Chapter 9. The Home Front 1777-1779 - Recollections of An Old Soldier - the Life of Captain David Perry (1741-1826)

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Revolutionary soldier by A. Chappel

(Chapters Six through Nine Inclusive.)  

Chapter IX
The Home Front 1777-1779.
Poverty, and Efforts in Recruiting Men. 
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jumpn the year 1777, Congress, and the states individually, made an attempt to raise an army for three years, or during the war, that Gen. Washington might have an army that he could depend upon: but it was difficult to raise such a force.  The government of Connecticut passed a law providing, that if any two men would procure one soldier to enlist for three years or during the war, they should be exempted from a draft during that period. One of my neighbors wished me to find a man who would enlist, and he would pay one half, and find somebody to pay the other half. I found a man as he desired: but my neighbor failed to get a partner as he proposed, and the man refused to go, unless the whole sum was paid him in advance. I was so anxious to have the man enlisted, that, notwithstanding my poverty, I paid him twenty pounds myself, although I was not exposed to a draft. This settled the difficulty; and I afterwards enlisted several others.

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