 1765. died after 1777?

5. David PERRY

Sources: see father Capt. David Perry refs 1, 2 & 9.
1) 1790 Shrewsbury,Rutland,Vermont census lists "a" David Perry with 1 male under 16, one over 16 and 1 female. Possibly, but A David Perry is listed in the land records for Morristown, Orleans (later Lamomile), VT as "of Plainfield" (Bk 3 p 125; 5 Oct 1816) This could be his nephew (his brother Sylvanus's son), and he could be the one in Shrewsbury. Check town recs.
!He went to Herkimer Co, New York.
!Note: His father's half-brother Eliakim settled in New York also, as did his
great-uncle David Joy (who acted as Capt. David Perry's foster father when his
mother died). David Joy,m wife, and other Joy's are burried in Gravesville
Cem., one of the 3 cem.s in Russia (film # 1,435,718 p. 141-179. David Perry
Jr. not listed there.
3) Letter from Laurel Perry McColley (1960) says his bro Sylvanus's child David
poss. died 8 Dec 1827 in Herkimer (county?). But Capt. Sylvanus had no David.
Capt. David Perry's oldest son Sylvanus did, but he died prob. in Norfolk, St.
Lawrence, NY.
4) This date is prob. David Perry Jr.'s. If so, he was 55. Note that it is
after both David Joy (1811) and Elizabeth Joy (1822) died.

6. Lucy PERRY

Sources: see father Capt. David Perry refs 1, 2 & 9. Information shared by
Ethel Perry Sevigny says Hannah md. Dr. Henry Alden (actually Dr. Isaac Alden) see sister Hannah. Other source gives Lucy's spouse as Isaac Alder?

Henry not Isaac? ALDER Dr?

Sources: Ancestors of the Binghamd Family of Ut., by Scoville and Holland pp
103-133. Wife lived in Plainfied N.H or Chelsea, Orange, Vermont at marriage.
!see Capt. David Perry ref 4. Bro of Isaac Alden, spouse of sis?
Brother of David Alden? (gr fath of John Ferris Alden?)


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