Chapter 11. Chelsea, VT 1797-1819 - Recollections of An Old Soldier - the Life of Captain David Perry (1741-1826)

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Revolutionary soldier by A. Chappel

(Chapters Eleven through Twelve Inclusive.)  

Chapter XI
Chelsea 1797-1819.
A New State and the War of 1812 (beginning). 
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jumpn 1797, I moved to Chelsea,• Vt.. and have lived here twenty one years last March, and helped pay the premium to New-York, in order to become a state -- and for a portion of the time we have been a state much opposition has been manifested by a part of our citizens, to-wards the general government,• and in a very bad time, too, -- in a time of war, when we ought to have united as a band of brothers in the common cause of our country.  But we were not alone in this evil.  It has pervaded• most of the New England states•.  I have lived to see four wars in our country, and the last• was attended with difficulties harder to be surmounted than any of the other wars, by reason of the enmity, towards the General Government, of that portion of the people, who declared there was no cause• of war with England, although she had taken between nine hundred and a thousand of our vessels, impressed• some thousands of our citizens, and sent the Indians to massacre our defenceless inhabitants -- and not-withstanding the General Government had done every thing to effect an accommodation of their differences, and obtain redress for our grievances, without a resort to arms.

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